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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Four down...two to go!

Woo Hoo!  Raining on and off today so a good day to do laundry and sew!  I didn't want to just sit around and do hand work so I started back on Ian's T-shirt quilt.  I made good head way today finishing three more rows!  So now I have four rows or panels done!

I should get the other two panels finished by this weekend...have a few 'outtings' to go on but in between I should get that much accomplished.  Next, I want to think of a way to 'quilt as I go'...not sure I can do it but I'm going to think through the hard to manage this much 'material' under my machine.

And for my fiber friends who have done fabric marbling...check out this hubby sent it to me and it's's called 'water transfer printing' but done on car parts.  The process is very similar to marbling on fabric/paper.  I'm really curious so I'm going to study up more on their process.  It's pretty cool!  It's lengthy, but you can fast forward to all the different parts they print onto.
At times today, we've had problems with if you can't click on the video above just go to this link:  Water Transfer Printing

Monday, February 24, 2014

Making progress on two projects...well, three actually!

Yep, I am making progress on my leaf....

Remember it's sewing on two beads at a time so progress appears slow!  In some cases only one bead at a time!  It's coming along but I'm in no's great TV work..although, Olympics are over with so now it's back to normal TV watching...I really can bead easier watching so called 'normal' TV rather than Olympics...I was always afraid I was going to miss something!  TV is more listening than watching!

Today I started sewing Ian's T-shirt quilt.  I know he doesn't look at my blog so I can post a pic of progress I made today.   This was some of the shirts laid out on the bed.
I got to squaring the shirts up and ended up only sewing together one row, which were the smallest of the shirts.
This 'row' is 72" long and 11" wide...the remaining blocks are 12" wide and vary in length.  I have to get more stabilizer tomorrow as I ran out today!  Dang!  I was on a roll but had to stop!  Next will be the hard task of laying out the remaining blocks and getting each row to measure 72"!

Peggy and I are suppose to arm knit tomorrow afternoon!  We each bought a different color yarn and will each get two scarves from the deal!  That is if we can still arm knit after a glass of wine!  If my sister can do it, so can I!  Oh, get well sis!  She has the flu!!!  Boo hoo!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Appleton Museum

Today, Marcia and I headed to the Appleton Museum to check out some of the exhibits.  First off was the Canconstruction exhibit!  Locals created pieces of art using canned goods.  There weren't as many large sculptures as we thought but they were still interesting.  You aren't suppose to take pics inside the museum, which I didn't know until I just read the back of the brochure I brought home!  Oops!  Anyway, this is one of the larger pieces..all of the canned goods will be donated to local shelters.

The rest of these are center pieces which were made by a group of volunteers,  one of which is my friend, Peg (she's the arm knitter I posted about here!).  Some of these were quite clever.  I love the cat and dog!

This owl was really cute

  So next up was the Tablecloth - A Gathering of Legends.
  This was really's a linen tablecloth the wife of a motion picture salesman collected famous signatures on.  She would then embroider over each signature to preserve it.  There was an entire room with pictures of all the famous folks who signed the tablecloth.  And the tablecloth was in the center of the room on a large table.  So interesting to see the signatures of some of the old motion picture stars on this tablecloth (Dorothy Lamour was one!).  You can see the entire list here.  From that web link you can also read more about the was interesting and great that the woman's son is carrying on the tradition.  

You can go to the Appleton web site to see the other exhibits we saw or those you might be interested in seeing if you're in the Ocala area!   Oh, we also went outside to see the Bonsai exhibit but just as we started to look at the plants the rain came!  Time for lunch!  We headed off to the Ivy House and had a great lunch!  We had a fun and educating afternoon!!!   What more could you ask for!   Thanks, Marcia!!  Look forward to our next adventure!  I'm trying to talk her into zip lining with me!  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Where did the week go!!!

Is it because we're getting older our days and weeks go by so fast or is it because we're 'old' retirees and just having too much fun!  Inbetween all that, I am working away on two projects!  And ya all just thought I was having fun eating, drinking and tooting around town!
It's time to fill in my leaf, which seems to take forever but that's how beading goes!
 And at night I'm hand stitching my challenge piece for our 'Song' theme quilt for the Art Quilters Around the World.

