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Friday, December 30, 2022

Final projects for 2022!

I'm not saying these are final/finished projects for 2022!  HA  Only saying what I am working on!  First off, I made 12 of the totes I posted on earlier in December!  What fun to cut up quilts! 

I made this one for our great grand daughter, Rilynn.  I up for Christmas some crayons and colored pencils.

I don't think I got a picture of all of the totes together....but you get the idea!

Yes, in between time, sometimes every 7 days!, I would knit!  I finally finished all the lace work so now I'm working on the body of the sweater.  This one will have 3/4 sleeves so maybe this will work for Easter this year! 

And great news!!!  Kayla & Nate are expecting their 2nd baby, a boy! in June!  Everyone is very excited and so I thought I'd better get busy on at least thinking about make another baby quilt.  This is the first great grand baby quilt I made for Rilynn, their first baby.

So I'm playing around with some designs to make for a baby boy!  I think the sail boats would be best but I don't want square blocks with the ship...of course not!  HA  Not exactly sure what I'll do but I have a few months to figure it out!  What else am I doing, right!  HA

I saw this dog quilt block but didn't use their measurements, of course not!  He's cute but I think the sail boats would be best...but...I'll keep looking and playing around with between knitting!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY READERS..I hope 2023 is a wonderful year for us all!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Christmas 2022!

As with most bloggers, we (OK, maybe just me??) have been defunct in posting...but that's ok...for the most part this blog is my journal for the year.  So what have we been up to?  Preparing for the close of 2022!  For the first time in two years, my kids were able to be here, IN PERSON, for our annual Christmas Eve celebration!  Yes, I was so excited...of course we ate, ate some more, took pics, ate, opened presents and ate dessert!  So here is our 2022 Christmas with my kids...I'll be posting other projects I'm doing later this week!  

Our little family!

Jeff and Dawn

Darrin and Kris

Darrin and his family

Nick and his girlfriend, Braylon...and yes, I have a great picture of Nick later in this post!

Yes, lots of food...we usually each bring 4, 5 or 6! different appetizers vs having a big dinner!  Yes, all of these dishes make for a big dinner!!!  Such fun and filling!!! 


My daughter-in-law, Kris made this peanut butter pie!  Oh my!

And my daughter, Dawn, did a recipe twist on Hello Dollo Cookies by using a chocolate cookie crust vs graham cracker crust!  Really good!!!!

Of course, each of us made a trays of cookies!  Oh my gosh...I have so many cookies left in the freezer!

this is Braylon, Nick's girlfriend, and she's a sweetheart.  Darrin and Kris got Nick two tickets to the Red Wings Hockey game January 4th. so  Braylon is all set for the game, at least with her hat!

Amber got two tickets to the PINK concert in August!  She got a cool Pink T shirt too....she was really excited!  So happy for both kids...these were special gifts from their parents!

And yes, my grandson, does smile!

Kalee was SO bored or tired!  HA

Eating of course!

Just some of the appetizers...Dawn made pizza bread that was fantastic!

These are really good veggie baked appetizers...I love them.  Trader Joe's!

My counter was FULL!!!!!  And it's a long counter!

And my sweetheart, Amber, showing off her PINK concert tickets!  

It was wonderful having the kids in person again!  We are so blessed to have a great family...we did miss Bob's kids but Ron (Bob's son) and wife, MJ, will be here to watch the college championship game in January!  Looking forward to seeing them.  We did get to talk Christmas Day but will be nice to see them in person!  Happy New Year to all my readers, if any remain!