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Monday, August 13, 2018

More Talented Friends!

This past May the city of Grand Blanc had a project for artists to submit designs that would be painted on the green utility boxes throughout the city.  Nine of the boxes would be nature scenes, and one would be dedicated to a patriotic theme.   The paintings would encompass all sides of the utility box.  Two of my buds, Carol Tamasiunas and Lois Ann Fulton submitted their drawings and guess what!  They were selected and are now painting machines! 

 I don't have the original drawings they submitted but I do have a picture of some of the artists work submitted.  These were on display around the town for folks to vote for their favorites!
Lois Ann will be painting her turtles on another utility box.

The drawing/painting in the center (flowers/butterfly/tree/bird) are what Carol and Lois Ann are painting as a collaborative piece.
The eagle is another painting Lois Ann will be doing on another utility box.
 You can see there were some really nice drawings/painting submitted.  Last Friday, the ladies got started working on their 'box'!   Our bud Mary, along with her great grand daughter, Carmella and I went to lend our physical support!  Let's be honest...I can't draw a stick man but they did allow me to paint a blue sky background on both sides of their box.  It's quite large utility box! 

Carol's part is the blue bird and Lois Ann is the butterfly.  Here are the ladies working hard!  

Carol's blue bird

LA's butterfly

See I can at least help paint a side or two!

Girls just want to have fun!
Carol working on her bird.

Lois Ann's drawing of the butterfly

Lois Ann painting her butterfly

Carol made great progress

Lois Ann has added flowers and foliage

Lois Ann has added more foliage to the side

Carol, Lois Ann, Carmella and Mary

Carol and Lois Ann did get to take a lunch break...a well deserved one...they arrived in the city around 8 a.m. to pick up paint and get set up.  Then they started tracing their drawings on the box and started to paint.  

I'm so proud of both these ladies and I'll be sure to post more pics when their box is completed.  Lois Ann has two more boxes to paint so you'll get to see more of her beautiful art work!!!  She has a turtle and an eagle (you can see part of them in the first pics).


  1. What a terrific concept to beautify our cities. What talented pals you have….do keep us posted….would love to see the completed boxes.

  2. Someone has painted a couple of utility boxes in downtown Elkhart. I think this is a great way to spruce up the down town area. There are a couple of buildings with murals on the sides too. With artist seeming to gravitate to the down town areas attracted by studio apartments I think we will see more of this kind of art in several towns near here.
    xx, Carol

  3. What a great idea to bring some beautiful art into your town and also honor some of the many talented artists who live there....and I bet your blue sky is beautiful!

  4. What a great idea. I'm sure there are plenty of challenges in translating the idea from small sketch to the actual metal box- a different ball game. But it's such a nice way to display art to the public and make the city look sharp!


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