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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Summer Project 1!

 Our grandson, Nick, turns 21 in September!  Hard for me to believe but...for our grand daughter, Amber, I made her a 21st BD memory book.  So, it's now time for me to make Nick his 21st BD book!  Every year on each of Nick & Amber's BD, I would write a BD letter to them talking about what they or we did in the past year.  And, of course, I've saved lots of items/notes/papers for the past 21 years for Nick too.

This is a  link to the post I did on Amber's book I made.  It's filled with lots of notes, pictures and memorabilia I've saved.  I also gave her 21 BD letters I had written each year.  I don't think she's read hardly any of the BD letters...maybe she will when I'm gone!  HA

This is what my art table is filled with!  Fortunately, this is where I dye, paint, etc. fabric and works great so I can leave all the 'stuff' out!

It's been a lot of work going back to obtain pictures from 2003 thru 2024!  I've already had over 120 pictures printed at Walgreen's (with my 50% off coupon!  woohoo!).  I have small envelopes starting with 2003 and as I find papers/notes/pics I put them in their respective envelope(s)!  Easy, right!  Well, it is untill I find a picture that doesn't have a date on it!  Remember we are in the age of digital photos!  And because we copy from members of the family, the original date isn't always retained!  So it's taken time to go through every flash drive I have to find Nick's pictures!  HA

These are some of my notes I've written to verify dates and print outs of emails my son and DIL sent me on something Nick did through the years.  

I also kept notes on little items or funny stories...for example: I bought Nick a model air plane and we were working on it.  It had very small decals and one of the decals dropped on the floor.  We couldn't find it.  Finally, Nick said "maybe it fell in one of your wrinkles, grandma"!  Out of the mouth of babes, right!

This is a picture of Nick when he was a toddler.  He loved taking Mandy for walks and pulling the wagon.  How I loved spending time with the grand kids!  I miss those days so much...

So, summer if busy with projects for sure!  

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Cyano Print Project A Go Again!


My knitting has taken over my time so the Cyano Print project has been on the back burner for awhile.  Every so often, I would pick up a hex and sew some together....but that has been 10 min. here or 5 min. there!  HA  

This was the beautiful print my friend, Bonnie made and sent me!

I ended up adding 1/4" pieces of red fabric.  They aren't all attached in this picture.  You can see later they are!

I got the crazy idea I would make a border of red/blue hex's!  What was I thinking...but I'm sticking to it.

Yes, I have tons made...

These are some rows of hex's I have sewn together.  About 13 make up for a side.  I'll most likely have two rows or more?? of hex's for the border...or who knows what I'll end up with or what other project (stand by for that one!) will interfere and put this back on the 'back burner'!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mother's Day 2024

 We had another wonderful Mother's Day brunch made by my daughter, Dawn!  She's a special lady and daughter and a great cook to boot!  

This was the menu and it was fabulous!

Dawn and Jeff gave me this beautiful Hydragena plant!  I have one Dawn gave me years and years ago, which I planted out front.  I think it gets too much sun during the day so this one I'm planting on the East side.  

I have another plant Darrin & Kris got me for Easter and it will be planted in the same area.

And NO I didn't get one picture....I wasn't feeling'll see why later in this post.

Darrin and Kris got me one of those Digital Slideshow Photo Frames.  I loaded some pics to it already.  I'm keeping it in my sewing room so I can have the slideshow running while I sew!  I love it!

We did miss Bob...he had cataract surgery earlier in the week and was not comfortable moving around or trying to see.  His surgical eye is 20/20 but he has to wear some old glasses, which causes his eyes/mind confusion!  He did try the clear lens but that didn't work out so he's using an old pair of glasses from about 6 years ago.  The only ones that work for now.  He gets his 2nd eye done on the 22nd this month.  So fingers crossed he'll be a happy camper soon!

On another 'sick/health' note...I came down with a terrible allergy attack around the beginning of May.  I finally went to urgent care on the 5th.  UGH...AND I still have it....sinusitis/rhinitis/sneezing/runny nose.  I am so sick of this and I feel terrible...just wiped out.  Dr told me to take Allegra D for a month!  Then to switch to regular Allegra for the rest of the summer.  I also shared what I had with Bob for a few days.  He did get over this runny nose and sneezing after about 3 days.  Pollen is very high in our area...when will it snow!!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Agave Finished!