Yes, this past Wed. was 99 cent margarita night!  We enjoyed a night out with Jerry & Sherry
Thursday nights are dinner at Blanca's with the gang!

Verna, Ron and Mac

In between all this eating, I have been 'planking'!  No it's not like 'twerking'!  UGH!  That's a whole other post!  Planking is a form of yoga for stretching and conditioning your body!  I love it!!!  Your body is suppose to be level just like a plank of wood!    I've been planking for a few weeks now...still only at 20-40 seconds each 'plank' (not sure that's what they call each segment) but it feels so good and my back and some joints are lovin it as well!
I have to get Bob to take a picture sometime when I'm planking because Kalee planks too!  Well, not really but for two of the 3 sets I do, she bows down on her front end and her back end is up in the air!  Now it's not a true plank position but it's so cute!
Today is humid (72 @ 10:30) with rain expected this afternoon.  Kalee and I haven't taken our a.m. mile walk yet so I better get moving!  Bob's off to golf before the rain this afternoon!  Dinner at home tonight!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Time to Fill in!

The leaf is all outlined with beads and now the real fun starts!!  Filling in the leaf with beads!  You can see in the middle where I started to add some beads.  Had to take Kalee for a golf cart ride then her walk, so no more beading tonight.

And this is the reason I can't bead while watching TV at night!  Too many different beads to use as well as threads.  Hence, I need to work off of a table.  Even though I use a padded board for my beads/supplies, it's very easy for them to spill...ask me how I know this!!  Hence, I can't put the board on my lap as I usually do when using only one color bead.

Also, I've almost finished quilting my piece for the Art Quilters Around the World piece!  Woo Hoo...still have lots more to do on it but at least the majority of it is finished as far as quilting!   Here's another peak but that's all I can show until March 31st!  

So tonight I'll catch up on some emails/blogs and you tubes (love Zak George for dog training!) and of course, L & L Kemshall...I'm behind in their blog and Design Matters TV series. 

Have to show a few items I received for Valentines!  This fiber card is from my bud, Susan!  She only makes one card each Valentine's Day and it's for me!  How lucky am I!!  I love it.   

And this scrap booking card is from Carol here in the community.  Cute isn't it!

And this beautiful bouquet is from Jan!  Yep, I can't get the bugger to turn properly!  Grrrrr...a shame, because it's really beautiful!!  Thanks ladies!!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Food, fun and fabric! And a little beading!

Whew!  Think I've eaten out enough this week!   Wed. we went with Marcia and Gary to the Blue Highway and it was FANTASTIC!  What a great meal...I had one of their pizza specials which had chicken, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, cheese and their sauce...SO good!!  I could have eaten the entire pizza but behaved myself!
 This was the bar area behind where we sat.  The Blue Highway is very small so you have to get there early, which we did.  Three of us also had a salad which, for a dinner salad, was one of the best I've ever had!!  They make their own dressings, breads and pizza and all meals are served in baskets with paper or paper plates.  We both can't wait to go back!  Now I just have to hope for a rainy day so Bob's not golfing and we can go early!  Thanks for the tour, Gary & Marcia and for the great find in a restaurant!!
Last night we headed back to Longhorn Steak house with Jan and Larry...another great meal...this was our 2nd visit to this restaurant and it was another 'Yum' night!!!  Plus, you can't not have a good time with Jan and least we laughed a lot which is suppose to 'aid in digestion'...and with all we ate, we need(ed) to be helped in the digestion department!!

I am working on another project as well as beading....see, I do more than just eat and drink! These next two pictures are just sneak peaks at the challenge I'm working on for the Art Quilters Around the World challenge...these are just sneak peaks at what I'm doing!!  I made great headway this afternoon but can't post pics of what I've done so far.

And here's the progress on my leaf!!  It's coming along and I'm enjoying beading it at night watching Olympics!
Tomorrow, Susan and I are off to the quilt show in Belleview...Busy Bee's guild puts on a show every two years.  Should be a nice afternoon with my bud!  I have to take pics of the card Susan made me for Valentines!!  It's beautiful!  I also rec'd a nice scrapbooking card from Carol P. and some fudge (my favorite - and yes, some was for Bob too!) and a little flower arrangement in a beautiful heart shape vase from beautiful, Jan!!!
Today I made Bob a cinnamon bun/apple pie (recipe from Food network magazine) and meat ball sandwiches, with real beef!, to which my grand daughter said, "gee, grandma, what's happening to you in Florida!"  She knows I mainly use ground turkey and don't buy 'real' beef often!  It was so funny...she does know me well!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bead shopping and leaf progress!

