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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Workin' on the hex!

First, thanks to those who provided me some good tips on keeping my hex's in place while I'm paper piecing them!!

I forgot that years ago my daughter and I took a class on making a portfolio to hold our applique work in place! 

This is my portfolio all tied up, nice and neat!  It turned out to be a perfect place to store my hex's...I can't lay them all out since they measure 30" but it's good for a start!

This is the inside with the flaps down on the sides...yes, I was too lazy to flip my photos...just turn your head!

And here they are...laying and staying in place.  The inside is flannel fabric so no moving!  Unless of course, I bump the pieces or Kalee grabs a piece!  Which hasn't happened yet...I say "yet"!

If you look close, the rows on the left side have been sewn together...two sewn to each other.  I just started sewing the four rows.

And this is the rest of the pieces sitting patiently waiting their turn to be moved to the portfolio!

My daughter gave me her portfolio and there was a surprise inside!  Some applique pieces!

These were sunflower pieces Dawn had leftover from a class we took with Phil Beaver years ago!!   The workshop with Phil was really good.  He's an amazing artist.  He drew up designs for us on the fly!  I still have mine but I gave my quilt project to our friends, Carol & Tony, in Florida as a thank you gift. 

Dawn actually made several of the sunflower petals and placed them on the back of a Levi jacket.  It turned out really nice...I'll have to get a picture of it sometime and post. 

Tomorrow, I'll post pics from Amber's first basketball game!  Wow...she's a good defensive player for sure!!  I didn't know these girls were as tough as they are!  I'm really proud of her making the team and giving it her all!!!  Way to go, Amber!!

Well, I'm off to work the library book sale today!  We are also having a bake sale so I baked some peanut butter cookies.  Now if I can get out of the house without eating most of them we'll have something to sell!

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  1. Fabulous fun portfolio cases to hold all those bits and pieces. Your hexes are coming together quite well. Love the possibilities of the sunflower. Good going to Amber. Weekend Bliss...


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