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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Knitting Time Again

I started to knit the Lattice Lace Poncho.  It's such an easy pattern to knit.  I originally purchased a beige yarn but then decided to go back to the yarn shop and pick up this pale peach color!  Once again, I can't get the color to show up on my blog the way it does in person.  I think it will make a nice spring poncho and who knows, I might still make one in the beige yarn!  

Seed stitch is used for the border

Easy pattern to knit so that makes it a good project to knit and watch TV

Hard to look at this and see how the poncho will be put together...fingers crossed it does work out!

Color here looks really yucky!  But you get the idea!

Original pattern is on Ravelry.  Lattice Lace Poncho


  1. Your knitting projects always make me want to learn to knit!!

  2. Very nice. It looks relaxing.

  3. Beautiful...looks very difficult to me...I do love the color!


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