 Well, I didn't make Mother's Day but I finished my top in time for Memorial Day/Labor Day!  HA Honestly, Yumiko's patterns are wonderful to knit.  This is my 2nd top pattern from her and I'm looking forward to knitting another one.

The lace work shows up so well with a white tank top under it.  What I like about this pattern and Yumiko's other patterns are you can wear with a tank top or a turtle neck!  

I tried on a blue/white type necklace but I think the white necklace above looks so much nicer.

Too bad I can't get a good color of the yarn.  It's a blue, called pacific tone, but so much prettier in person.  The yarn has some purple in it along with the blue so gives a pretty sheen to it.

Color is better can see some of the lace sleeve...better pic below.
The front has an extra large lace pattern on the bottom to give a little design separation.

The back just has large lace patterns, which look so nice.  

This color isn't correct either but you get to see the lace pattern!

Hard to see but there are shades of purple along with blue in the yarn.  This is from Yumiko's web page.

So now to decide what pattern to do next...although, I have two projects to work out that are not knitting.  I'll be posting on them later this month.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Back at it


Yep, my sister and I are back at knitting a project together again.  It's always fun to work with my sister.  What one of us doesn't "get" working a pattern, the other one has it all figured out.  Just seems the older we get, we're not so good at 'reading' instructions.  HA  Thank goodness to be able to bounce ideas off each other. 

We are both working in blue, although, my sister's is a pretty blue vs mine is more a demin blue. 

Picture are all out of order...this is showing the medium lace pattern we're working on.

Yarn color is deceiving in this picture.  The bottom pattern is slightly larger and is only at the bottom.  There are small lace patterns on the sleeves, otherwise, the body has about 5 or 6 medium lace patterns.

This is a linen yarn by Yumiko, who also created the pattern.  I completed her Whitecaps that I wore at Easter.  Her instructions are very clear and she offers tips and assistance on her FaceBook page.  First time I have used Linen and so far I like working with it.

all the pics are out of order and I'm too lazy to reorganize them  Sorry...anyway, To wrap the skeins in balls, I use this old thread storage container.  

I can stretch the doors open to hold the yarn for me to wind!  Works good  The blue does show up better in the photo above and in this one.

I choose the blue vs the white since I already made a cover top in white.  I think this pattern will show up nice with a white tank top under it (to show off the lace pattern) and wearing with white pants or even jeans.  Target date if 4th of July!  HA
Fingers Crossed

Monday, April 1, 2024

Easter 2024

Well, another amazing brunch put on my our DIL, Kris!  She and Darrin always entertain and do a wonderful job of it!  Darrin did make sausage patties, links and the best bacon on their blackstone outside...Dawn made mushroom quiche and her famous cinnamon scones!  Kris made everything much food!  And she made enough for 16!  Her family all came so we had 16 for brunch and we all got to take home food!!!  For those on FB, you'll have already seen these pics....I have to include because this is my 'diary' that I print out yearly!  Something for me to look at when I'm in the nursing home!  

My lovely grand daughter, Amber!  What more can I say.  She was the reason I retired so I could watch her one day a week!  Which I did, along with watching her brother for almost 15 years!

My grandson, who doesn't always smile, but I do so love him anyway!  Just his thing...I believe they teased him so much when he was younger to "smile" that he now carries that on - not smiling.  I do have pics of him smiling.

And Braylon, his girlfriend, who is a doll.  They are so cute together.  And yes, he smiles with her a lot!

And my favorite Son-in Law, Jeff!  Always has a smile on his face!
check out the lamb cake Kris' mom made!  And his bunny tail is made of a Marshmallow.  And the lemon cake was delicious!!!  As was her chocolate cake!  
They were all so good!!  I purchased the cake from BobbieCakes here in Goodrich!  It was white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting! good!

My son gave me the Hydrangea and Dawn got me the Muscari plant.  Once it is done blooming, I'll plant it in the fall!  A cool plant I've not had before!
 The dessert table was full!  3 cakes and a Easter cookies Kris made!
So hard to choose what to put on your plate first!

My babies!  My daughter is headed off to Italy and Scotland for 4 weeks!!!!  She is the traveler!  Loves it and with her being able to work from anywhere, she can still keep her clients up to date!

Darrin is a great cook as well...he did the meats for this brunch.  He always makes the main meat course for BBQ and dinners!  YUM!  They are both the best kids ever!

