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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hex Circle's Project

I showed this pattern in my last post and did you notice I've given it a name?  Hex Circle's!  I know...not very clever...but honestly, most times I don't even name my quilts!  At least this way I can identify the hex piece I'm working on!

It was pretty easy to pick out the colors I wanted for the circle and half circles since I've been making hex's in turquoise, orange and yellows!  Not sure why!  HA

Laying out hex's for the circle.  It says 'greens' on the paper because originally I was going to do an applique quilt and use color wheel for my inspiration.  That didn't last long!

I finished sewing the half circles and started this week putting together the full circles!  The orange is brighter than what you see in this picture.

This is the container I use for keeping my  hex supplies and  fabric..   Keeps them organized so I can carry from the sewing room, out on the deck or in the LR to watch TV and sew.

Hubby cut a 14" piece of plywood for me several years ago, which I then glued a rubber mat on it.  That mat keeps my supplies from slipping off as I sew.  Works a lot better than my lap! I've used this so called mat for all my hand work..embroidery and even beading.

I like the orange and blues/turquoise colors together.  Don't ask...I haven't a clue what I'll do for the rest of the design!  But I will be making the background/foreground?? in one piece.  I'll then cut out the circles/half circles just as I did with my first horse hex.  At least, that's one option!

The blue/turquoise and 1st set of the large orange circle hex's are all sewn together.  Now to make some more darker orange for the fourth full circle.  I may even make hex's for the solid areas of the piece .  Then I could make some type of circle pieces to applique around the circles.  Just thought of that as I was adding this pictures.  See...I said I wasn't sure what I would do for the background!  But I forever change my mind so I guess we'll see!

Monday, August 27, 2018

It's Hex Time Again!

As I mentioned in my last post, Laura Kemshall (DMTV) inspired me several years ago to learn English Paper Piecing (EPP).  I found at that time I loved making hex's, although, I think at some time in the future I may venture to making some different EPP shapes!  Here are some of the hex quilts I've made over the years.
Horse Hex #1

Horse Hex #2

My followers will recognize my horse hex projects.  These are my inspiration for my next project!

Beach Glass - hangs in our master bath

These next three hex pieces were made for the online challenge group - Art Quilts Around the World
Theme - Uniform

Road Less Traveled

Theme - Science DNA
And here is the start of my current hex (EPP) project!  Actually, this design was from a copyright free book Susan loaned me one year while in Florida.  I was going to use it for a reverse applique quilt.

I just happened to have found this enlarged copy (20" x 24") I had made, and, well, the rest is history as they say!

So my next post will catch you up as to colors and how I'm going to work on this one!  I think!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Shadow Crazy Piecing

Linda Kemshall (DMTV) was at it again...enticing me to try something new!  Well, it's not really new but as Linda said "shadow crazy is a twist on traditional crazy patchwork with this mini cushion worked in a sheer and semi sheer fabrics. Embellish with hand worked embroidery stitches and add beads".   This is my finished little cushion (6" square).

Of course, Linda had me at "beads"!  I've not done much crazy quilting but this small project seemed perfect to make for my bud, Susan's (my tea bag gifter!) birthday.  I thought it might take awhile to finish,  Susan's BD is in October, so this would give me time to finish.  Little did I know it was so relaxing to sew I finished all the hand work in a weekend!  

I gathered up some supplies and got started!  

Next up was to lay out the different sheer fabrics...well, really the first part was deciding what colors to use but that's always a story isn't it!   Then it was deciding which embroidery stitches to use!

This was the fun part!  Doing different embroidery stitches.  Some with beads and some without!  Just have to have beads, right! 

Once all the stitching was finished,  I used one of my mono printed fabrics I had in my stash for the backing and sewed the piece close, leaving about 2" to turn for stuffing. 

This was the finished cushion after I stuffed it with some fiber fill I had on hand.   Looks nice and puffy!  I was going to leave 'as is' but....those beads & Linda were calling me!

I added beads all around the edges!

And this is the back...that's the mono printed piece I had on hand.  It does match the blue in the sheer doesn't it! 

