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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Stitched Paper Collage 2

And she had an idea...yep, that gets me on a tangent from time to I had an idea to create a background using one of my stencils...but first I had to decide on which color of printed paper to use. 

I settled for this deep lime green piece for the stencil and the brown stamped piece for the background. 

I stamped this with the arch stamp I made a few weeks back. 

Again, this was just an effort in trying to create something from an 'idea'.  I just traced the abstract leaf stencil on to the paper (I had fusible web on the back of the green paper).  Then I carved out each piece.

Stencil pattern all cut out!

I fused the stencil cut on to my background piece.

It's a little hard to see but this was actually my inspiration for making this stitched collage.  I used the same stencil on this poster board then I stamped with a real leaf.
9" x 12" paper collage

Funny, but I forgot I had used a real leaf so I was digging in my stamp 'tub' and couldn't find the large leaf!  Well, duh!  So I just used a small leaf stamp I had.

I fused the entire piece onto some batting and then free motion quilted the leafs. 

First cut around 5" x 12"

Then I got another 'idea'...I didn't really care for the piece as a whole so I'm playing with the camera and slicing the piece to create a diptych!

This is the first so called 'cut' I did via photo program.

around 4" x 9"

And the second piece cut.
Now to get the nerve to slice them!  But I'm liking the smaller versions.  This is practice for the 'idea' can see some of the lines I traced...just because I used a pen to trace and my cutting isn't the best! 

Now to the next phase!  Whatever that will be!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Stitched Collage

My inspiration piece...combination of a greeting card and photo from a magazine on wall art.

I totally changed my paper collage from my last post!  I didn't like the blue veins but at the time it was a good effort to play with the design.  So back to the drawing board!

I liked the orange leaf but then started playing with some other papers I had printed.  This was a piece of fabric I tried for background.

I did audition different backgrounds and decided I liked this deli paper that I stenciled.  So I fused it down on a piece of batting and started to lay out different papers.

Still playing with papers and layout.

I liked this piece better before I quilted the background.  I don't use variegated threads often but decided to do just that...why?  Heck, if I know!

So this was what/how I ended up!  I'm not happy with the background quilting...but this piece isn't going anywhere other than in my sewing room with my other pieces from Hilary's online class.

10.5" x 12.5" paper collage

So on to the next collage!  Have an idea but they usually don't turn out or get me in trouble!  Guess we'll see!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Paper Collage Progress

This was my original inspiration's composed of a greeting card and some pics from a magazine!

This was the first crop I made from above....2.5"x3"

This was the first paper collage I made based on the crop above.  It's only around 5.5" x 8" and I it is  in my collage journal.

I made some patterns from the original crop after I enlarged it.    This  collage/piece will be 9"x12" finished.

I used tracing paper to make my patterns, which I then laid on my painted/dyed papers and cut out each segment.

This is the larger leaf with the veins fused on the leaf.  I was going to just stitch the veins but decided to use some painted papers I already had.  I'm thinking I will stitch stitch some dark black or blue threads on the leaf.

Playing around with different backgrounds/placements.

I like the green but still looking at all my papers I've made over the past year and a half.

This is my favorite background...not sure why but I think with hand stitching it might work I've put this aside for a few days to 'cook' and for me to decide what background I want to use.  I have so many cool papers so I'll keep digging!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Bob is out of the building!

 Well, Bob (my hubby) got out of the building for about an hour!  HA  Bob and I would normally go out to eat once or twice a week...but since March 10th we haven't gone out...
well, I have met my friend twice in the last 2 1/2 weeks for lunch outside at a local restaurant (AND IT WAS SO GOOD TO BE WAITED ON!!!!)...but I digress..

And here we are!!!  The meal was good...I've actually ordered a burger, which is FANTASTIC, both times I ate with my friend but had taco's this time. It was Taco Tuesday afterall!

Bob has had a craving for his fried fish (cod) dinner but our favorite restaurant isn't even open (they don't have an area for outdoor eating) so 2nd best was taking him to the restaurant where my friend and I have eaten.  They have a really nice spacious outdoor area and everyone wears masks, they clean chairs/tables, have paper menu, etc.

The chicken taco's were really good!!!  I do love the burgers at 15th Street Tavern!  I don't eat burgers out much..had a favorite place in Florida, but this restaurant is known for their burgers.  I've had 2 in the past 2 1/2 weeks!  And I'll get one the next time I go too!  HA

And I'm back playing with cropping!  Nothing earth shattering...but I did enlarge a crop and will be showing it being worked on batting so I can machine stitch.  Next post!!!  Until then...a little art work!

