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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bragging time!

WaHoo!  Nick's team won by 1 point on Sunday!  Grandpa and I had a really nice time at the game!  Nick did get his name announced for one tackle but missed out on two others!  One was a penalty so they didn't announce his name and the other one there were two tackling and they didn't announce either boys names!  Darrin put this collage together yesterday..pretty cool!  Nick is inquiring minds want to know, right!
I know Ian has had some X country matches but grandpa doesn't remember where he placed.  I'll have to get MJ or Ron to make sure they keep me posted!  Kayla is busy with working all the football games (she's in sports medicine at Ball State) and Amber's basketball season hasn't started yet!  Busy kids...

And speaking of busy kids,  my daughter was in another Flash Mob at Oakland University promoting the 3rd annual Student to Professional Conference!  What a hoot!!!  Dawn is in the back row, 2nd in from the right.  You go girl!!!

 Is this fun or not!!!  For those who know Dawn, you'll recognize her on the far left about a minute fifty into the video. Gotta love those kids! 

Tomorrow we hang for the MQAI exhibit opening which is on Friday.  Quilts will be hung through the middle of October.  Busy week!!  I did get to shop for some size 15 beads today in between root dye job and Kalee's beauty appointment!  Now to find time to bead.  Tonight I'm printing out the labels for the show and getting those organized.  That should keep me busy for a few minutes! 

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  1. Fun to see the kids so involved. That pic collage is really a great idea. Good luck with the show... you'll be exhausted from hanging all those quilts. Hope all goes well and attendance is good/supportive.


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