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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Hopefully, Amber will not necessarily follow the 'yellow brick road' but the right road to Siena Heights University on Wednesday!

 I think it certainly is harder on us 'old' folks and family than it is for the student.  I'm sure there is apprehension and butterflies but Amber appears to be doing just fine!  Her schedule and activities for the first five days is quite busy but that's a good thing.  And she is rooming with one of her Lacrosse team mates, which is also good since they have practice 3 days a week at 5:45 a.m.!
We had such a nice afternoon with the family, Kris' mom, dad, brother and his wife!  Unfortunately, they left before we took pictures...
Proud dad and mom!

Proud Auntie Dawn and Uncle Jeff

Kris' mom and dad

My babies!!!!  I don't get to spend a lot of time with them so this was a delight!  No, they don't look like me!  They take after their father.  HA HA  Although, my son's hair is not as black as it once was!  Almost my color!

Kris' mom, Nancy, gave Amber a bundle of food to take with her to school!  Check out this candy container!!!She'll be the hit of all the room mates!

Kris mom is so giving and also presented Amber with a dresser for the end of her bed as well as cooking supplies, cake mixes, cake name it and she had it in the basket!

I don't know if Amber will have room in her car let alone her dorm room for all the items Nancy provided!  But she won't have to do any grocery shopping for quite sometime!   And her was my gift for Amber....I worked on this for several weeks!!

And this is what happened when she opened it!  I know it's a long video but I have it for my 'journal' and memory!

I think she was happy with the idea although, some of the pictures she wasn't happy to see in the 'box'!  HA  But it's part of growing up!!  And she's grown into a beautiful young lady who will always hold a spot in my heart!


  1. Your gift box is a real treasure and labor of love! I'm sure she'll love looking at the photos when she's away from home.

  2. Best to Amber in her studies! 5:45 AM practice? Gulp. Your photo box is just outstanding (even though you put the creepy goat picture in there!). She's very absorbed going through it. It holds a ton of photos. What a great present. I remember when you helped your neighbor to make one last winter I think.


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