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Friday, May 31, 2013

Another one finished and lots more to do!

I finished my Out of Asia piece for the online Art Quilts Around The World challenge!  I did finish it yesterday!  Wahoo!

This is a piece of shibori which I tied and dyed a few years back.  I've always wondered what to do with it and the challenge was a perfect opportunity for me to use the fabric.  It's FMQ along with LOTS of hand stitching and a little beading!
Some more detail shots....

I don't know what the next challenge is...guess I should check that out!  In between time, I have to finish up my 12"x12" square challenge pieces and finish beading Zachary so I can put him on my Dr. Seuss piece!

Time to get busy!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whew!'s a whew!!!  Bob & I were just sitting watching the Tigers on TV last night when our neighbor, Randy, called a little after 9 p.m. telling us about a tornado warning!  We were just oblivious!  Thank goodness Randy called.  We quickly turned on the local TV news/weather to see the terrible storms and potential tornado's that were headed our way.  Turned out we had a total of 7 tornado's land.  One was within 2 miles of the house and I feel so bad for the young couple.  They just moved into their house 2-3 weeks ago but all made it out safely, which is important.
Bob and I headed to the basement along with Gracie (in her crate) and Kalee with our radio's, phones, Ipod and lights.  We stayed down there until close to 11 p.m. (and we did finish watching the Tigers!).  Power is out in the surrounding area and we are expecting some more possible storms later this evening.  No tornado's that I know of at the moment.
I didn't go down to the kids today and instead stayed home and did some laundry and cleaning...also some sewing to try and finish up Out of Asia.  It's really hot and humid out so Kalee may only have one walk today (we went out about 8:30 a.m. for a 3/4 mile walk).  Clouds are rolling in and it's getting dark again!!   Guess we'll make sure to watch a local channel on and off!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Another phone charm

I can now post the latest phone charm I made for one of my Florida friends, Kay Sorensen, over at Quilts + Color.  Check out some of her latest shibori pieces!  Anyway, Kay and I met last year at an art quilt fiber group where I did a small trunk show.  Kay was kind enough to invite me over for lunch at her house a few weeks after our first meeting and I had a delightful afternoon with her!  You can see my post on our visit here.
Anyway, Kay was kind enough to let me choose 'two' of her fabulous amulets that she makes .  I gave one to my friend, Mary, and I kept the other one.  When I  met up with Kay this year, I wasn't sure if she had an Iphone or Smart phone to use a phone charm.  So when we met for lunch this winter, she confirmed she did have an, when we got home to Michigan I headed off to our bead store (see widget on the right of my blog!) and picked out a hand blown bead and added some other beads to make Kay her own phone charm.  You can see Kay's package on her blog here.  I think the bead fits Kay and glad she is happy with it!  Kay is such a happy person to be around and her art work will amaze you!

Also, some good news...this past week on Tues., I went with my friend Carol T., to assist her in showing our Inspired by the Masters exhibit to an Art group in Livonia.  Well, guess what!  I sold one of my quilts!  Who knew!
This was my Inspired by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and measures 20" x 24".   And yes, if you click and look closer, that is a hole/circle I cut out of the quilt.
The other circles were cut out of leftover pieces of the quilted fabric and attached with beads....gotta add my beads!  So now my Hundertwasser has a new home.   I hope Sherry enjoys her new addition!

Today Bob washed windows and screens on the outside of the house.  He always freaks out when I hang out the windows but truthfully, I think he was just getting bored.  He hasn't been golfing due to rainy weather and then I was gone for four days...but works for me!  I now only have to wash the inside windows!
For me, it was a lazy day...took Kalee for a mile walk this a.m., made a nice breakfast for us, then I sat and did some hand stitching on my Out of Asia piece.  Just a nice quiet now another busy week will start!  And there will be lots of hand work and beading!!!  Target dates are approaching...ugh...hate the target dates!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

We're back!

Kalee and I have been staying with the kids this week!  We had a good time...hope the kids did too!  This was Kalee waiting for Amber/Nick to get out of school.  She just loves the kids and cries when we pick them up from school.  What a hoot.  You can see more of Kalee's week on her blog here.

We did have some rainy weather on and off and had to even turn on the heat a few days!  Temps of 39 in the a.m. two days in a row!!  But we still got to go on our walks now and then.

