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Sunday, September 30, 2012

What a great weekend!

 What a weekend we had!!  It started off on sat. around 10 meeting up with my DIL to pick up Amber for an overnighter!  We met at one of our local greenhouses to each pick up mums.  As it turned out the greenhouse had a challenge amongst their employees to decorate for we each got to vote on our favorite.  I didn't take pics of each of the displays but I did take a picture of fingers in a glass!  Nick thought it was pretty cool!  Must be a boy thing!
For those bored with my family pics, do go to the last few pictures to see our future quilter!!!  I'm so proud of our girl! 

Now back to the Amber and I went with our mums to head back to the house and put them around the house.  Our next stop was to have some lunch in town then we headed off to the library for a reptile program!  Yep, another reptile program!  It was great!  And I do mean great!   The man presenting his reptiles was Michael Brophy.  He is a reptiles educator and a good one.  It was hard at times for him to control some of the little kids but he did a great job. 
Yep, that's our girl telling grandma to not take her picture!

This is Michael from R.E.P.T.I.L.E., Inc.

Yep, we could hold a boa!  Not me but one of the mom's...isn't she brave!

This is a Crested Gecko and adorable!!!  One of the easiest to care of the lizard family and soft!!!

This was a Blue Tongue lizard...yes, his tongue is blue!

This was a corn snake and that's our girl's hand petting him.

A rescued tortoise...sad story but he's in good hands now.

We returned home after the library program and picked up my neighbor's dog!  That's another post!

Amber and I then headed to pick up pizza for dinner from JET's, which was delicious.  Then off to the sewing room as Amber wanted to make a quilt and a snap bag!

This was her 'unsewing'...which we all know about that little task!

Amber picked out different fabrics from my stash box, using the color wheel!  This was her first two strips she made!  

And this is her 1st finished block!!  Cool isn't it!!!!
She's now the owner of her Auntie's portfolio to hold her 12" square block.  We then cut out more fabric pieces today so Amber can layout and even sew at her house another block or two.  

And check out her snap bag she made!!   I had a two small pieces of quilted fabric I keep for practicing so Amber zig-zag'd the two pieces together!  Then we added a casing, the metal tape and she then sewed the sided together!  Cool isn't it!  I am really proud of all she accomplished this weekend!! 

AND to top it off, this afternoon, Amber and I headed to Clarkston for Nick's football game...they WON!!!  Wahoo!!  They'll be in the finals!!  The team they beat hasn't lost a game this season!  I can't believe how these 8/9 year olds played!!  Talk about tackles!  Oh my gosh!!!  Nick made the final tackle and was so happy!  The entire team did a great job and our hats off to the boys for a job well done! 

So now it's time to catch up on things for our own life!  But I wouldn't trade my time with the kids for anything!  Thanks, Amber for a great time!  Like having my best friend around to laugh with, talk with and sew with!  Nothing better!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy BD, Nick!!

Nick already had the football 'stance' didn't he!!!  Happy BD #80!!!  Hope you have a great day!!

More Snap Bags...

For some reason, on my previous snap bag post, the picture of the finished bag was covered up with a picture of the quilted fabric.I've been using this bag to hold my phone and love it.  So easy to find in my bag! 

On Monday afternoon, I made up these two smaller versions of the snap bag to hold gift cards!  Perfect size for them.  Actually, one of them is going to Nick to hold his BD gift card! 

These are the backs...don't ask why the background on the first pic is pink!  I did an auto correct and that's what happened.  Hmmmmm

Anyway, I think these are a nice item to give gift cards to make up some for Christmas gifts!! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Review Time!

I am so excited!  I pre-ordered Geninne's book and received it yesterday!!  And  I actually read EVERY page!!!  You know it has to be good to keep my interest that much.  I even did a review on Amazon!  This is the best book on designing your own stamps. Geninne has one particular tip on craving your stamps that I think is a great tip!  No, I'm not sharing what it'll have to buy the book! 

I'm sure several of you have followed Geninne's art blog and have admired her artwork.   If you aren't familiar with her art, grab a cup of coffee (or margarita of your choice!) and settle in to look at some wonderful art.  After that go to Amazon and order the book!!  You will not be disappointed!!  I think the book is under priced but that's just me!  This book will head to Florida with me this winter. 

Bob and I have some errands to run, so I'm going to stop at JoAnn's or Michaels and stock up on some erasers and stamp blocks.  I don't have many pieces of my blocks left from the online class I took with Dijanne but I think some of the smaller pieces I kept will work perfect with some of the projects in Geninne's book.  I can't wait to get started!!    Hope to post some pics by the weekend! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Snap bag...

Awhile back, Jan duh!  Jill! (sorry Jill!  I honestly know your name!), over at The Quilt Rat, posted on making and receiving snap bags!  I thought how cool these bags after my Mandala online class and making several pieces of shibori fabric I thought they'd be perfect for turning into snap bags!

I made this one for myself and it's a perfect fit for my phone and even Ipod!

