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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Bird of Paradise Beading


I've started on my 'Bird of Paradise' bead project.  Received the beads I was missing so I was anxious to get started.  Only problem...holy heck....when did my eyes get so bad...or are they making the smaller Delica #15's even smaller!!!!  I strain my eyes and have tried to use a neck held magnifying glass to help, which sometimes it does and other times...nope, just strain!  

This coloring page I found on the bird was printed on 8.5"x11" paper.  Size wise....he is about 8" from the tip of his left wing to the edge of his tail feather.

I am anxious to get started on the tail feathers...they are different shades of yellow, gold, rust, etc.

It is slow going but good work to do during the day light I know why I enjoy beading outside on the deck.  The light is perfect there...well, it if my eyes can only adjust to beading inside.

I'll be taking out the gray, beaded beak.  The original picture used gray but I think it doesn't stand out that well.  And I may take out some of the beads close to his front chest area.  The chest area is a dark shade but the edge needs to be lighter.  Jus the reverse of what you would think, right!  An easy fix!  If I can see!  HA


  1. You've made good progress. Yikes- the eyesight thing, though. Good light is a key ingredient.

  2. This like all your fabulous beaded projects is going to be fantastic. BTW - I purchase multi-package of readers online… graduated to +4. I find it easier to wear half glasses when doing closeup tasks, rather than my trip-focals which are supposed to have a strong reading prescription but it’s so small my eyes get so tired trying to stay in that small area.

  3. Wonderful detail and project!
    -Eva Maria


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