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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Knitting Time Again

I started to knit the Lattice Lace Poncho.  It's such an easy pattern to knit.  I originally purchased a beige yarn but then decided to go back to the yarn shop and pick up this pale peach color!  Once again, I can't get the color to show up on my blog the way it does in person.  I think it will make a nice spring poncho and who knows, I might still make one in the beige yarn!  

Seed stitch is used for the border

Easy pattern to knit so that makes it a good project to knit and watch TV

Hard to look at this and see how the poncho will be put together...fingers crossed it does work out!

Color here looks really yucky!  But you get the idea!

Original pattern is on Ravelry.  Lattice Lace Poncho

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Project Update - Rail Fence Top

 It's been quite busy at our house lately and will be for a few weeks...but I'm trying to get to my knitting and  hand work on the rail fence quilt top (beading is on hold until I can get my eyes checked or get some new glasses at Walgreen's!).  

Rail Fence stitching is coming along...slow process but so relaxing if I can stitch while watching TV...that is depending on the TV show or movie we're watching! 

You can see this  circle with stitching filled in below.

More circles...more stitching

This is circle above right but with the center filled in.

Now working on some straight line stitching...Hand stitching is so relaxing and fun to stitch where and what you want!  

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

It's Circle Time!

 Nancy, from Quilting Potpourri, asked what I was using to trace circles for the Rain Fence small quilt top I'm working on.  So, I thought I would share with you the fantastic tools I use!  

And, you might want to jump over to Nancy's blog to see all of her unique projects she has worked on or is working on!

Aren't these great!  Seriously, I'm always on the lookout for any circle items I see around the house!  Here's the progress I've made so far on the circles I've traced on my rail fence quilt.  

I'll be filling with different stitches....stab stitching....patterns....

This one will only need filling in the circle area with some stitching.

I do so enjoy hand's so relaxing and good to do while watching TV or even listening to a book on tape.  By the way...someone recommended a book to me but I'm not sure who it was!  If it was you, please let me know.  I haven't started it yet as I just picked up from the library.  The title is THE SANATORIUM by Sarah Pearse.  From the writeups, it's not a book I would usually read but I did request from the library.  It appears to be a very requested book since I just looked there are 11 hold requests at our library for it!  I'll keep you all posted!

I'm anxious to get to the part where I start filling in the circles and doing some straight stitching in different areas.  That's always the fun part...the circles can get a little boring after awhile!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Women Supporting Women

 I am so fortunate to have the best kids!  I hope my readers will enjoy this YouTube my daughter published as part of International Women's Week!  From coaching her clients in their current or future career path endeavors, to producing/editing her own videos, my daughter impresses me daily with her talent and what she has achieved in the workplace! She started her own coaching business in January 2020 and, we all know what that year was like, but she continued to persevere and has maintained her business throughout that pandemic year! You'll also get an insight as to how my career started and how it ended!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Rain Fence Quilt top


Making slower progress on this piece vs my Bird of Paradise.  I want to outline most of the larger circles then stitch some straight lines.  I'll go back and fill in the circles, add smaller circles and whatever embroidery stitches I come up with!  I think hand stitching 'kinda' talks to you as far as where and what to stitch.  

Lots more stitching to come...LOTS!

I have to try some other options on my phone as the colors don't show up very well...colors are so pretty in person...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I am thinking of making a rectangular pillow for our bedroom from this piece...just thinking...won't know until it's finished, which could be next fall at this point!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Progress on Bird of Paradise

A long story on the purchasing of this cookbook , which I won't bore readers with other than I thought I was ordering a different one!  It's the "how" I got to this one!  But, I love this book!  I've already made 4 recipes from it and each one was not difficult and really good.  Some of the recipes, you are given options to using a crock pot, Instant Pot or oven!  (That's where the long story comes in...I thought I was purchasing an Instant Pot cookbook!)  I did see where our library had a copy so if you're interested, check out your local library to scan through and decide if you want to purchase.

My beading work station!

 Working away on my Bird of Paradise...sometimes slowly but making progress.

At least no deadline...Bob and I are anticipating going to a REAL restaurant this week!  So beading will be suspended on that day!!  Can't wait!!!  Until then, I'll keep looking up new recipes!

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Bird of Paradise Beading


I've started on my 'Bird of Paradise' bead project.  Received the beads I was missing so I was anxious to get started.  Only problem...holy heck....when did my eyes get so bad...or are they making the smaller Delica #15's even smaller!!!!  I strain my eyes and have tried to use a neck held magnifying glass to help, which sometimes it does and other times...nope, just strain!  

