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Monday, September 24, 2012

Snap bag...

Awhile back, Jan duh!  Jill! (sorry Jill!  I honestly know your name!), over at The Quilt Rat, posted on making and receiving snap bags!  I thought how cool these bags after my Mandala online class and making several pieces of shibori fabric I thought they'd be perfect for turning into snap bags!

I made this one for myself and it's a perfect fit for my phone and even Ipod!

The 'snap' part of the bag is from using pieces from a metal tape measure!  Go figure, right!

This was my mandala/shibori fabric when I started some free motion quilting on it.

I didn't necessarily want the quilting to show but it just looked so I took some white tsukineko ink and filled in the outline part of the feather.  

Quilting and painting all ready to stitch up into a snap bag.  

I added a 'hem' to slip in the piece of metal tape, then stitched up the sides.  I didn't line the inside of my bag.  Again, this was my first one just to see what I wanted, didn't want or how to make the little bag!  

You can see the hem on top and the inside.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  I think they would make nice little bags to hold gift cards for Christmas!  I'm going to play around making a smaller size one for gift cards, just to see if it works out.  

I am making good progress on the hex' a lot finished yesterday while watching the Lions play...they lost in overtime, which was so upsetting!  But there's always next week!  
Another beautiful fall day today.  Kalee and I went for a car ride then for a nice walk downtown Davison.  She's my best buddy for sure!  Only problem is I tend to talk with her and ask her questions!  Guess I'm not losing it yet as she's not answering me!  But I did say "yet"!!

Well, off to sewing room to whip up another bag! 


  1. Nice use of your fabrics in these bags. I've seen them and they are quite appealing.

  2. :-) no worries...I'll answer to almost anything. Lol

    You will get hooked on making up those bags, I LOVED receiving one as a gift and have enjoyed making them to give as well. Sometimes I put a little pocket on the inside to tuck in a gift card


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