The 'snap' part of the bag is from using pieces from a metal tape measure!  Go figure, right!

This was my mandala/shibori fabric when I started some free motion quilting on it.

I didn't necessarily want the quilting to show but it just looked so I took some white tsukineko ink and filled in the outline part of the feather.  

Quilting and painting all ready to stitch up into a snap bag.  

I added a 'hem' to slip in the piece of metal tape, then stitched up the sides.  I didn't line the inside of my bag.  Again, this was my first one just to see what I wanted, didn't want or how to make the little bag!  

You can see the hem on top and the inside.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  I think they would make nice little bags to hold gift cards for Christmas!  I'm going to play around making a smaller size one for gift cards, just to see if it works out.  

I am making good progress on the hex' a lot finished yesterday while watching the Lions play...they lost in overtime, which was so upsetting!  But there's always next week!  
Another beautiful fall day today.  Kalee and I went for a car ride then for a nice walk downtown Davison.  She's my best buddy for sure!  Only problem is I tend to talk with her and ask her questions!  Guess I'm not losing it yet as she's not answering me!  But I did say "yet"!!

Well, off to sewing room to whip up another bag! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Way to go Amber!

Yea, Amber!  #31...I thought she was suppose to be #53 but number doesn't matter.  These girls played tough!  Yikes!

Amber did a good job!  I'm quite proud of her for making the team and giving it all she has!

And a lot of the games are on Wed. so I can head down and watch them!!  Way to go Amber!!!! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Workin' on the hex!

First, thanks to those who provided me some good tips on keeping my hex's in place while I'm paper piecing them!!

I forgot that years ago my daughter and I took a class on making a portfolio to hold our applique work in place! 

This is my portfolio all tied up, nice and neat!  It turned out to be a perfect place to store my hex's...I can't lay them all out since they measure 30" but it's good for a start!

This is the inside with the flaps down on the sides...yes, I was too lazy to flip my photos...just turn your head!

And here they are...laying and staying in place.  The inside is flannel fabric so no moving!  Unless of course, I bump the pieces or Kalee grabs a piece!  Which hasn't happened yet...I say "yet"!

If you look close, the rows on the left side have been sewn together...two sewn to each other.  I just started sewing the four rows.

And this is the rest of the pieces sitting patiently waiting their turn to be moved to the portfolio!

My daughter gave me her portfolio and there was a surprise inside!  Some applique pieces!

These were sunflower pieces Dawn had leftover from a class we took with Phil Beaver years ago!!   The workshop with Phil was really good.  He's an amazing artist.  He drew up designs for us on the fly!  I still have mine but I gave my quilt project to our friends, Carol & Tony, in Florida as a thank you gift. 

Dawn actually made several of the sunflower petals and placed them on the back of a Levi jacket.  It turned out really nice...I'll have to get a picture of it sometime and post. 

Tomorrow, I'll post pics from Amber's first basketball game!  Wow...she's a good defensive player for sure!!  I didn't know these girls were as tough as they are!  I'm really proud of her making the team and giving it her all!!!  Way to go, Amber!!

Well, I'm off to work the library book sale today!  We are also having a bake sale so I baked some peanut butter cookies.  Now if I can get out of the house without eating most of them we'll have something to sell!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Another BD Wish!

Happy BD, Mary Jo!!!!   Hope you have a great BD!!!!  Wish we could be there to eat cake with you and the family.

The kids live in Indiana so I don't have any baby pics and usually only Christmas pics of them!!!   Although, I'm sure MJ doesn't mind me not sharing a baby picture of her! 

Again, enjoy your day, Mary Jo!!  We're thinking of you!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Happy Birthday, Dawn!!!  I can still remember the day you were born!  Thank goodness we only lose our short term memory!!  This was one of Dawn's high school graduation pictures back in '84.  Seems like yesterday (almost!).

Hope you have a great day!!!  Love You!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Final layout...I think!

Well, I think this is the layout for my hex's!  At least for today!  I'll let the little buggers sit overnight then I'll decide if this is it or not. 

Next will be how to keep them in their places while I piece them together!  I'm thinking of using a stickie type sheet of something...I have some ideas but not sure what will be the best solution.

Tomorrow is another work day at setting up the library book sale.  I'll  be working the book sale on Saturday but it's usually fun, even if it's a long day. 

I also starting quilting some fabric to make a snap bag!  I do entertain myself, don't I!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's get back to work!

Last week was running  every day but the week was finished off with a great dinner yesterday at Darrin and Kris' to celebrate Auntie Dawn BD (it's not until this Thursday) and a partial celebration for Nick's BD (his isn't until the 26th of this month!)  Auntie will be out of town, hence, Darrin started the smoker and cooked  ribs for our celebration!  I don't eat ribs but I did eat four slices!!!  Yep...4 of them!!  They were so good!!!  Kris made a Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potato dish that was out of sight!  YUM!!!

And of course, we had to have cake, right!

It was SO good...SO rich but so good!!