I had a fun afternoon yesterday "tooting" around with Peg, one of my Florida buds!  I dragged her to The Bead Strand, my favorite bead store here in Florida! so I could pick out some colors for my leaf.  Peggy is a watercolor/acrylic artist so her input for colors was really appreciated.
 So yep, I bought quite a few beads...just showing some of the colors above.  I finished beading the outline of the leaf and now it's onto bead the veins, then the fun begins filling in!!

Started on the main vein...colors aren't showing up  well but you get the idea!

After the bead store, Peg and I headed off to Michael's for yarn...we're going to make some more scarves using the 'arm knitting' technique...Michael's is moving their store and inventory was Nil!  So off we went to JoAnn's and picked up yarn.  Next to JoAnn's is an antique we scoped out almost the entire mall!  Really is nostalgic seeing some of the items we each had in our homes growing up...but one item I found is this!
Back side

front side

Is this cool or what!  It's a metal cabinet that has individual dividers/with names of dyes inside!  It was SO cool!  And the price was only $95..which appears to be a great price based on Ebay!  I so want this cabinet...but sure hard for me to part with $100!  Just think of all the beads and dyes I could buy with that kind of money!

There was a note attached that this side must have been in the window as it was quite faded.

And this is my current sewing project!!!  Just a tease for the upcoming Art Quilters Around the World challenge!!!

Overcast today but temps suppose to get up in the high 60's low 70's...we're heading out later this afternoon with Marcia and Gary to be tourists!  Gary is going to be our tour guide!  Should be fun!

Monday, February 10, 2014

More Beading!

Even with our busy social life I am getting some new projects started.  My 'Q' buddy, Susan, gave me a leaf she found on the golf course.  It's huge, for a least for the leaves I find!   This picture is of the leaf printed in color...pretty greens/browns....keep in mind this bugger is approximately 12" x 11"!

This is the leaf printed in 'draft', which is what I decided I wanted for my current project.

This is the black and white picture, which I like to use for shading with my beads...Yes, I am beading this bugger!!!

What better project to have on hand while watching 6-8 hours a day of Olympics!  OK, I don't watch that much but do get at least 3 hours of TV in at night.  Perfect time for hand work!

This is what the beading I did last night.  I'm outlining the leaf first, then I'll fill in...keep in mind, I only stitch 1-2 beads at a it does take some time!

I printed out (in draft) the leaf, actually printing onto two pieces of Wash-Away Applique sheets.  The leaf was too big to print on one so I printed out both side then, because the sheets are fusible, fused them together.  Works for me....then I fused them onto a piece of bamboo batting.  I know some folks use felt, Lacy's Stiff Stuff or other beading foundation, but I find this works great for me.  I did stitch around the edges to hold better in place as the batting is quite a bit larger so it fits in my frame.

Here's a closeup of the beaded edges....once the entire piece is beaded, I'll cut it out and attach to a quilted background.   Then start on a green one!  I might even do one in red!!  Who knows...I sure don't!

Yep, we're still eating out a few times a week!!  Go figure, right!!  Last Thursday, we met the 'gang' at Blanca's, which is the restaurant here in the community!  Makes it so nice having a restaurant you can ride your golf cart to!  Although, after too many glasses of wine or margarita's you could still run into someone or a mailbox!
Saturday, we went to Carrabba's with Marcia and Gary and had a fun night.  Tomorrow,  Peggy and I are headed to the bead store and then Michael's for some yarn for, what else!, arm knitting!!  Then after dinner, we're going to the club house for 'Pickin & Grinnin'...our buddy Howard plays guitar and sings along with some other talented musicians.  It's a fun time, which we missed last month because I was at my sister's and Bob fell asleep!

 Wednesday, we're having dinner at a local hangout in Micanopy, I think it's called the Blue Highway with Marcia and  Gary...should be a fun afternoon.  Gary said he's driving so he can take us on a tour of the Micanopy!  I have been to the downtown area which is so unique & old!  I love going into the antique stores and book stores.  Talk about inventory...I don't think the book stores know the inventory they have...there are tons of book shelves just filled with books...books on the floor...on name it and it's covered with books.  Anyway, really looking forward to our afternoon with Marcia and Gary.