I was going to wait until October to mail toSusan but I decided I'd send her an early birthday gift!  Hope she enjoys and uses it!  

 Now to stop watching DMTV!  HA  Only kidding!  I love the inspiration and ideas Linda and Laura share with us.  In fact, Laura Kemshall, was the person who introduced me to English Paper Piecing years ago.  Hence, I have become addicted (horse hex #1 and horse hex #2 for example)!  And now I have another hex project (EPP) that you'll see in my next post!  Thanks again to Linda and Laura!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

More Utility Box Eye Candy!

I met up with my friend, Alice this past week and we took a tour of the utility boxes...some finished...some still in progress!  Hope you enjoy seeing some more talented art work!  Enjoy!

Janet Goldstein - Michigan Wildflowers  

And Janet's sidekick Yoda!

Shirley Eason Sunflowers

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Hopefully, Amber will not necessarily follow the 'yellow brick road' but the right road to Siena Heights University on Wednesday!

 I think it certainly is harder on us 'old' folks and family than it is for the student.  I'm sure there is apprehension and butterflies but Amber appears to be doing just fine!  Her schedule and activities for the first five days is quite busy but that's a good thing.  And she is rooming with one of her Lacrosse team mates, which is also good since they have practice 3 days a week at 5:45 a.m.!
We had such a nice afternoon with the family, Kris' mom, dad, brother and his wife!  Unfortunately, they left before we took pictures...
Proud dad and mom!

Proud Auntie Dawn and Uncle Jeff

Kris' mom and dad

My babies!!!!  I don't get to spend a lot of time with them so this was a delight!  No, they don't look like me!  They take after their father.  HA HA  Although, my son's hair is not as black as it once was!  Almost my color!

Kris' mom, Nancy, gave Amber a bundle of food to take with her to school!  Check out this candy container!!!She'll be the hit of all the room mates!

Kris mom is so giving and also presented Amber with a dresser for the end of her bed as well as cooking supplies, cake mixes, cake name it and she had it in the basket!

I don't know if Amber will have room in her car let alone her dorm room for all the items Nancy provided!  But she won't have to do any grocery shopping for quite sometime!   And her was my gift for Amber....I worked on this for several weeks!!

And this is what happened when she opened it!  I know it's a long video but I have it for my 'journal' and memory!

I think she was happy with the idea although, some of the pictures she wasn't happy to see in the 'box'!  HA  But it's part of growing up!!  And she's grown into a beautiful young lady who will always hold a spot in my heart!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Other than taking pictures I am working on projects!

It's been loads of fun to document the utility box progress...but in between taking pictures I am working on projects!  I actually have one that I can't show yet!  But's a small project but still a project!  HA  I can show this one I did last weekend.

My bud, Susan, from Florida sent me an envelop filled with tea bags!  Here's a note she included with her tea bags.

I played with tea bags several, several years ago and only used a bag in a small 12"x12" piece.  For the life of me I can't locate it but some day I will!  Anyway, I wanted to do something quick with the tea bags for the work Susan put forth drinking all that tea!  So I made some bookmarks!
This is either the front or the back of the bookmarks.  HA
Ditto on above!  HA..only the picture is upside down!

I started off stamping some of the tea bags.  I happen to have some matching tags so I cut out the center/circles on four of them.

Once I had the circles cut out I laid two tea bags wrong sides together and glued  them under the circle edges.

After the glue dried, I laid tags together (wrong sides together) and  stitched around the entire tag on my sewing machine.  The cardboard  wasn't that heavy and stitched easily.

These were fun to work on and I sent the beige one to Susan to thank her.  Although, now I need to do something with all the rest of the tea bags...I may not be thanking her!  Now that I'm finished taking pictures of utility boxes (for a day or two!) I can get back to showing some of my art work!  Maybe!

Today we are headed to my son's to celebrate a belated birthday and 'leaving for college' for our grand daughter, Amber!  She leaves for college on Wednesday!  Sniff, sniff!  I am excited ONLY because she'll be getting her 'exploding box' I put together for her! 

Doesn't look like much but wait until you see a video I did!  I worked on this for several weeks this summer!   Keeping you in suspense?  Hope so!  Stay tuned!