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Sunday, January 29, 2012

More beading

Yesterday started off with puppy class and ended up with a wet, dirty dog! Dew in the a.m. is quite bad so...but if you really want to see a dirty dog, check out Kalee's blog later! OMG!!
After puppy class, I headed to PetSmart then to the bead store! After a quick lunch, I started working on a new bracelet using Bead and Button magazine's pattern, Geometric Maze.
After wrapping my loom, Kalee and I sat out front and then in the lanai. I got quite a bit finished on it considering these are #11 Delica's. I love working on the loom and I'm really excited about this pattern. This is a close up of the color/pattern.
LinkMy stop at the bead store was due to the kindness of the Country Road Quilters! They presented me a gift card to my favorite bead store, The Bead Strand. The store is now under a new owner and she has even more supplies and beads than before...and that was a lot!! These are my 'finds' from yesterday. The beads I'm using in my loom bracelet is in the group. I'm going to make two more rings for myself from the green and pink.
So today is a lazy day. I did some dusting, cleaning and now on my 2nd load of laundry and of course took Kalee on her 1st walk of the day! After I do my email/blogs, I'll start back on beading or work my Valentines. It's another beautiful day, although temps are only going to be in the high 60's! ONLY!! I'll take it...with the sun shining it feels like 70 so perfect weather for sitting out in the lanai! And of course going for walks!

Friday, January 27, 2012

A few tangles and a few beads!

Yep, I'm back doing some tangles for note cards. So relaxing and nice to have on hand or just to make up when you need a card!
Today was one of those days I needed to just relax! YIKES! Gracie was having one of her screaming fits...if you've never heard a parrot scream, you're lucky!! It's one of the top reasons folks get rid of their parrots as it can be quite unnerving. It's almost like scratching nails on a chalkboard! Really gets to you!
So besides listening to Gracie scream...Kalee is good as gold but LOVES to grab the newspapers off the end table and RUN!!! It's her game but not our game! Hence, this a.m. it seemed like I was always letting her outside, threatening her with the spray bottle or getting the newspapers from her mouth! I know, I's good exercise, right!
Anyway, I also started to play with putting some tangles on my fabric paper along with some beads, of course! I stitched around the larger heart on the machine then added a heart from some suede fabric I had on hand. Of course I had to finish it off with the rope stitch in beads. I have to edge this piece and put on the address label, but I think it will make a good fiber card. It's 5" x 7".
I'm back to beading some more rings. I'm making these for my friend here in Florida (Carol). She picked out the pink beads and the crystal beads. It's just the peyote stitch then once you have your size, just sew up the edges and you're done.
I made these for myself too. I love the crystal one and the purple color will match my Valentine shirt!
Yesterday I cut up some of the fabric paper I talked about in my last post and started to zentangle designs on the pieces. I'm going to have to make up another piece of the fabric paper as I only had enough for about a dozen fiber cards. I need at least 20-22 pieces. Gives me a good excuse to have another play day!! Like I need an excuse!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to playing!

Yippee! Today started off busy with some cleaning, then off to the vet so Gracie could get her 'manicures' (feet and beak!), then to library, dollar store and back home to doggie park for Kalee.
I've been wanting to use the thermofax screens Sally made me and I finally got to do that today! The picture you see of the screens as they were drying. I'm afraid I couldn't get the black acrylic paint off the 1st screen!!! I did use it again with no problem but I feel bad it looks 'bad'!!!
This is one of the two black fabrics that I printed using deColorant (Robin egg blue) and they came out really nice. I forgot to take a pic of the other piece of fabric. It has all 3 leaf sizes on it. Really cool pieces!
These small pieces were just stenciled or using the thermofax screen. I love my screens!! Thanks again Sally!
Then I started playing with making some paper fabric. This was a commercial piece of fabric that I stamped using dollies.
Then I brushed on or stamped a plastic heart template I had (pic on the left). Then I covered the entire piece with gel medium (thinned with water) and placed pieces of paper from magazines and tissue paper on top of the gel medium. A final coat and here's my paper fabric! I'm going to use the piece to cut up for fiber postcards.

