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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fiber Post Cards

My DIL and her mom have been doing some 'spring' cleaning and came upon lots of old patterns and fabric that belong to her grandma. So last Wed. Darrin loaded up my car with boxes of fabrics and other great finds! Great finds for any fiber artist for sure! There are dress patterns from the late 40's and early 50's. What a hoot to see the designs of these dresses! So, of course I had to do something to thank Kris and her mom.
I cut a strip of one of the old dishcloths and painted over it with diluted matt gel. Then I tore pieces of the front of a pattern laid on top along with some other pieces of 'stash' I had on hand.

Another coat of diluted matt gel along with some colored tissue paper and then I painted on some Procion dye I had in the frig (I never throw anything out!).

Here's a closeup of the different can see the bubbles on the left top are the dye just sitting there!

Here's Nancy's fiber card.

And Kris' fiber card

I mailed their cards yesterday and hope they like them for a keepsake. Just wanted to thank them both for thinking of me. I will treasure the items from Eileen and use them with respect in my art work.
I did have a small piece left and I made another one for Amber, which I'll give her on Wed. Just a little keepsake of her great, grandma's sewing items.
It's raining again today and windy so Bob is going to start bowling again. So glad he's still physically able to bowl but who knows for how long! He'll still golf, weather permitting. I'm off to get the old roots dyed today then back home to finish working on my ATC's for Weaver's Challenge. I'm having fun with these. I'm also working on another stamping project due in Nov. Trying to keep up with my projects just in case I get another RA flareup! This time last year I wasn't walking or moving well at all! I shutter just thinking about the pain and how depressing it was. Glad that's behind me for now!

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