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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hand Stitching Throw Back Post

Lynn's book (see my post here) got me thinking about how many hand stitched art quilts I've made.  I do love hand stitching....I can't sit idle while watching TV at night!  I'm lucky I can sit in a movie theater, which only happens a few times a year!  HA 

So here are some of my hand stitched pieces I've done over the years...I won't bore you with all of them...just a few I found in my picture directory backup (Tech was kind enough to back up all my files to an external drive!  Whew!).

This first quilt was for our Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational from years ago...don't remember the date.  The theme was "south of the border" so I found a record album with that same name!  I had it printed on fabric and added beading for the cactus and hand, stab stitching for the entire piece.  The quilt was 20"x24".

Closeup of stitching.  I don't hand quilt...but I do hand stab stitch!  HA

This was for a monthly journal project...8.5" x 11"...of course I had to add beading for the sunflower!

This started out as a shibori piece I had dyed.  And, yep, stab stitching.

These next three pics are from my horse hex quilt I did.  You can see the finish/process here.

I did a combo of stab stitching and creating lines on the background fabric.  I mono printed the entire background so the stitching just seemed to tell me what to do!  Yes, Lynn, this was slow stitching!

This was another piece I did patchwork style for the background and because I love doing circles I did quite a few of them! HA

This quilt was on the cover was on the cover and in the book 1000 Quilt Inspirations.   You can see the finished quilt and progress here.

Both of these I made for a challenge...I had to make four or five...can't remember...these were two I found.  Again, the background was fabric I had mono printed from a cardboard stamp I made.  Hand stitching was a must!

Interesting, for those of you who subscribe to DMTV, you'll see two a video on Line/Shape/Stitch by Laura!   Very similar on how I hand stitched these.  I did these in 2014.

I think my followers will remember this Challenge piece!  There were four of us who were each given a square of hand dyed fabric by Kay Sorsensen (You can see the entire quilt and each of our blocks here.)

I didn't want to detract from Kay's beautiful dyeing technique/pattern so figured I would hand stitch a pattern, which I've used fact, you'll see it in the next quilt picture!

I do like to use patchwork for my backgrounds when ever possible.  But if you look closely, you'll see the same pattern in this piece as I did in Kay's challenge.

This was just straight stitching or my stab stitching.  I used the opposite color on blue (I used orange) and on the orange I used blue.  I think it worked out well.

So now you can see why I enjoyed Lynn's book so much.  And I love her term 'slow stitching' certainly fits my hand stitching life!


  1. What a treat to see some of these quilts that were new to me……fabulous work and workmanship!!

  2. Oh love your stuff,! Thanks for the show and tell. That album cover was a brilliant idea.

    I think I will have a look at that book on Amazon........

  3. Your stitching looks marvelous! Keep it up.


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