Oh, this was what the kitchen counter looked like today while I was working or should I say playing! It was fun to play again!! I did also start another peyote beaded ring. I need something that goes with my Valentine shirt! More playing to come!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Busy days keep on coming!

Yep...busy days for sure. On Thursday, I did a trunk show for one of the local Ocala quilt guilds, Country Road Quilters. What a nice group of ladies!! I was busy presenting and forgot to have someone take pics with my camera...but I did get a picture at their show and tell of Nancy after my presentation. This was a cool quilt she made...forget the method but I loved it!
Nancy was kind enough to ask me to do my trunk show (some of my work is on the table) and I'm so glad she did.
I'm going to go back and perhaps join this group while here in Florida. I won't be an active member by any means but I'm sure I'll enjoy meeting more of the ladies and seeing their show and tell. They had some wonderful quilts shown!! One in particular was a huge redwork piece that was amazing!!!
Now on to yesterday! After I got home from puppy class, Susan and I attended the Fiberart market place at the Villages. They had over 50 vendors who displayed yarns, fabrics, embellishments, name it and they had a vendor selling it. For such a small amount of vendors (compared to IQA shows), you certainly could find something to buy! Actually, Susan and I both thought it was a perfect amount of vendors to walk to. Not too many and not too little...just right!
I didn't take pictures of the crowds near booths...wasn't sure about taking pics...some vendors had signs up so I didn't want to get arrested! But I did find some black sateen and black Pimitex along with some Radiance fabric! Also, June Coburn had a booth selling her silk screen stencils, which were really nice! Some great Asian designs and beautiful silk fabrics. I did buy a bottle of the robin egg blue deColourant. I have the 'regular' color remover and used it last year or the year before here in Florida...just can't find the exact post (yet!). So I'm looking forward to using the deColourant and replacing the black with some blue! I'm thinking of using my thermofax screen from Sally to print w/black on top of the blue! Confusing but I can see the idea in my mind! Hopefully I can share when it's all worked out!

Susan and I arrived home around 3, I took Kalee to the dog park and let her roam around then back home and into the shower to get ready for dinner with Carol & Tony to celebrate their anniversary. These two just don't change! I have several pictures of the two of them like this I've taken over the years and they all look alike!! Must be the good livin'!
We ate at Harry's Seafood Grille and it was amazing!! I had crab cakes and salad which were wonderful!! Bob had the deep fried shrimp and I think there were at least 18 pieces of shrimp!!! I ate 3 of his shrimp and they melted in your mouth! Some of the best shrimp I've had! Of course, because we were celebrating, we had dessert! Bob and I had bananas foster which was GREAT!!! Carol and Tony shared chocolate bread pudding and they said it was delicious...guess they get that dessert when they come to Harry's. Bob and I will certainly go back and of course get the bananas foster. We haven't been getting dessert out lately but we'll make an exception when we go to Harry's for sure!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to work!

It's a wonder my chubby little fingers fit my keyboard! Yikes! With all the sweets we have had and still have!, it's amazing I can still type!
I'm making good progress on my butterfly and actually worked on it yesterday afternoon while my friend Carol was here. She's making her annual baby quillow for one of her grand babies! She's made one a year, with the exception of last year, for each of her four grandchildren. Some of them have received two! Carol's made a few of the fleece quilts you tie and the babies love those.

