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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

One of my beading idols!

There are a handful of accomplished beaders that I such beader is Kate Boyan who lives in Alaska.  I've followed Kate's blog for several years now and have posted on her work before.  I love seeing her beautiful beaded, wearable artwork and for those who don't know Kate, please check out her blog!

Kate is another bead artist that inspired me to start doing bead embroidery.  And she has offered tips via her blog and comments on my blog, which I truly appreciate!   Kate's art looks more like paintings then bead embroidery!  You have to check out the feather earrings Kate currently posted on her blog this week.    She even has two videos for tips on stitching and finishing the earrings.  You can purchase the earring kit..wish I could wear this long style of earring.  I'd purchase in a heartbeat!  

Aren't they beautiful!

And they look twice as beautiful on the ears!!!!  

Here are just some of my most favorite beaded art pieces from Kate! 


This one is called 'Elk Magic'!  Isn't it beautiful!  Click to enlarge the picture!!!  Just amazing detail Kate achieves!

This one is call 'O' can read about it here. 

And just a few other 'bags' from Kate!  I don't know which is my favorite!!!  

My readers know my love of horses!  This is wonderful!

Again, look at the detail Kate achieves with her beading!!!

Kate also has a book she wrote, which I bought for my grand kids back in 2010 (I also won another book on her blog, which I gave to a friend of mine for her grand daughter!).  The book 'The Blue Bead' is adorable!   Below is a comment from my blog that same year I received the book and read to my grand kids:  
" One of Nick's comments was "grandma, it probably took that lady a day to make one of these" (referring to one of the beaded pieces). I told Nick I'm sure it took her more than a day! The story is about a bead given as a gift and its travel from years ago to the present day gift. This is a really nice book for both the story and the eye candy."  

If you're looking for a book for Christmas, you can order one from Kate's grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine and check out Kate's blog and her wonderful art work!!!   I dare you to find just one favorite!  

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Just Keeping Busy!

I'm slowly making progress on my daughter's table topper....I have 2 1/2 blocks to finish hand embroidery on.  I did find the perfect blue fabric for the binding, which I'm thinking I will join with some yellow...but who knows until that part of the project!

And the beaded woodpecker is coming along.  I only work on 'him' when in my sewing room.  The light is better and, of course, least prone to dropping my beads because a dog jumps up on my lap!  And I have my Ott light which certainly helps to see now a days!

And just because I get bored easily and we've had a week off from our online class, I'm knitting again.  Just seems the thing to do in the fall/winter!  Is this an adorable little pinafore!

 The yarn is what creates the adorable little flowers on the outfit!  It's for our great grand daughter for, her mom doesn't read my blog.  She's too busy with Rilynn, work and being a wife!

I think this little pinafore will look adorable on Rilynn!

And I've been looking online for a shawl for my new winter coats!  Yes, I had to buy a coat for winter!!!  14 years I haven't needed a winter running around coat!  I'm headed to Nick's lacrosse tournament today so I'm sure I'll know if this coat can keep me warm!  It was only 29 degrees on Saturday and we're suppose to have cold weather and possible rain this week!

 Anyway, this is the pattern and yarn I'm using for a lace type shawl.  Love the pattern which is by Laura Nelkin (Blueprint). Have to finish the pinafore first but wanted to pick up the yarn while I was at the yarn shop.

The yarn looks rather gray here but has a green/blue cast to it.  Hope it works up nice.

This is the lace pattern....hope I can get it finished before winter is over!   Actually, I'm going to be wearing this under my coat rather than over my coat!   So now I can look for yarn to make a scarf for my winter coats...dress and casual!  Maybe for next year!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Derwent Inktense Blocks & Screen Printing

Yep, that's correct...we are now screen printing using Inktense blocks.  I've used my Inktense blocks before by coloring on my fabric and adding water with a brush to blend.

In this new technique taught to us by Hilary in the MIP online class, we are using the blocks to apply directly to our screen.

This was the drawing I started on my screen...OK, it started out as a feather, which I drew using Inktense pencils

My feather then developed into this!  Not sure what "this" is but I did have fun coloring it! And coloring it...and coloring it....

I had a piece of paper under the screen while I was coloring in the design.  You can see the 'chalk' like residue left on the paper.  No, I didn't save it!  Tossed the powder in the trash!  But it is/was a cool design!

Next up was to screen print our design on paper.  I only had thickened print past and some textile medium to screen print with.  The first print is on the bottom, which turned out pretty good.  I could have 'scraped' it without so much pressure but you never know how much pressure you should apply.  Yes, I could have 'peeked' before I scraped more but where's the fun in that!  HA  The second print is on top.

I still had some print left on my screen so I used yellow thickened dye to screen print with.

