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Friday, July 24, 2020

Bob is out of the building!

 Well, Bob (my hubby) got out of the building for about an hour!  HA  Bob and I would normally go out to eat once or twice a week...but since March 10th we haven't gone out...
well, I have met my friend twice in the last 2 1/2 weeks for lunch outside at a local restaurant (AND IT WAS SO GOOD TO BE WAITED ON!!!!)...but I digress..

And here we are!!!  The meal was good...I've actually ordered a burger, which is FANTASTIC, both times I ate with my friend but had taco's this time. It was Taco Tuesday afterall!

Bob has had a craving for his fried fish (cod) dinner but our favorite restaurant isn't even open (they don't have an area for outdoor eating) so 2nd best was taking him to the restaurant where my friend and I have eaten.  They have a really nice spacious outdoor area and everyone wears masks, they clean chairs/tables, have paper menu, etc.

The chicken taco's were really good!!!  I do love the burgers at 15th Street Tavern!  I don't eat burgers out much..had a favorite place in Florida, but this restaurant is known for their burgers.  I've had 2 in the past 2 1/2 weeks!  And I'll get one the next time I go too!  HA

And I'm back playing with cropping!  Nothing earth shattering...but I did enlarge a crop and will be showing it being worked on batting so I can machine stitch.  Next post!!!  Until then...a little art work!

My inspiration piece/photo

Just a good exercise to do!  These are all 2"x3"

Working on some paper collage pieces next...but not using this inspiration picture!


  1. Yummy meals... and OUT which must have felt good. We are still in- takeout is about it for now. That's a very modern looking inspiration piece. Fun to work with.

  2. Getting out once in a while safely is so darn important…..keep cropping…I love seeing the results.

  3. Glad Bob is feeling better. We sure took a lot for granted before this virus hit!
    xx, Carol


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