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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Little bit of everything!

First have to check out this post from the WSN (World Shibori Network)!  The post is called 'Eric's Expanding Toolset' and it shows how to make a 'thimble pad'! 

What's a 'thimble pad' you ask!  Well, I think it's the coolest idea! 

I have used so many different thimbles over the years and from time to time just say "the heck with it" and end up with holes and sores in my fingers.  Check this out!  I made my own!!!

Cute little bugger isn't it! Minus the old looking hand!

There's also a video on Vimeo here to learn how to make one for yourself!  Took all of five minutes!  Actually, it took me longer to find the fabric I wanted!  DUH! I am playing/using this thimble, and although it seems strange to not have a thimble on your finger tip, this does make sense because at times I've actually pushed my needle on anything except my finger with the thimble on! And I mean 'anything'!!!

And the rest of my time has been consumed with working on my grand daughter's 21st birthday gift!  Obviously, I can't post pics yet but I think you'll get an idea on what I've been doing since the beginning of July!  Honestly, I have spent hours every day working on this and no art work, sewing or knitting!  

But it will be worth it!  I am so excited and can't wait for this lovely young lady's birthday.  Even if I have to wrap myself in a rubber suit I will be with her!


  1. I might have a learning curve for using that thimble, but it is interesting. Wow- you are organized for your project, but you'd really have to be to get it shaped up for the finish!


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