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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Opening Night

No these aren't street walkers!  This was last night as my friends and I left the restaurant heading to the art council for the ENCORE! opening reception!

These are my friends (L -  R) LoisAnn (who is back from living in Italy for the past 5+ years!), Judy (a friend of Karen's who was visiting from St. Louis), Carol T, my bud and Karen, my other bud!

I said because I'm always taking the pics for our fiber meetings, I'm not in  any pictures except our Christmas get-together, which is fine with me.  I'm not fond of having my pic taken.  Bob is always telling me someone should take my I hauled out phone camera and took a picture as we were walking...not bad for a quick pic...I don't think any of us knew where to look!

and who knew!  A python snake in the middle of downtown Flint!!!  Yes, it was real and yes, it was crawling!  I don't remember having vendors on the street before but it's you never know what you'll find on the street!

Another fellow was spray painting pictures which were really cool and only $ I didn't buy any!!  In fact, I didn't even take a pic of his can see on the bottom right edge two of them and if you stand on your head while reading this blog you can see the one he was working on!

This is Mary and Marty, co-curators of our show!  They are both hard workers and have worked hard for the past 14+ years moving this exhibit from venue to venue, hanging, taking down, making arrangements...this is/was a full time job...most folks don't realize the effort it took for the show to be as successful as it has been.   Thanks, ladies!  You both are the BEST!
 Aren't they a good pair!!
And our 'crew' again!!  What a nice I had to work at our local library setting up for our book sale next weekend.  I am hurting...OK, I admit it!  Finally caught up with me!!!  I think we had six ladies today hauling boxes of books and setting them up on bookshelves and on the tables.  We have to go back later this week and finish up but that's good.  I need a few days to recoup!  Advil...where are you!!!!


  1. I love seeing your photos and your group smiling and enjoying all the hard work put forth. Your husband is look beautiful in the photo. Enjoying your surroundings is wonderful...

  2. looks like a good day with great friends. bob is should have your pic more often!

  3. My mom forwarded me your link. Wish I could've been there for the opening.

    You all look great! Hope you and the gang are doing well!


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