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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ongoing Projects

Project wise, I'm still working on my daughter's table topper.  I have cut a pattern out based on two other runners she currently uses (you can see one of them in this post).

Dawn dye painted and stamped this fabric, which I think is so cool!!!  She did a great job using thickened dyes.  And the square blue area was stamped with a stamp she made.  It's around 10"x10" square.

I ran out of embroidery thread so I picked up more this past week.  At this rate, I may have the runner finished for Christmas...since I've already  missed my daughter's BD!

And the beaded woodpecker is coming along!!

I really enjoy both of these projects but it's always fun to see a bird, butterfly or woodpecker come alive with the beading! 

Now to get back to my dye projects!


  1. The woodpecker is so handsome……and I KNOW just how much time is involved creating it!! Looking good...

  2. Love the woodpecker so much! I remind you that Christmas is ever nearing. I won't tell you how many days to go. Feel the pressure? lol.
    xx, Carol

  3. The runner is so striking! Well done. And the woodpecker is progressing beautifully. Never a dull moment for you!

  4. That woodpecker is spectacular, and I love the exuberance of the table runner.


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