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Monday, September 7, 2009

More Stuff

I've been playing with some embellishment on fabric for some sample pieces I need to make for an upcoming workshop/play day at one of the guilds. I used the sticky foam (for kids) rolled them, heated and stamped then dry painted each piece. Of course there's always Angelina fibers and the yarn wrapped pipe cleaner! Just fun stuff to play with.

So circles are good to fill in...this method uses the tack technique provided by Two Creative Studios on their free project page. I tried this technique when Two Creative Studios first put it on their free projects page and it really works great for making circles. This was a piece I did several years ago using the circle technique. This piece is painted and free motion stitched along with the circles.
Here's the sample piece I'm working on (16" x 16"). Hand dyed fabric with oil pastel rubbings and now it will be filled in with embroidery and free motion stitching and added items above (pipe cleaner, Angelina fiber, etc.). These make nice small pieces for the wall or table and great house warming gifts for non-quilters! Actually, they are two can practice different techniques and give someone a small gift...non-quilters don't critique your work so these are great to practice your quilting or the new idea you want to try out before you tackle that big project!

Arts and Scraps STUFF!
Here are some of my finds from our 'girls day out' on Sat. I found this old copy of sheet music but I loved the cover with the woman and flower!

Lots of 'stuff' for stencils and rubbings for oil pastels and crayons.

This is a stack of wall paper samples. Great for putting in altered books and even when you make paper fabric!

Some old newspaper and old magazine with pics from Georgia O'Keeffe. Again, good to use in altered books or fabric.

These make great rubbings for oil pastels too!!

And of course my best find! The Tarot cards!!! These will go in a book all their own!! How cool is that! I did pick up some post cards and other 'stuff' along with my double sided sticky tape (with the yellow band on).
You just never know what you'll find or what you can use until you try them! But what fun trying! Tomorrow I'm going to post some pics of my sewing area and 'wet' studio (so to speak). I've had two requests asking what my work areas look like so I'll get pics and post.
Weather was beautiful this weekend for the Labor Day holiday. Kids go back to school tomorrow and it's Nick's 1st day at the elementary school. He's in 1st grade and Amber is now in 4th. So hard to believe!! Nick is getting so chatty on the phone. He would never talk on the phone with me but would tease me. Now he talks to me and I do so enjoy that!!!

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