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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Busy but not productive???

Verna and me 2019

This is of my Florida buds! Verna is a wonderful seamstress as well as quiltmaker and fantastic cook (she also makes a mean margarita!).  I've mentioned Verna's delicious cakes she  has made for her friend's birthdays.  Over the years, I've been a lucky recipient of her cakes for my birthday!  Yes, I will miss those too now that we aren't going to Florida anymore!

But look what I received in the mail today!  This was from Verna!    Isn't it great!  She has made me embroidered Christmas towels, which I bring out and think of her every year!   I'll keep this towel hung up for a week or so!  Then  pack her away until I show her off on our next 4th of July holiday!!!  And I will think of you, dear Verna!
Thank you again!!!

I have been so busy this past week or two.  I'm working on a project for my grand daughter's 21st birthday on August 2nd.  It's taking way too much time and a lot of organizing!  I'm happy to create this project but feel like I'm running out of time!!!  No pics!!  Yet!!!

My dye room/table is close to the door where I let the dogs out in the backyard.  So while they are 'sniffing', I've been doing some cropping from this last design I made using stencils.

It's not so easy watching my dogs and at the same time trace a crop!  I think it took me about 4 days just to do this one little crop (2.5"x4").

This one only took about 2 days...and the loop things are going to be taken out.  They just don't work..looks ok on the original stencil design but I don't think they add anything to the crop.  So I'll erase them...and yes, Hilary, I used a pencil!  Hilary suggests we not use pencil and use pen instead.  She said you'll spend more time erasing your design and she's right!  HA

These are my two babies!  This is my son, Darrin!

And my grandson, Nick!  Being safe!

Love those two!!


  1. Such a treat seeing your family….and yes, you have been very busy. Even I recall the amazing cakes your friend Verna has made…..great achievements!

  2. Your multi-tasking while the girls are out is a great idea. Oh my gosh, that mask! Hilarious. My cleaning gene finally kicked in and the sewing room is getting attention in here-to-for overlooked corners. A lot has to go! So I'm busy, too, but not sewing much while cleaning. Better get cracking.


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