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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yes, friends are special aren't they! Last night one of our friends, Verna, arranged a BD party for Harvey (my friend Susan's hubby) and I (our BD's are two days apart). And she even baked her famous carrot cake! Verna is a GREAT cook, trust me on this and her cake is the best around!
I can't thank everyone enough for such a special evening. What a fun time and I'm sure we entertained the other folks in the restaurant! I actually forgot where we where!!
Tomorrow I'll get back to showing some of my art work. I've actually been getting lots done. My friend Carol gave me this card! I love it..perfect for stenciling!!! Waste not, want not!
This is Harvey and me just waiting to dig into the cake!! Yes, we already had eaten our dinner! Again, another great meal at Blanca's the restaurant in the community.
Hubby and I
The lady waving is Verna who arranged the night and baked the great cake!! Marilyn is up front on the left. Another great hostess!!, Tony hiding and Carol up next in the yellow.

Jan (Larry's beautiful wife and another great cook!), Larry, Pat, Pat, etc.
Bob, Mac, Jan, Carol, Marilyn, John and back to Harvey in the corner. Some spouses are hiding!
Pat, Pat, Verna and Harvey (Verna's hubby is hiding behind her)
Our buddy and landlord, Larry!
My hubby took the picture below of the casserole recipe! It was so clever! Marilyn & John gave that to Harvey. And the right are some of my gifts. Jan made cookies for Harvey and I! Sooooo good!; picture frame from Marilyn & John and the quilting calendar from Jan (two Jan's in our group!). Marilyn also gave me the starfish beaded piece. It's off an old purse she had! I know I can do something with it! Isn't it great! So THANK YOU again, one and all!!! Another special night to remember (or blog about in case my memory goes!).

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