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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Deconstructed Printing Results

Well, not as intense color wise that i wanted but they aren't bad.  I'm making my dye/print paste mixtures stronger by adding more dye powder.  Yes, I've made some new screens that are drying downstairs. 

Here are my results.  The screen is on the left and the printed fabric(s) are on the right! 

One of my favorites

This was a stencil laid on the screen

Above, another favorite...although, not as intense as I wanted.  The ovals  are plastic and purchased  from a store in Ann Arbor, where you could purchase 'junk' to use in your art work!  I have a small bin full of different items like this! HA

Hope to print more pieces on Friday.  And hope I added enough dye powder to retain some of the color for the next printing session!  


  1. Makes me itch to get out my screens!

  2. Junk indeed! Those ovals are the best. You likely need to keep a vision as you look over the items in the recycle store. These are all so interesting. You're like a 'mad scientist' with mixing and measuring and awaiting results of experiments.


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