This coloring page I found on the bird was printed on 8.5"x11" paper.  Size wise....he is about 8" from the tip of his left wing to the edge of his tail feather.

I am anxious to get started on the tail feathers...they are different shades of yellow, gold, rust, etc.

It is slow going but good work to do during the day light I know why I enjoy beading outside on the deck.  The light is perfect there...well, it if my eyes can only adjust to beading inside.

I'll be taking out the gray, beaded beak.  The original picture used gray but I think it doesn't stand out that well.  And I may take out some of the beads close to his front chest area.  The chest area is a dark shade but the edge needs to be lighter.  Jus the reverse of what you would think, right!  An easy fix!  If I can see!  HA

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Rail Fence Quilt Project

 I posted on the start of my Rail Fence quilt top about a week ago.  I noted at that time I was inspired by a quilt I did several, several years ago by finishing with hand embroidery vs machine stitching.  So, I played around with drawing some designs for me to at least get started.  Of course, this stitching never totally goes the same as your design!  That would be too easy!  

This was my final setting

Not sure about the border, other than I like the colors because it matches the hand dyed fabrics.  Although, I am thinking this might make a nice rectangle pillow!  Hmmmmmm

This is my design pattern for hand stitching...well, it's a start.  You have to start somewhere and this gives me a good idea on what or where I want to start.  I stitched in the ditch around the majority of the blocks just to stabilize the top.

I transferred some of the designs on the light blocks to start.  I'm using turquoise on the pink blocks and dark pink on the turquoise/green blocks.  I may add some other colors in between!  

I'm using the heat Erasable Fabric Marking gels by Madam Sew for marking my circles/pattern.  These are very similar and work the same as the Frixion gel pen, but I think I do like Madam Sew's pens better.  

I like to stitch in a hoop to keep the work nice and tight and, yes, I do the old fashion 'stab' stitch.  Up and down...down and up...up and stitch at a time but I think it's very relaxing!

I'll get all the larger circles outlined and then I'll be filling in the empty spaces.  There will be straight line stitching and some small circles and some other funky stitches to fill areas!

Hand stitching is so relaxing to do and I can stitch while watching TV.   No straining my eyes or counting stitches.  BTW...I did find a new knitting pattern!  Isn't this the cutest poncho!  It's called Lattice Lace Poncho and is on Ravelry here.  It does take about 9 skeins of yarn (about a 1000+ yds).  I'm going to head to our local yarn shop and see what yarn I might want.  They do give a few suggestions on the pattern so not sure which yarn I want. 

Good things come in threes, right!  So this will be my third project I'll get to work on.  Let's face it...I don't have any target dates for any of these so I can work on them for the next year!  Which I might end up doing!

Monday, March 1, 2021

Start of Bird(s) of Paradise

 I posted a week or two ago on a new applique piece I was starting...but decided to add a beaded 'bird of paradise' to it!  I received some beads, quite quickly in fact from Aura Crystals.  This is the first time I've purchased from this web site and I was quite pleased.  The colors on their web site certainly matched as good or better than some sites and I received my order quickly!  I certainly would purchase from them again!

Some of my beads and does take a lot of time deciding what bead to use where!  I need to write on another cheat sheet which beads I'll use.  

Now I have my beads and have my pattern and just need the time!  Time so I can rip out when I'm not happy with how the beads are laid down!  I know I do this often but in my mind I have an idea where I want the beads and sometimes that works out and other times not so much - so it's rip it out!  Which is fine with me.

 Plus, good eyes...holy heck..who knew my eyes have gotten so bad this past year!  Yikes...I'm using my neck held magnifying thingy,  which helps.  During the day light, my Ott light creates a glare, which bugs me so I don't use the magnifying thingy.  Then later in the day or on a cloudy day I'll use both!  

I did rip out the yellow and green once but I'm happy with the lay of the beads now.  I'm still working on another yellow section and next will be the body, then the tail, then the wings...which I think will be exciting to bead!  There are so many different colors in the actual picture of the bird...should be fun to bead!  She says now!  HA HA

This was hubby and I after getting our 2nd Covid vaccine shot!!!  So glad to have that behind us so we can maybe start to feel somewhat back to normal.  Of course, we'll continue to wear our masks (even around our kids) and obviously whenever we are out and about and sanitize...but at least I won't feel like I am going to pass on or pick up the virus...and if I do, let's hope the vaccine will protect us from hospitalization!  Be safe my friends!