Thursday, Amber had her spring concert which was so nice!!  And having the technology we have today, I was able to upload video's to Darrin and Kris in Mexico!  So it was like they were listening and watching the show with us!  This video is the choir singing a special song for one of their music instructors who just rec'd his masters.  Amber is standing in the back, on the left, 3rd in, with the scarf.  This was called the 'cup' song!  Really cute!  And a nice tribute.

Amber is in the middle, 2nd row from the right of teacher's head!
Kalee loves Amber!

6 a.m. morning breakfast before school!
Cranes we saw while walking Kalee!  Who knew!

Kalee begging Nick!

Nick's fort he built out back.

Nick and his dad worked really hard one weekend clearing out some of the field behind their house.  Nick rides his bike over the 'bike trail' they made and will also be running on the path for his football training!  I just followed behind him taking this video.

Yesterday, Amber had a sleepover BD party to go to in the afternoon.  So nick and I were on our own!  We did some errands and dropped of Amber then later we got a pizza and went over and had dinner with Uncle Jeff!  Off for our Kalee walk to Nick's school...he was on the swing while Kalee and I just watched.

Auntie Dawn is in Argentina! visiting her friend who is working there until the fall.  So far, she's having as good of a time as her brother & Kris did this past week.  I'm so glad the kids are able to travel and enjoy themselves.  Next on the travel scene are Ron and MaryJo!  They are going for a week, out of the country as well!  Not sure if it's Bahama's, Antigua or the Caribbean!  Yikes!!  It escapes me right now and Bob isn't sure either!

So glad everyone has had or will be having a good time!  I know I did!  And look forward to my 'shift' next year!!!

Now onto art work!  I'm way behind...never did do any sewing!  Go figure!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A small sneak peek!

Just a sneak peak at one of my projects I've been working on.  I did run out of beads so have to (yes, HAVE to - I need an excuse - NOT!) stop at the bead store when I go to kids on Wed.  There is a bead store in Oxford so hopefully, they'll have the right color I need.  Wish I would have checked when I was at Beadin' Mon last Friday!  

I've been busy, busy the past two days.. and the rest of this week will be busy as well!  This afternoon, I'm heading down to meet my friend, Carol T., to go with her to assist in a trunk show she's doing.  Carol will be talking about our exhibit, Inspired by the Masters (if you do a search on my blog, you'll see some of the pieces I've done). 
I'll play 'Vanna White' and hold the quilts while Carol talks about each of them.  The presentation is actually for a group of artists (watercolor/acrylic) called the Artifacts Art Club and they hold their monthly meeting at the Livonia Civic Center Library.  Only drawback is the meeting doesn't start until 7:30 p.m. so we'll be out late tonight!   My car does turn into a pumpkin after a certain point in time so sure hope I make it home in time!  

Wed. I'll be packing up Kalee and I to head to the kids for five days!  I'm looking forward to having time with the kids and so is Kalee!  She loves the kids and loves playing with the cats!  So that's my plan...not sure how much I'll be posting.  I do have hand work to take with me for the 'downtimes' I may have!  Hope I get lots of stitching done!!  And I hope no 'saga' like we had a few years ago with 'Sybil'.  You have to read that post here!  Funny now but at the time, whew!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Here we go! Or here we've been!

Just found some old pics of a pillow (it's really big!) I made for Amber back in 2006!  This pillow was so much fun to make...And, at the time, Amber wanted a "puffy" quilt so I made this one for her.  She still has this on her bed (yes, even in the summer!)'s not used as a spread anymore but used as a 'blanket'.  I tied this quilt one weekend when Bob headed up north for a golfing weekend.  I worked the entire weekend finishing it up!  But I do like the'll see why I'm showing old projects later in this post!

What is this, you say!!  On Saturday, I picked up Amber and Nick and headed off to the dog park in Lake Orion for the Michigan Basset Rescues Waddles weekend!

Bob's daughter, Diane & her hubby, Don, are quite active in the rescue.  I took the kids last year and it's a hoot seeing all these Bassets running all over!!!

Diane and Don work really hard throughout the year with the rescue and did so for this weekend as well.
I just love seeing all the dogs!  And even some 'non-bassets'!