 What a great time!!!  Although, the old gall bladder didn't care for all the rich food but that's too bad.  It was worth it for sure!!! 

So now back to doing some art work, right!  My friend Carol T. sent out a note to our fiber group showing the new book coming out by Carla Sonheim.  The reason Carol sent it to our fiber group is because the next Master Artist for our exhibit is Dr. Seuss!  Yep...Dr. Seuss.  If you look at Carla's drawings, you'll see some similarity in her work and the drawings from Dr. Seuss!
I get Cara's newsletter updates via email and they are so much fun to look at!  I'm not into drawing or painting but I have always thought her drawings of animals were so unique.  I've actually printed some out for Nick.  He loves to draw and Carla has shown how to start a drawing from time to time in a post.
Anyway, Carla might be a good candidate for inspiring our Dr. Seuss quilts! 
You have to check out her web site here.  And scroll back to older posts to see more of her work and her books. This new book will be out this fall!  Which is right around the corner!

Now for my are some of my hex's...I'm working on my layout but realized I needed some more darker purples.  These are only one inch hex's and the piece I need is only 9" x 30". 

So I hope to get more hex's made up and the layout settled upon!  Then I can start piecing them together. 
Still have some running this week but hopefully I'll get some sewing time in at night!  Football and baseball on TV!  Can't just sit there!!! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Opening Night

No these aren't street walkers!  This was last night as my friends and I left the restaurant heading to the art council for the ENCORE! opening reception!

These are my friends (L -  R) LoisAnn (who is back from living in Italy for the past 5+ years!), Judy (a friend of Karen's who was visiting from St. Louis), Carol T, my bud and Karen, my other bud!

I said because I'm always taking the pics for our fiber meetings, I'm not in  any pictures except our Christmas get-together, which is fine with me.  I'm not fond of having my pic taken.  Bob is always telling me someone should take my I hauled out phone camera and took a picture as we were walking...not bad for a quick pic...I don't think any of us knew where to look!

and who knew!  A python snake in the middle of downtown Flint!!!  Yes, it was real and yes, it was crawling!  I don't remember having vendors on the street before but it's you never know what you'll find on the street!

Another fellow was spray painting pictures which were really cool and only $ I didn't buy any!!  In fact, I didn't even take a pic of his can see on the bottom right edge two of them and if you stand on your head while reading this blog you can see the one he was working on!

This is Mary and Marty, co-curators of our show!  They are both hard workers and have worked hard for the past 14+ years moving this exhibit from venue to venue, hanging, taking down, making arrangements...this is/was a full time job...most folks don't realize the effort it took for the show to be as successful as it has been.   Thanks, ladies!  You both are the BEST!
 Aren't they a good pair!!
And our 'crew' again!!  What a nice I had to work at our local library setting up for our book sale next weekend.  I am hurting...OK, I admit it!  Finally caught up with me!!!  I think we had six ladies today hauling boxes of books and setting them up on bookshelves and on the tables.  We have to go back later this week and finish up but that's good.  I need a few days to recoup!  Advil...where are you!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yesterday afternoon five of us hung over 100 quilts for the ENCORE! exhibit that opens Friday (14th).   ENCORE! is actually a retrospect of the past 14 years from the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational.

Each year the Michigan Quilt Artists have created art work based on one theme.  At this show, there are selected pieces from each of the past 14 years!  There are over 100 quilts on display!!

This is my best bud, Mary, who is also one of the co-curators of the show.   Mary has been a tireless worker on this exhibit over the past 14 years.  She organized where the quilts would be on display monthly and also had to arrange getting the quilts to and from their destination as well as getting the quilts hung at each venue!!  That's a lot of work over the years. 

This is Marty the other co-curator for the Michigan  Quilt Artist Invitational.  Marty and Mary came up with the idea of having a traveling exhibit back in 1997 and what a successful run they have had.  Marty is very active in the art community in the Flint area and as a teacher, also encourages students by providing them art related programs. 

Both of these lady's have worked their hearts out and we (MQAI artists) thank them immensely for giving us a venue and a challenge each year! 

Of course, from time to time, Mary and Marty have requested help from us 'little folk'!  Here are my other buds Carol (left) and Lois Ann who assisted in hanging the quilts yesterday.  Each of these ladies are fantastic artists and if you're in the neighborhood (downtown Flint) you'll get to see some of their work on display in this show. 
 The scarves on display were hand dyed by Mary (in her spare time!!) and are for sale. 

Just a sneak peak at some of the quilts...if you want to see the rest of them, you'll have to attend the show!  It's awesome!!  So much fun to look back on the past 14 my friend, Carol, said "it's so interesting to see where we started and where we ended up in our art work".  How true!! 

So if you're in the Flint area Sept. 14th thru October 5th (Monday - Friday 9 - 5 p.m.) head over to the Greater Flint Arts Council (816 S. Saginaw) or better yet, if able, come to the opening reception tomorrow (Friday the 14th) from 6 - 9 p.m.!  It's free and open to the, music and beverages provided!  Can't beat that for a night out!