My inspiration piece/photo

Just a good exercise to do!  These are all 2"x3"

Working on some paper collage pieces next...but not using this inspiration picture!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Back to cropping!

This is a print I did with my foam stamps made a few weeks ago on layout paper (9"x12").

I never knew designing could be so difficult!  HA  This cropping, to help us develop our design work, is getting to be addicting!  I can't honestly look at a picture or a rock or a piece of wood without thinking "crop!!".  Only problem I'm not getting any better at it.  But perhaps I need to take more than five minutes while dogs are out in the yard.  I did take a few more minutes with these because I decided to color them in!   

And another print - this was on poster board.

I showed the foam stamps I made and some of the prints from those stamps (you can see that post here).   So I decided to do some cropping from some of those prints - finally...well, actually, I just found some time!

I cut out a piece of one printed sheet and put in my journal.

Nothing that exciting but I can add to it and of course put some color into it!

I forgot to turn this but it's interesting as is!  HA

I do like this one and, again, if using color in the crop, could be interesting. 

This is where I got 'fancy' and colored in some crops!  What fun!  These are only 2.5" x 3.5".

I don't have a picture of what I took this crop fact, I didn't take a picture for any of these I colored in.  I only made one crop each from different photos I found.

Fun one!  Needs more in the background.

I could see this background filled in with free motion quilting, which would bring out the leaves or points or whatever they are!  Now to make a pattern and recreate in fabric! 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Little bit of everything!

First have to check out this post from the WSN (World Shibori Network)!  The post is called 'Eric's Expanding Toolset' and it shows how to make a 'thimble pad'! 

What's a 'thimble pad' you ask!  Well, I think it's the coolest idea! 

I have used so many different thimbles over the years and from time to time just say "the heck with it" and end up with holes and sores in my fingers.  Check this out!  I made my own!!!

Cute little bugger isn't it! Minus the old looking hand!

There's also a video on Vimeo here to learn how to make one for yourself!  Took all of five minutes!  Actually, it took me longer to find the fabric I wanted!  DUH! I am playing/using this thimble, and although it seems strange to not have a thimble on your finger tip, this does make sense because at times I've actually pushed my needle on anything except my finger with the thimble on! And I mean 'anything'!!!

And the rest of my time has been consumed with working on my grand daughter's 21st birthday gift!  Obviously, I can't post pics yet but I think you'll get an idea on what I've been doing since the beginning of July!  Honestly, I have spent hours every day working on this and no art work, sewing or knitting!  

But it will be worth it!  I am so excited and can't wait for this lovely young lady's birthday.  Even if I have to wrap myself in a rubber suit I will be with her!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Meeting Normal!

This past Monday our fiber art group met for the 2nd time outside one of our local libraries!  We usually meet in their conference room but due to the Covid-19, obviously, we can't use the room.  So, our next choice was to meet again, bringing our own chair, mask and of course show and tell!  Which was wonderful as always!  The ladies agreed I could show some of their work.  Enjoy!  I sure did!!

Marty, Carol, Lois Ann and myself!  All masked up!

Carol played with Margarita Korioth's  printing on cheesecloth from the June/July 2020 QA magazine.  Really cool!  Margarita has written several articles for QA - April/May 2018 is one she did for using magazines/papers. 

Carol and Marty both participated in the free online classes by Art is Magic.  They offer free classes from time to time and have other classes you can sign up for yearly. 

I think this is a wonderful watercolor painting.  I love the  pattern on the bottom.  Carol said she used a stencil to add to what the instructor showed them. 

This guy is my favorite!  Isn't he great!  Carol is still working on the background but isn't  he just so much fun and so wonderful!!!

I believe the instructor for this class was Jenniffer Steck.

I believe this too was from one of the Creative Workshops Carol did.  It's suppose to be an 'androgynous' drawing! 

Very impressive, isn't it!

This is a drawing by Lois Ann.  She created the base color first then added her drawing(s)!

These were also done by Lois Ann while she was a passenger in the car - she and her hubby were driving up north so LA took advantage of the scenery!  She's the only one I know who could/would draw/paint while driving!

More from Lois Ann...just lovely!

The center pic is the base color Lois Ann painted...just beautiful aren't they!!!

These are some fabrics that Marty found while doing some 'Covid-19' purging!  Except she's going to keep these!  They are so cool.

Only problem, Marty doesn't remember how she painted/printed these pieces.  We were all trying to figure out how she did them! 

This is a piece of fabric Marty purchased when in Hawaii several years ago.  Once again, we were trying to decide how and which layer was sun printed first!  Gave us something to think about!

We had a very good get-together, as usual!!!  Just some more photos of us trying to social distance! 
Marty, Carol and Lois Ann

Me, Marty and Carol...