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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BD presents!

What a great BD! Having great family and friends doesn't hurt either!
Susan stopped by and gave me this beautiful note holder! I love the butterfly on the front! This will certainly be on my desk back in Michigan and in my 'sewing room' here in Florida. I love looking at it!

I just know these pics and text will be out of order but you'll get the idea and I'll still have the memories!

Our DIL, Mary Jo and family (ok, we all know the women in the family do the gift buying, right!) sent me this book of quilt pics and calendar! (But I have to say, Ron always calls me on Mother's Day and my BD! Thanks, Ron!).

And this cute note pad! I have this one in the kitchen on display! Now I have two places to write all those "to do's" that I can't remember unless I write them down!

Yesterday, I received these from Dawn and Jeff! YUM! I had to dig in right away. Edible Arrangements has the best treats! But they must be healthy, right...after all it is fruit!

Today I received these from my son's family! YUM!!!! White/dark chocolate and white chocolate cherry cookies! OMG!!! Can't wait to break these open but I'm holding off as we're going out to dinner tonight...speaking of dinners out....
Last night we had dinner at Carraba's with our friends and either Tony or Carol had the waitress bring me a piece of their chocolate cake with a candle! How nice was that!! I was good and had them box it up (along with half of our dinners) because....I made my own BD cake (see pic below). Our friends came back to the house for cake and coffee. I only make this cake about once a year, usually on my BD. It's actually a cup cake recipe but I make it into a cake and it's really good. Of course, the pics doesn't look so great because this was after I cut into it and put half in the freezer!

Tonight is another dinner out to celebrate my friend Susan's hubby's BD and mine. I'm almost getting tired of eating out! ALMOST!


  1. Great gifts and a sugar buzz to boot! Happy day.

  2. Wow....I like how you celebrate....Happy B. Day


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