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Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Meeting Normal!

This past Monday our fiber art group met for the 2nd time outside one of our local libraries!  We usually meet in their conference room but due to the Covid-19, obviously, we can't use the room.  So, our next choice was to meet again, bringing our own chair, mask and of course show and tell!  Which was wonderful as always!  The ladies agreed I could show some of their work.  Enjoy!  I sure did!!

Marty, Carol, Lois Ann and myself!  All masked up!

Carol played with Margarita Korioth's  printing on cheesecloth from the June/July 2020 QA magazine.  Really cool!  Margarita has written several articles for QA - April/May 2018 is one she did for using magazines/papers. 

Carol and Marty both participated in the free online classes by Art is Magic.  They offer free classes from time to time and have other classes you can sign up for yearly. 

I think this is a wonderful watercolor painting.  I love the  pattern on the bottom.  Carol said she used a stencil to add to what the instructor showed them. 

This guy is my favorite!  Isn't he great!  Carol is still working on the background but isn't  he just so much fun and so wonderful!!!

I believe the instructor for this class was Jenniffer Steck.

I believe this too was from one of the Creative Workshops Carol did.  It's suppose to be an 'androgynous' drawing! 

Very impressive, isn't it!

This is a drawing by Lois Ann.  She created the base color first then added her drawing(s)!

These were also done by Lois Ann while she was a passenger in the car - she and her hubby were driving up north so LA took advantage of the scenery!  She's the only one I know who could/would draw/paint while driving!

More from Lois Ann...just lovely!

The center pic is the base color Lois Ann painted...just beautiful aren't they!!!

These are some fabrics that Marty found while doing some 'Covid-19' purging!  Except she's going to keep these!  They are so cool.

Only problem, Marty doesn't remember how she painted/printed these pieces.  We were all trying to figure out how she did them! 

This is a piece of fabric Marty purchased when in Hawaii several years ago.  Once again, we were trying to decide how and which layer was sun printed first!  Gave us something to think about!

We had a very good get-together, as usual!!!  Just some more photos of us trying to social distance! 
Marty, Carol and Lois Ann

Me, Marty and Carol...


  1. Wow- love all the wonderful work! I'm impressed with the watercolor image. I keep trying to make freinds with watercolor, but it fights me! I'm in Joanne Sharpe's Art Spark online class right now, and her loose style seems to work well for me. You just can't control those watercolors! A fun outing.


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