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Friday, January 27, 2012

A few tangles and a few beads!

Yep, I'm back doing some tangles for note cards. So relaxing and nice to have on hand or just to make up when you need a card!
Today was one of those days I needed to just relax! YIKES! Gracie was having one of her screaming fits...if you've never heard a parrot scream, you're lucky!! It's one of the top reasons folks get rid of their parrots as it can be quite unnerving. It's almost like scratching nails on a chalkboard! Really gets to you!
So besides listening to Gracie scream...Kalee is good as gold but LOVES to grab the newspapers off the end table and RUN!!! It's her game but not our game! Hence, this a.m. it seemed like I was always letting her outside, threatening her with the spray bottle or getting the newspapers from her mouth! I know, I's good exercise, right!
Anyway, I also started to play with putting some tangles on my fabric paper along with some beads, of course! I stitched around the larger heart on the machine then added a heart from some suede fabric I had on hand. Of course I had to finish it off with the rope stitch in beads. I have to edge this piece and put on the address label, but I think it will make a good fiber card. It's 5" x 7".
I'm back to beading some more rings. I'm making these for my friend here in Florida (Carol). She picked out the pink beads and the crystal beads. It's just the peyote stitch then once you have your size, just sew up the edges and you're done.
I made these for myself too. I love the crystal one and the purple color will match my Valentine shirt!
Yesterday I cut up some of the fabric paper I talked about in my last post and started to zentangle designs on the pieces. I'm going to have to make up another piece of the fabric paper as I only had enough for about a dozen fiber cards. I need at least 20-22 pieces. Gives me a good excuse to have another play day!! Like I need an excuse!

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  1. You had the equivalent of a housefull of unruly toddlers between Gracie and Kalee! You must need a nap. The notecards look great! And the other work, too. I just love fabric paper. Have fun with your next batch.


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