And I also finished Louise's quiltlet. I just did some free motion quilting around the piece and left the fusing as is. I like the colors and think Louise will too. If not, I'm only in Florida for four months so she can take it down the rest of the year!
Tonight, I'm doing a trunk show for one of the quilt guilds here in Ocala. Terrible, but I forget the name of the guild! Geezzz At least I have directions for where I'm going...good thing, right! Susan is coming along to be my 'Vanna White' and hold up my smaller quilts. I'm looking forward to meeting the ladies and seeing how another guild runs.
Yesterday we had rain but temps in the 60's. Kalee and I did manage to get in one walk before the rain but the rest of the time she just ran in the house! Today it's a beautiful day with sunny skies and temps suppose to be in the high 60's. Then we start back with temps in the high 70's and even a possibility of 80 one day. Perfect winter weather! Yes, I am so spoiled!! But thankful too! Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yes, friends are special aren't they! Last night one of our friends, Verna, arranged a BD party for Harvey (my friend Susan's hubby) and I (our BD's are two days apart). And she even baked her famous carrot cake! Verna is a GREAT cook, trust me on this and her cake is the best around!
I can't thank everyone enough for such a special evening. What a fun time and I'm sure we entertained the other folks in the restaurant! I actually forgot where we where!!
Tomorrow I'll get back to showing some of my art work. I've actually been getting lots done. My friend Carol gave me this card! I love it..perfect for stenciling!!! Waste not, want not!
This is Harvey and me just waiting to dig into the cake!! Yes, we already had eaten our dinner! Again, another great meal at Blanca's the restaurant in the community.
Hubby and I
The lady waving is Verna who arranged the night and baked the great cake!! Marilyn is up front on the left. Another great hostess!!, Tony hiding and Carol up next in the yellow.

Jan (Larry's beautiful wife and another great cook!), Larry, Pat, Pat, etc.
Bob, Mac, Jan, Carol, Marilyn, John and back to Harvey in the corner. Some spouses are hiding!
Pat, Pat, Verna and Harvey (Verna's hubby is hiding behind her)
Our buddy and landlord, Larry!
My hubby took the picture below of the casserole recipe! It was so clever! Marilyn & John gave that to Harvey. And the right are some of my gifts. Jan made cookies for Harvey and I! Sooooo good!; picture frame from Marilyn & John and the quilting calendar from Jan (two Jan's in our group!). Marilyn also gave me the starfish beaded piece. It's off an old purse she had! I know I can do something with it! Isn't it great! So THANK YOU again, one and all!!! Another special night to remember (or blog about in case my memory goes!).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BD presents!

What a great BD! Having great family and friends doesn't hurt either!
Susan stopped by and gave me this beautiful note holder! I love the butterfly on the front! This will certainly be on my desk back in Michigan and in my 'sewing room' here in Florida. I love looking at it!

I just know these pics and text will be out of order but you'll get the idea and I'll still have the memories!

Our DIL, Mary Jo and family (ok, we all know the women in the family do the gift buying, right!) sent me this book of quilt pics and calendar! (But I have to say, Ron always calls me on Mother's Day and my BD! Thanks, Ron!).

And this cute note pad! I have this one in the kitchen on display! Now I have two places to write all those "to do's" that I can't remember unless I write them down!

Yesterday, I received these from Dawn and Jeff! YUM! I had to dig in right away. Edible Arrangements has the best treats! But they must be healthy, right...after all it is fruit!

Today I received these from my son's family! YUM!!!! White/dark chocolate and white chocolate cherry cookies! OMG!!! Can't wait to break these open but I'm holding off as we're going out to dinner tonight...speaking of dinners out....
Last night we had dinner at Carraba's with our friends and either Tony or Carol had the waitress bring me a piece of their chocolate cake with a candle! How nice was that!! I was good and had them box it up (along with half of our dinners) because....I made my own BD cake (see pic below). Our friends came back to the house for cake and coffee. I only make this cake about once a year, usually on my BD. It's actually a cup cake recipe but I make it into a cake and it's really good. Of course, the pics doesn't look so great because this was after I cut into it and put half in the freezer!

Tonight is another dinner out to celebrate my friend Susan's hubby's BD and mine. I'm almost getting tired of eating out! ALMOST!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I 'stole' the picture of the balloon I sent my daughter on her BD. I'm going to use it for my BD today and "have a ball"!! Actually, it's a busy, busy week here in sunny Florida.
Tonight is our annual BD dinner with two other couples at one of my favorite restaurants, CARRABBA'S! We never get to Carrabba's back home as it's too far away it's only 6 miles from the house here!! So my first choice for my BD dinner!
Tomorrow is another BD dinner for Susan's husband, Harvey, and myself. Harvey's BD is on Wed. and Verna was kind enough to organize this outing to celebrate both our BD's!
Wed. Carol is coming over to start work on her pillow quilt for her grand daughter.
Thursday is my trunk show at one of the quilt guilds here in Ocala and Saturday is the fiber vendor show at the Villages, Susan and I will attend.
Whew! I'm tired already but willing and so far able even though I'm a Medicare senior now!! So hard to believe!! But I'm certainly thankful for the decent health I have and for the life Bob and I have. We are so fortunate at this point in our life. Enjoy your day and week...I certainly will!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The start of another project