So glad to have kids close enough and Kris family to enjoy time with!!!!  Another wonderful time in the memory book!

Kris sets a beautiful table for 12!  We had 16 for brunch!  The young adults (4) sat at the high top table in the kitchen area, near all the food!

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Whitecaps Knitted Cover Up Finished

I double checked on my Ravelry page to see when I started this top.  It was January 27, 2024 and I finished on March 17, 2024!  Pretty good for me as I don't get to knit everyday!!  And considering the last sweater I made I started on July 22, 2023 and finished on January 19th, 2024!   Keep in mind I ripped out three different times on that sweater but the fourth time was a charm  You can see that sweater here.  Bob said of the five other tops I've made this is his favorite.  I actually have on a black tank top under it.  I'll be wearing this for Easter.  It's so comfy and was really easy to knit

This is the link to Yumiko's pattern for Whitecaps top and I'm so sister and I are both going to work on the same project again.  Woohoo

This is Agave pattern my sis and I are making next.  It's really lightweight linen and a lot of drap to it.  Again, you wear a shell/tank top under it.  Her patterns are so feminine.

You can make the 'flutter' sleeve shown here or a longer sleeve, which is what I am making, in the picture below.  I like the lace work that continues down the sleeve.

I ordered Pacific Tone, which is a mixture of blue and green.  Thought it would look good with a white tank top under and white pants!  I could even wear a red necklace for July 4th and Labor Day!  HA

I'm sure working with a dark color will test me!  AND we have lots of lace work, as you can see above to do!  Fun times coming...but Yumiko's patterns are well written and she has a chart for the lace work!!!!  

Can't wait to get my yarn and get started!  


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Dress From Hell.....

OK, that title is probably a tad severe's the story...around Thanksgiving time, my grandson asked if I could make a lining for his girlfriend, Braylon's dress.  Appears when she ordered the dress online it didn't look sheer (have to support her on this...I looked the dress up and it's not sheer online!). 

You can see the lower back showing through the front...see how sheer this is!  Plus it sewn with thousands of clear sequins!

 The engineer in my grandson made him make this statement to me "all you have to do, grandma, is make a template out of some material and then sew it on".  Yes, I just stood and stared at him...not saying a word.  So last week, my DIL finally brought up this dress along with some material she purchased at JoAnn's.  I forgot all about last fall and this dress!!!

You can how sheer it is...with my fingers showing through the breast area on the top!  YIKES!

So, taking my grandson's advice!  HA HA HA  I  made a template for the breast area out of the swim suit fabric Kris purchased.  It was nice fabric to work with and wasn't very slippery!  

I was feeling pretty cocky making this template and getting it sewn on and looking good!  So I reversed the template and finished both front breast areas.....Next came how to tackle the body of the dress!!

I had some large pieces of brown paper and made a template from the front of the dress.  
I decided before I cut into the swim suit fabric I better cut out a muslin pattern.  Well, I didn't have any muslin but I do have old sheets to use for painting.  I grabbed one and cut out the template and pinned around the dress to make sure it would fit.  WHEW...lots of cutting and pasting!  HA

I finally got the nerve to cut out the template and started stitching.  It worked out quite well by just hand stitching around the side edges.  Of course, I had to manipulate to join in with the breast area I had already finished but it worked out fine!

Wasn't that easy!  NOT...but I kept hearing my grandson's voice saying how easy it would be!  HA  Front to tackle that back with the low scoop back area!  Heaven help me!

I tried to use the same pattern for the front of the dress for the back but it just wasn't working I had to cut another paper pattern. 

 I decided I'd use my blue marker, which I've used so often in my quilting, to create the scoop area.  Well, I tried to iron out the blue marker when I was done but it wouldn't come out!  

YIKES...I know it was on the lining but I just didn't want it to show.  I was so upset because I use this often.  
Then I was eating dinner thinking about that dumb pen and remembered!!!!!  I use this pen for my beading and embroidery work.  WHY?  Because I can spit on my finger to erase a line if I don't like it!  This isn't the iron out marker but the water soluble marker!  DUH!  came right out with water!  WHEW!

And this is the finished lining for the back.  That's the zipper on the left side so it hangs funny.  Just hope it looks better when it's on a body!  HA

And as you'll see below...quite a difference.  And I am telling my grandson he owes me....payment will be one text a week or every 10 days saying "HI" along with 5 or more words!  HA HA
Nick is good at one word replies!