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Thursday, June 29, 2023

3rd Dye Dog Progress

 Well, I've finally finished the layout for the 3rd dye dog!  This piece consists of fabric by Kay Sorensen, Quilts + Color.  I finished our 2nd Dye Dog a few months ago.  You can see that finished piece here.

Not sure which direction it will end up but it's all sewn together and I started to stich each section to hold in place. 

Haven't decided if I'll hand stitch or free motion quilting.  I have been playing with some free motion work lately.  Just not sure which I end up doing

I do like the colors in Kay's hand dyed fabrics and I was lucky to still have some shibori fabric, in pink, from another exchange I did years ago with our fiber group.  Colors just all went together!

In case I do hand stitch, I like to stitch in the ditch to keep the piece stable.  Embroidery/hand stitching can cause some ripples so this just helps keep it all together!

Now to get back to free motion quilting.  It does take a bit to get back into the swing of free motion work.  Fingers crossed I haven't forgot how to do it!  

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

What's new?


First up, the latest news on our great grand baby, Declan!  As of late this afternoon, they did remove the breathing tube from his surgery  yesterday to repair his heart issues with a balloon, which worked great, but then they identified another area of restriction of a smaller area where they placed a stent.  Lots going on for a 3 day old baby!

Mom and dad are frazzled for sure but they are hanging in there.  Children's Hospital in Cincinnati has been awesome.  They are all in good hands!

He weighed in at 7lb 3 oz.  But I'm sure he's lost quite a bit of weight since last Friday!  So hard to see a baby go through this but good that he won't remember any of it!

My wrist is doing great...some residual twinges in my left palm and wrist but I just wear a compression wrap and it feels better.  Until I hit it or try to lift a dog!  HA  Easy procedure and looking forward to having the right hand done in October! 

We keep seeing a cardinal at the Oriole jelly feeder!  I know folks won't believe me but I'll get a video one of these days.  He's there in the a.m. and while we have dinner.  I just forget to have my phone/camera handy to get a good picture! 

I keep trying to get a picture of his beak in the jelly!  No luck yet!

Today I got this picture of him on the 2nd jelly dish!  He does get chased away by the house finches!  What a scary bird he is...but guess he knows he's not suppose to be eating jelly!  HA

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

June 13! Really!!!

I guess it's been a week or two since I've posted!  But I do have an excuse...hard typing with one hand but I'm back at using both hands.  Woohoo!!!  Still wearing my brace and I started PT yesterday for building up strength and muscle in my hand from surgery!  I've been able to use my fingers since day 1...and never missed making breakfast or dinner or doing dishes since the night of surgery!  HA

Bob and I do go out to dinner about once a week...and this time we invited Donna to go to Applebee's with us!

Applebee's was having their Long Island Ice Tea for $2 each!!!  It was Donna's first time having one and she seemed to enjoy it!  These aren't your Long Island's from years ago...for $2 they won't be strong but taste really good.

We haven't been to Applebee's since last fall but we did enjoy dinner and their pretzel appetizer was GREAT!  

Not much else going on here...Donna and I still try to walk 2 miles weather permitting or when the church walking track is  open.  We've had cool weather lately in the 50's and some rain...but it's 65 right now and I think an outside walking day today!

I do have to share an landscape art piece I bought.  Those on FB have already seen it!  I think 'she' is adorable....and when you walk through the neighbor past our house, her eyes FOLLOW you!  It's a hoot...we/I call her Mandy in honor of our first Bichon.  I just love her!

She sits at our front porch area!

Gotta love folks who make items like this!  I purchased from Collections Etc.  I was surprised at how sturdy this is.  Bob spray paint with  Rustoleum to protect from the sun.  A member on a  Bichon FB page I belong to purchased one and sent a picture out.  I think she should get a discount from the Collections company as she has sold quite a few for them!  HA

Enjoy our Mandy!