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Monday, March 31, 2014

Reveal Time

Well, it's finally March 31st and reveal time for our online challenge group!  Our theme was 'Song Title' and we had to emulate one of the artist in our online group.  My choice for the song was 'Talk of the Town'.  If you click here, you can hear one of the first versions from the '30's.  I've always loved that song, first hearing it when I was in high school!

As far as the artist in our group that I picked...was Laurie Ceesay!  Laurie is a Michigan gal and participated in our Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational each year.  She is quite talented and I love her face quilts (along with her other work!).  For those who watch QA tv, you may have recently seen her in two of the episodes!  So thanks for the inspiration, Laurie!   I thought the song also fit Laurie, since she is getting lots of recognition of late!
 Hope I didn't insult you, Laurie, with my attempt at a 'face'!!  Actually, the face I used (which I forgot to put on the other blog) was a design my former hairdresser had on her business cards.

I did the traditional patchwork background, then created the 'face' which was fused and buttonhole stitched.  

I'm loving the circle quilting lately so had to add some of those along with my favorite way to finish a quilt - hand stab stitching.  

And guess what!  NO beads!!  That's a first for me!

I made a template of the letters with freezer paper then painted with acrylic paint...I hand stitched around each letter but it's really hard to tell.  I'm happy with my results and can't wait to see all the other 'song title' pieces!  Now on to Bollywood!!!  That's our next challenge.  

I am going to use this piece for our Ugo theme for the Masters exhibit too.  Killing two birds, right! 

Friday, March 28, 2014


 Yep...been busy but not at home!  Geezzzz....I did get a chance to work on my leaf a bit more and accomplished quite a bit on the left leaf part.  I know it doesn't look it but if you compare to my last post you'll see I am making headway!

We had a great time at dinner last night with the 'gang'...I love calling them that!  Makes them sound so BAD!

Here are Verna and Jan...always smiling!  could it be the wine???  Or the company....perhaps both!

Just a fun group...we look forward to our Thursday night get together!!!

Tomorrow I AM STAYING HOME ALL DAY!!!  And will be working on Ian's quilt!  Yes, I will...yes, I will!!!  If I don't, I'm going to be pulling more than a one all nighter!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Visit with kids in Florida!

It's spring break time and today we met up with Ron, MaryJo, Ian and his friend Zack for our annual Florida visit!   Kids stay around the Orlando/Kissimmee area each spring, which gives us an opportunity to have lunch with them.  We always appreciate them taking time out to meet with us.

We took pictures this year about half way on the pier!  Just too windy to go to the end as we usually do.

Ian and Zack are tough and didn't wear jackets or sweat shirts.  MaryJo was tough too!!!  She just had a sweater on...although, in the sun it was nice and warm...just that wind!!  Brrrrrrrrr  But beats snow doesn't it!

The weather was a little different back in 2009!!  This was taken when kids were here for spring break five year ago.  It was a hot, sunny day so we did go to the end of the pier...check out how young the boys look!  Guess we all do!  HA

 And yes, that's Bob and I today with coats on!   Zack did a good job taking pics for us!!
We had such a nice visit with the kids.  Always a lot of conversation and laughs of course!  Today it was at Bob's expense...we love to tease him....and I think Ian likes it so we don't pick on him!  It was nice to see Ian and his friend, Zack.  They are both such nice young men....

We met at a park area by the lake in Clermont where we usually have lunch but it turned out the restaurant  was closed, which worked out, since we always eat outside!  Too windy for eating out today, so off we went to San Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Clermont and had a GREAT meal!!  And I do mean a great meal.  Starting with a margarita, which was quite good, we had their chips, salsa, which is home made and very tasty!, then white cheese dip - yum....I had Flautas which were the best I've ever had!  There was so much chicken in them...usually there's too much tortilla shell and no meat but not today!  I'd drive the hour to Clermont and eat there again!  They have three locations but pretty much within the same distance from Ocala.  Probably a good thing!

Kalee is back to her normal 'self', which makes me feel better!  I sure don't like when she's sick.  Didn't get anything done today other than two dog walks so I'll have to get on with it tomorrow.  Next week is busy for me so I need to take advantage of the time I have at home to get my project(s) done!  Deadlines are approaching!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sandwich time and an all nighter!

This afternoon I sandwiched the other five panels of Ian's T-shirt quilt.  The first panel I sandwiched was hard to do as I had to sandwich it on the floor.  Today I remembered the kitchen table has an extension in it so that worked out perfect!  The table isn't the full 72" length I needed but long enough I could baste all but 3-4" on either side.  Time consuming but so much easier then getting up and down from the floor.
Whew!  Glad those are all sandwiched and to get them quilted!!

I haven't stayed up all night with a sick baby in over 40+ years...but I did last night!!  Kalee  had another bout of her gastritis/pancreatitis last night...poor dog was so miserable....she was fine all day long but around 10 last night, she wanted outside to eat grass...this went on and off for about 45 min.   Then starting around 12:30 a.m. she wanted out again trying to eat grass and just waking around...this went on until 7 a.m....she never got sick until 4:30 a.m. but would only lay for 15-20 min. at a time.   She kept burping, licking her lips and wanting outside...I knew what it was but just don't know what set it off.  Anyway, we got to the vets this a.m. and after two shots, meds for the next 10 days and some new dog food, we are all resting.  She isn't suppose to eat until tomorrow and so far she isn't bugging me too bad.  I think we'll all sleep good tonight!!!  At least I hope so!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another project finished!