It's a great location for this type of dog event...a huge fenced in area so no worry about losing your dog!  Although, I would worry that someone could take my dog!!  But that's just me!

Bob is off golfing and I've got a busy, busy week!!  Today will be bathing Kalee, getting food stuff ready for Bob's week and trying to get some sewing finished up so I can do hand work while at the kids. Like I'll have time!!!  NOT!  But I feel better taking something with me to work on.

We are having Florida weather right the 80's and finally put the air on yesterday!  I'd much prefer having the widows open but we finally succumbed to the heat!  I should have some of my projects to post within the next 10 days!  Working on two different projects that I can't post progress on until due dates!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Yep...still here...just busy!

Yes, I've been busy sewing...but can't post pics since it's for a challenge and I don't want folks to see before the reveal, this isn't for the Out of Asia challenge...this is for a 12"x12" exchange with five others.  I do have a sneak, peak picture at the bottom of this post!

Check out our Lancelot Crab tree that we see out our front door every day!  I love this tree!!!  It is ever changing from red berries to flowers to green back to was only suppose to get a 6-8ft spread but you can see it's far past that!  Just a beautiful tree!!!

So, here is my sneak peak at my 12"x12" ' might recognize the's from my mono printing....I'm happy with the results and hope the other five ladies will be as well!! have to check out this YouTube if you haven't seen it!  What a hoot!!!  You need to listen all the way to the end!!!  Listen closely as to what "Dancing Nana" has to say!  Love it!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

More mono printing

I had another small piece of my 'ugly' fabric so I did some mono printing on it.  You can see the texture more on this piece from using the foam roller on my plate.

This is a nice, full yard, colorful piece and a perfect canvas for mono printing!

I think it turned out really nice with the addition of mono printing.

This is  a closeup of a small section...again showing some of the texture from the roller.  We had our small fiber group meeting today and the ladies seemed to like these pieces.  I'm going to try to incorporate them in my 12"x12" challenge that I have to do.  I've got a few designs already laid out, now to see where/how/if I can use these fabrics.

A cool day today but Kalee and I had a really nice walk tonight (53 & sunny).  We went over a mile and half!!!  Poor little dog...she probably travels at least 3 miles just because she runs the entire time!  I do make her heel and sit periodically just to keep her on her toes...then I tell her to "go sniff" and she runs and runs...looking to make sure I'm still behind her!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What a nice Mother's Day!

What a wonderful Mother's Day!  Dawn had us all over for breakfast this a.m.  SO nice to see everyone and have time to talk and catch up!!

Uncle Jeff & Dawn....well, if I  had dark(er) hair or Dawn had blond hair, she would look more like her mom!

And Kris and Darrin....OK, so neither of my kids look like me!  At least they got the good genes from their dad!

They are all the best around....and you should see all the presents I got!!!

Check this out!!!  Yep...those are margarita glasses and of course, my favorite drink!!  Do they know me well!!!  Kris also got me a beautiful blouse w/matching necklace/earrings.

Dawn got me some really neat, fun items for the kitchen!  I love gadgets and Dawn is so good at finding those unusual and useful gifts....she also made up some greeting cards for both Kris and I using some of her wonderful floral/butterfly pictures she's taken.

A lettuce Keeper

An Herb Keeper!
A scrap tray

THANK you kids!!!!  Bob and I enjoyed the meal so much (Amber you did a great job helping Auntie too!!!)....and just being with family again was a perfect mother's day gift!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

I couldn't resist....

OK, so purging and cleaning is almost I allowed myself to play some today..besides it was a gloomy/rainy I need an excuse to play!
I started to work on my Out of Asia quilt for the Art Quilts Around the World blog project.  I'm not sure I'll get it finished and I'm not going to fret if I don't.  I still have Zachary to work on and I want to finish putting the binding or facing on my patchwork piece so I can hang it in our master bath.

So here's a sneak peak at Out of Asia....I can't show much until our reveal, so this is all you get until reveal time!

