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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rainy day today, although we do need it so I won't complain.  Just muggy out so you still need the air on.  I'd much prefer windows open but not today.

Worked on more hand stitching this weekend as well as beading.   Just a so so weekend...nothing exciting and basically just that, another weekend. 

Bob is off to his retiree breakfast then we have Dr.'s appt. this afternoon. 

I did find something interesting yesterday...I'm a big fan of the Longmire series and started reading Craig Johnson's other mystery books.  I just finished reading The Dark Horse and As the Crow Flies, which were quite good.  I'm now reading Junkyard Dogs.  If you want to get an idea of his writing, check out his web site's home page and click under the 'home' button and select 'videos'.  Play the video where he is speaking at the National Book Festival.  What a hoot!  He is quite the story teller!!!

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  1. Hi Robbie...I am catching up after being gone and getting older. :o)
    Your hand-stitching is lovely. Happy reading...


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