So, would I do this technique again...probably not, but never say never!  You 'never' know what you may or may not do in the future!!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

More Deconstructed Screen Printing

I did get better results with this last printing....of course, I added more dye powder to each mix...lesson learned!  These are all printed on fabric (Poplin).

Yes, I do love those plastic ovals!  I didn't get many prints from this screen but I'm happy with the print I did get.

Combo of ovals and cup holder!  HA

A little bubble wrap does a great job!

Might be able to use some of this fabric for the tree in my woodpecker project!

Larger bubble wrap and I think some feathers.

Large bubble wrap didn't print that well with this one...but again, I'm happy with results.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Screen Prints with crayons!

Something new we were taught in Hilary's MIP online class!  Breakdown printing using crayons!   Neocolor II and Gelato's.  Who knew!  Certainly not me!  This was a fun lesson and I'm happy with results!  These were all printed on layout paper (11"x 14").

The screen on the left was created by drawing with Gelato crayons.  The print on the right resulted by using plain print paste to transfer the image.  I added the top/side borders by rubbing Neocolor II crayons on a piece of cardboard. 

I only got one good print from this.  The other prints were mud!  Duh.

I used a rubber stamp as a rubbing to create the screen on the left with gelato's.  The far right was first printed using plain print paste.

The middle fabric was printed using yellow thickened dye.

Another rubbing (left)  using a cardboard stamp and Neocolor II crayons.

On the right is the 1st print using plain print paste.

I got three more prints from this screen using blue and green thickened dyes.
A fun screen print  fabrics I did this weekend are being washed.  Post upcoming on results!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ongoing Projects

Project wise, I'm still working on my daughter's table topper.  I have cut a pattern out based on two other runners she currently uses (you can see one of them in this post).

Dawn dye painted and stamped this fabric, which I think is so cool!!!  She did a great job using thickened dyes.  And the square blue area was stamped with a stamp she made.  It's around 10"x10" square.

I ran out of embroidery thread so I picked up more this past week.  At this rate, I may have the runner finished for Christmas...since I've already  missed my daughter's BD!

And the beaded woodpecker is coming along!!

I really enjoy both of these projects but it's always fun to see a bird, butterfly or woodpecker come alive with the beading! 

Now to get back to my dye projects!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Family Pic Time!

I just have to  share some family pics!  First off, look at how big Rilynn (great grand daughter) is getting!  Is she a little beauty or what!  Grandma MaryJo got to hold and hug her while her parents had a date night this weekend!

I sure know what a wonderful feeling it is to be a grandma for the first time....and for the 2nd time and even having those 'bonus' grands!  It's a wonderful relationship to embrace!

MaryJo took a picture of Rilynn laying on the quilt I made her!!  How sweet!!!!  Thanks, MJ!!  Just love seeing how this beautiful baby is growing!!

Next is my daughter and grand daughter this past weekend.  Sienna Heights girls Lacrosse team played three games on Saturday at Grand Valley (GVSU).  It was a bit breezy to say the least!!   The team won 2 out of the 3 games!  So proud of Amber and her dedication to this sport.  Go Saints!

When I'm in my dye room playing with my 'toys', the girls are always with me.  Normally, Kalee lays in the bed and Gigi lays by the sliding door next to my table looking for birds in the yard!  This past week, I couldn't find Gigi until I looked at their dog bed!  Hard to see at first, but there are two dogs in there.  And there's another bed next to this one!!

I was walking Kalee and Gigi and a neighbor  had just put out a Halloween decoration and the girls just had to stop and stare!!!  So funny!!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Deconstructed Printing Results

Well, not as intense color wise that i wanted but they aren't bad.  I'm making my dye/print paste mixtures stronger by adding more dye powder.  Yes, I've made some new screens that are drying downstairs. 

Here are my results.  The screen is on the left and the printed fabric(s) are on the right! 

One of my favorites

This was a stencil laid on the screen

Above, another favorite...although, not as intense as I wanted.  The ovals  are plastic and purchased  from a store in Ann Arbor, where you could purchase 'junk' to use in your art work!  I have a small bin full of different items like this! HA

Hope to print more pieces on Friday.  And hope I added enough dye powder to retain some of the color for the next printing session!  

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Blotted papers

As I was creating the 'breakdown' screens, I had to blot the excess dyes.  I grabbed some of my previous printed/dyed papers to blot with.  Washing out my fabrics today, so they'll be in the next post.  I really like how the papers turned out...afraid my prints on the fabric won't be as intense.....all but 3 of the papers are on layout paper...

Deli paper

Deli paper

Deli paper

My favorites!

This was blotted on a hum drum piece I mono printed.  Turned out cool!

Now to see how the fabric took the dye!!!  Fingers crossed!