Of course, after watching DMTV this week, I just had to play with Laura Kemshall's mono printing....I had some leftover dyes from our last dye camp I attended...I think in 2009! and figured I'd try to use them...well, they were still good!   This is just a cheap piece of muslin that I soaked in soda ash, then I just laid the piece of fabric in a large tray and poured the dye on top.    Figured I could use it for a backing on one of my quilts.'s 'pretty' ugly (don't you love something that is "pretty" ugly!)...ok, I followed Laura's mono printing technique on fabric and turned my ugly fabric into something I'm really looking forward to using!!!
Here are two pictures...I couldn't get the entire piece in the lens!  I have some other pieces left to do but they'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon or Sunday.

I think the pieces turned out really's hard to see but I used a foam roller to lay the paint onto my plate so there's some texture behind the lines.  Not sure if you click on the picture you can see more detail or not. If not, trust looks good!

Tomorrow we get Direct TV hooked up...we're getting a bundle package and saving over $60 a month!!!  Cable is getting outrageous and we don't even get movie channels, so Bob decided to call DirectTV...couldn't pass up their promotion to bundle everything and the price is guaranteed for three years.  Worth the switch!    

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Plugging along....

Still doing my spring cleaning and purging!!  I have to admit I enjoy the "purge" when we get back from Florida!  Such a good feeling to get organized and get rid of items that I haven't used nor do I need anymore.

No art work for me right now but hopefully soon!  Since I don't like a post without pics, I thought I'd post and old piece.

No, this quilt isn't one I 'purged''s a quilt I made for my daughter several years ago.  Dawn is an avid photographer, going on photo ops and workshops whenever she can.  I've used several of her photo's in my art work and this is a flower she photographed somewhere in Detroit years ago.  I had it printed on fabric, which at that time there was no Spoonflower!  The piece measures 20+" x 30"+ or around that.  It's hanging in Dawn & Jeff's home.  I love the flower and I was happy with how it turned out.

Today, just enjoying our spring weather and perfect for opening all the windows and smelling the fresh air!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary!


Love you both!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013


We finally made it home around 7:30 Saturday evening, as we ended up leaving right after Kayla's graduation.  We never hit any traffic or backups at all so the drive was good.  Of course, being the type A folks we are, everything was unloaded from the car, all the clothes put in drawers or hung up and after about an hour it looked like we had never left.  Of course, I still needed to hook up printer and my art room has all my supplies still in boxes or bags.  I like to do my spring cleaning when we return, so that room will be last on my list.  
Yesterday, I headed to the grocery store, worked on laundry and starting the cleaning while Bob took care of some house and yard chores.   Bob is off for golf today and I'll run to pick up our mail and go to the library for some books.  I'll take Kalee with me...she has been a doll this trip!  And she and I both made it through her overnight stay!!
Hopefully, I'll get to some artwork by this weekend!  Check out this link!  It's some ideas for raising kids!  what a hoot!  But I can see how some of them would work!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shut the front door!

Not all of you who follow my mom, follow my name is Kalee!  Mom is really busy so I took over for her today!  This is why she's busy!

We're leaving here?  We're going where?  I'm staying with other dogs!!  Without mom and dad!  Are you kidding me!!!  

I can't believe mom kept all this a secret from me.  I know she's been busy cleaning and putting stuff in big cases but I kinda forgot what those 'cases' are for!  TRAVELING!  

Guess we are heading home!!!  AND mom just told me I'm staying overnight ALL by myself, without my mom and dad from Friday to Sunday morning!!!   Mom said she and dad are going to college.  I think they're too go to college!  But Mom said something about a graduation for Kayla (guess that's a grand daughter).  I don't understand any of it...except I'm going to be really sad. 

I don't want to tell mom but I am looking forward to doggie day care!  Mom says I get to spend Saturday - all day- playing with doggies my own size.  She also told me that at noon, I'll be given a treat then I have to take a nap.  Mom said they have a Bose system (like I really care about that!) and they play classical music so it puts us to sleep.   I think it's just to drown out the barking.  I know I'll be barking!!   After that we get to play some more, then dinner...then we're in for the night in our crate.  She said someone comes by between 10 - 11 p.m. to check on us.   I just know I'll be really happy to see mom and dad on Sunday!   And I know I'll get even with them...unless I have a really, really fun time!  Then I'll give them lots of kisses!!!  Or maybe I'll be the best little doggie ever so they never leave me again!!  So many options...