What started out as a simple, small project Friday ended up being not so. Isn't that always the way! I have a great lady who does my hair here in Ocala. Louise is a hoot and we always have such a great time chatting about life, men and, of course, dogs! Louise is a certified training who volunteers at a 'no kill' shelter here in Ocala two days a week and 2 and 1/2 days she does hair in her own salon.
I thought I'd make Louise a small hanging (12"x 14" - or close to that!) for her shop. the lady to the right is the design on her business card and I thought she was perfect for fusing.

So off I went the other day and scanned in the card and enlarged it and printed it off. Simple enough...then I traced onto some freezer paper, then ironed the freezer paper onto some fabric I had already fused with Misty Fuse. When Susan and I went to the quilt shop that was going out of business I did pick up two fat quarters, one being a black and the other one a red print.

Here she is fused onto the background. Doesn't look black does it! Well, when I started to stitch down the fused pieces...what a mess...white threads from the back started showing through and it just looked down right bad! UGH...I did email the Queen of Fusing, Melody Johnson, for some tips or suggestions. Thank, Melody!!! This was her response:
"It sounds to me like your fraying fabric is a looser weave and that may be the biggest hurdle. I don't sew small pieces down, or for that matter large pieces either. It ruins the effect. I am not a fan of Misty fuse and really suggest only using Wonder-Under, regular. I did make several Matchstick quilts, using both cotton and silks and never stitched a single thing down. Too much work!"
Well, duh! Not having any of my own hand dyed or batik fabrics with me, I stopped at one of the local quilt shops today and picked up some black batik, pink fabric and b/w for the binding. I'm not going to stitch down the fused pieces, per Melody's suggestion. They seem VERY stable and I did use Wonder Under this time instead of the Misty Fuse. Heck, it's going to be on a wall and not washed or touched...and if the pieces fall apart, I'll have Louise let me know and I'll repair when we're back in town. I have to get some batting tomorrow so I can quilt the piece and possibly take over to Louise this coming week or next week. Her salon is only 2 miles from the house. I'm much happier with the piece and like the pink way better than the red print fabric. I just put a small sashing around the pink to set it off then add the b/w fabric for the binding.So funny story about our day trip on Thursday to the quilt shop that was bargains here! The fabrics were only 10% off as were most of the notions, patterns, etc. But we all stood in line anyway! These pics are out of order but you can see where we had to stand in line to even get in the store (last pic!).
I did pick up some crystals in reds and maroons that were on sale. I use this every so often in my art work and I actually remembered to bring my tool for heat setting them!

So if you're looking for a bargain, wait until the end of the month. I think they'll drop the prices more at that time. The owner is retiring and wants to spend more time with her grand babies. Folks are upset because there aren't many or any quilt shops in this area. Maybe they'll end up selling the business to someone else. Hope so for all the quilters sakes!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

More progress!

I can't believe I got as much done as I did on the wing(s)! Might not look like it but there are a few hours of beading in this piece. Kalee and I have been out in the lanai over the past few days. In fact, I actually beaded for about 20 min. one day, in the living room, on the couch!, while she slept next to me! There's hope yet!
Today, I'm headed out with my friend Susan to a quilt shop that is hoo. You always hate to see any store close and quilt shops need to sell a lot of thread and fabric to stay in business. Not sure why this one is closing but it will be fun to go on the day trip. I might try to find some fabric to dye, if the price is right. I didn't bring any with me this trip for a change! Temps have been beautiful here in Ocala...lovely day temps and night temps. Today suppose to get up to 75 but tomorrow it is suppose to be windy. Won't bother me but does affect the golfers. I'm going to try and do some screen printing this weekend, after puppy class on Sat.! I haven't had a chance to use the thermo fax screens Sally made me. Looking forward to playing..just hope Kalee doesn't turn red or purple or whatever color I using in the screens!