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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Derwent Inktense Blocks & Screen Printing

Yep, that's correct...we are now screen printing using Inktense blocks.  I've used my Inktense blocks before by coloring on my fabric and adding water with a brush to blend.

In this new technique taught to us by Hilary in the MIP online class, we are using the blocks to apply directly to our screen.

This was the drawing I started on my screen...OK, it started out as a feather, which I drew using Inktense pencils

My feather then developed into this!  Not sure what "this" is but I did have fun coloring it! And coloring it...and coloring it....

I had a piece of paper under the screen while I was coloring in the design.  You can see the 'chalk' like residue left on the paper.  No, I didn't save it!  Tossed the powder in the trash!  But it is/was a cool design!

Next up was to screen print our design on paper.  I only had thickened print past and some textile medium to screen print with.  The first print is on the bottom, which turned out pretty good.  I could have 'scraped' it without so much pressure but you never know how much pressure you should apply.  Yes, I could have 'peeked' before I scraped more but where's the fun in that!  HA  The second print is on top.

I still had some print left on my screen so I used yellow thickened dye to screen print with.

So, would I do this technique again...probably not, but never say never!  You 'never' know what you may or may not do in the future!!


  1. An interesting technique...would be fun for our Fiber Junkies group

  2. I can’t get over how many terrific techniques you’ve learned and been successful doing them……Wow!

  3. There is just no end to the things you are learning! Nice!


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