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Sunday, January 29, 2012

More beading

Yesterday started off with puppy class and ended up with a wet, dirty dog! Dew in the a.m. is quite bad so...but if you really want to see a dirty dog, check out Kalee's blog later! OMG!!
After puppy class, I headed to PetSmart then to the bead store! After a quick lunch, I started working on a new bracelet using Bead and Button magazine's pattern, Geometric Maze.
After wrapping my loom, Kalee and I sat out front and then in the lanai. I got quite a bit finished on it considering these are #11 Delica's. I love working on the loom and I'm really excited about this pattern. This is a close up of the color/pattern.
LinkMy stop at the bead store was due to the kindness of the Country Road Quilters! They presented me a gift card to my favorite bead store, The Bead Strand. The store is now under a new owner and she has even more supplies and beads than before...and that was a lot!! These are my 'finds' from yesterday. The beads I'm using in my loom bracelet is in the group. I'm going to make two more rings for myself from the green and pink.
So today is a lazy day. I did some dusting, cleaning and now on my 2nd load of laundry and of course took Kalee on her 1st walk of the day! After I do my email/blogs, I'll start back on beading or work my Valentines. It's another beautiful day, although temps are only going to be in the high 60's! ONLY!! I'll take it...with the sun shining it feels like 70 so perfect weather for sitting out in the lanai! And of course going for walks!

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  1. That geometric pattern is beautiful! Looks like it's shaping up well. I'm off to see the diry dog... Received your lovely thank you note and will pass it on to the president to share with the group. I appreciate it. Gotta love those zentangles.


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