Then on Saturday, Susan and I are headed off to a quilt show and of course lunch on the way home....the quilt show is only held every two years but always fun to see what others are doing.

Now you can see why I only get work completed at night!  I do have some time during the day once my laundry and cleaning are out of the way.  Today, Kalee is off for her hair appointment so I'll be at home waiting for the call to pick her up.

I have also started on my Art Quilts Around the World challenge, which is a challenge for sure.  We're to pick a 'song' for the theme then create our art quilt using a technique from someone in our group.  I already have my song picked out and one of my design elements...all based on one of the ladies whose work I admire...this will be a fun piece to work on.

I do have Ian's T-shirt quilt to make for his graduation but I'm not starting on that design until March 1st.  I have all the T-shirts cut out and some already fused to stabilizer.  Figure to work on that the month of March and then quilt in the month of April.  Ian graduates the end of May so I have to have it finished!
Weather is beautiful again today so I might bead outside...just too nice to stay in!  And too nice to keep chatting on this blog!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014 what!

Before I show my finished project, check out what I received from my blog friend, Sherry, over at  Createology!   I've never met Sherry but feel that I know her so well from her blog posts and our emails.  I enjoy reading her  posts and seeing all of her creativity in each and every one!  
Actually, the picture should be turned as her gift is a fabric ornament, hence, you see some string  on the right side!  Thank you again, my friend!!!!
  If you go to Sherry's blog, you'll see how she made these.  Cathedral Windows??  I remember making some quilt blocks with a similar pattern.
Yep, I've finished my fiber cards and now thinking about what to do next.  I have several projects to pick from just don't know which I want to start!  Maybe something that's not even on my list yet!  That's what I love about what I can do what you want, when you want to...except for Valentine fiber cards!  There's a deadline on those!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fabric Art Shop Outing!

Today I met up with some former weaver friends and a new 'friend', Jackie!  to head to the Fabric Art Shop!  
This is Jackie, Jan, Betty and I all spent out after shopping!!  Yes, those are purple bags and yes, the building and much of the inside is in purple!  This was right up Jan's alley as she is known as The Queen of Purple!  Need I say more!  
The Fabric Art Shop is such a cool place!  I've only been there once before in 2010 ( you can read that post here) and I thought it was a great store then.  I'm more impressed now since they moved to a larger building...which means more product!  
Really, we were all a little overwhelmed so we each grabbed a basket, put a few items in our baskets and told the cashier we'd be back! 
 Then off to lunch we went!  After getting refreshed with a great meal and conversation, we went back to the store and started scanning every aisle.  This place is huge and I mean huge!!  
Betty & Jan are looking over some products...and the fabric you seen behind them is only one side of three or four aisles of fabric!!!

Jackie looking over some items to put in her 'small basket' given to her by yours truly!  OK, long story, before lunch she only had one pencil to put in a basket...hence, she got the small the end of her shopping, she kept dropping her purchases because they didn't fit in the small bad!  Sorry, Jackie...but it was funny!

Jan said she was in the Witness Protection program and I couldn't take her picture...I don't think the mob reads my blog so Jan should be safe!  Besides, Betty's already turned you in - she can be bought - see that smile on her face!

Just more threads, name it!  They have every type of thread you want!!!  I was in heaven!

Now the old store had a great bathroom in purple and can see pics on my old post...and this new bathroom is also in purple and green but it's missing this door!!!  They didn't bring the door with them!  Too bad!  It was great! Is this adorable or what!!!  

I have to admit, one of the cute items in the new store bathroom is the toilet tissue rolls are all wrapped in tissue paper!!

Yes, I take pics of bathrooms...just check out my blog and you'll see quite a few pics of them!  
These are just a few items I purchased today.  I know my friends back home would love this store...they have everything you want for traditional, modern and art addition to beading, dyes, paints, whatever!!  I picked up some Jacquard paints and the new pigment powders I've been wanting to try.  It's probably good this store is in Florida or I'd be shopping every week or two back home!!!  

I did have a blast today and sure hope the four of us can get together again before we head north!  Thanks for a great day Betty, Jan and Jackie!!!!  You all rock!