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Thursday, August 16, 2018

More of my talented friends - part 2

Carol and Lois Ann are working away to finish their utility box paintings!  Last week they worked hard into the afternoon heat and  Monday, Lois Ann spent about 4 hours working on her eagle box!  Wednesday, they were both at it again!  So here are some more progress pictures!   

Carol's bird from last Friday

Her progress as of Wednesday!  Her branch looks really good doesn't it!  And Carol changed her background which  makes the bird stand out.

Lois Ann painting one of the sides for the collaborative piece!

LA is so talented!!!!  She was busy working on this when I left on Wednesday!

This is Lois Ann's butterfly, which I posted a few days ago.  

This is Lois Ann's quilt that she is using as inspiration for her butterfly painting on the utility box!  

This is another quilt, YES, it's a quilt!  Another piece that Lois Ann is using for inspiration!

This is the start of her painting for the Eagle.  It was selected for the Patriotic piece for the town!
Lois Ann has one more box she is working on.  This piece will display turtles in water! 
Yep, you guessed it!  It's a quilt Lois Ann did...inspiration for her box!

Just a closeup of her work, which is amazing!

Only problem!  The turtles will be up in the air swimming on this box!  HA  Lois Ann has her background painted for the turtles then she'll  trace her drawing and paint!  Whew!  
I can't paint or draw so all I can do is offer my support by documenting their progress!  It's hard to comprehend the amount of work that these two ladies have already put forth for this project.  They are doing a wonderful job and their art will be around for so many to see and appreciate.


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