Well, I finished the table runner I was making for our home away from home in the winter.   Jan & Larry have blue accessories in the kitchen here so, fortunately, I had a piece of blue batik with me which was the perfect size.

And here are two closeups of the quilting.

I love this colorful with the blend of the blues/purples.

So tomorrow it's back to the T-shirt quilt!  I do have a deadline for it so I have to get in gear!!  

Weather was beautiful again today....and I did get some more beading on my leaf while enjoying the weather.  My daughter said it was 13 degreees early this a.m. back in Michigan... I can't imagine!!!  I am so spoiled!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Home again

And you probably didn't even know I was gone, right!   I was busy today...did some cleaning, got dinner ready, then after shower sat out in lanai and beaded!  The top of my leaf is done!!  Woohoo!  Slow progress but it's still progress!  Oh, if you're looking for some great beading tips check out And Then We Set It On Fire!  Mary Stori, my blog buddy, did three different posts on
beading...first one is here, 2nd one here and 3rd here!  She has some great tips that any beader (or quilter/embroiderer) would use!!!

On Tuesday I headed south to Apollo Beach to help my sis and Nancy move to the next street over!  They live in a Del Webb community and the back of their current house has a wonderful view of a pond...but so does their new house which is just across the pond!
I arrived with Subway for lunch around 12:30 and by 12:45 we were moving!!!  Literally!!  My sister and Nancy had boxes packed and stacked in the garage so we started hauling them in our three SUV's to the new house!  After we unloaded, we were back for another trip of packing up the vehicles then back to the new house to unload.  My sister was busy cleaning and putting contact paper on the shelves in the kitchen.

That's my sis on the ladder!!  The new house is huge with 3 bedroom and a den; great room, dining room, living room, 2 baths, huge lanai and the view of the pond!  It's so peaceful and I'm glad they decided to stay in the same community.  They have so many friends there and it's so convenient for me to visit when we're here in the winter!  OK, so I'm being selfish...but the new house is great.

Wednesday they had the carpet tore out from the great room and are having tile installed.  It was finished by Thursday then they were installing the tile on the wall under the bar area.  They were also having painters paint the entire house!  And carpet cleaners on Thursday as well as painting the garage floor!  Talk about having to be organized!  Yikes!

This picture doesn't do this ceiling lamp justice.  It's so cool and will fit perfectly with their currently dining room set...which in itself is cool!  Nancy and my sis have a great eye for decorating.  I can't wait to see the pictures of the new furniture they are having delivered!!!  Their art work alone is so unique...

Anyway, I came home on Thursday and after unpacking, taking a shower, I was done in!  Fortunately, we went to dinner with some of our friends so I didn't have to cook!  Friday, I did three loads of laundry and made dinner but felt like I was still hit by a mack truck!  Think I overdid it slightly...but glad I was able to help my sis out!!  She would do it for me in a heartbeat, as would Nancy.

Today I felt so much better so I got all my cleaning done and after my shower I sat out in lanai and beaded...Making progress on my leaf but starting Monday, I'll be working strictly on Ian's T-shirt quilt!  It has a deadline!!!  And at the rate I'm going I still may not make the May 23rd date!!

We've had beautiful weather lately along with a wonderful breeze...we only put the AC on at night just because we don't want the windows open...OK, Bob doesn't want the windows open and to be honest, it's best with all the pollen! I have to take a Zyrtec at night as it is!  Well, off shortly for our mile walk!!  Kalee is calling!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Staying home?? Maybe!

First, some progress on my leaf...working on the right side of the leaf now.   It was so beautiful out today I just had to sit out in the lanai and bead for awhile before dinner.

Well, I semi stayed home the past two days!  Kalee and I ran up to the Publix shopping plaza earlier today then walked around the complex (she likes to get out of the house!).   I did some quick grocery shopping.. then back home to do some sewing!

I finished all the hand stitching on my challenge piece  (can't show it until March 31st!) and added the binding on it.  Here's a sneak peak at the stitching.

 I'll sew the binding down tonight while watching TV.  After I finished making and sewing on the binding, I started quilting Ian's T-shirt quilt.  I cut panels from the fabric I purchased and on Wed. I sandwiched one of the panels to prepare for quilting.  My intent was to get all six panels sandwiched was so hard on the old knees getting up and down from the floor I only sandwiched one panel.

The floor is the only space big enough to sandwich the panels....anyway, I'm about 90% finished with the quilting on one panel!  Woohoo!  I'll try to get another panel ready for quilting this weekend.
Here's a look at some of the quilting and the panel I'm working on.

Hard to see the quilting on this panel but it's there!!!  I have the 2nd gray t-shirt and the last block to quilt.  Not the most exciting part of making this quilt!  Other than I enjoy looking at each of the T-shirts!!

So that's my progress for staying home a day or two!!  I'll be gone again Saturday and/or Sunday, then Monday is our annual St. Patrick's Day party at our gracious hosts the LaPlante's!!  It's always fun getting together with everyone!

On Tuesday, I'm headed south to stay with my sister for a few days.  She's in the process of buying a new home and I'm going to help her pack up!!  Should be fun...just being with my sister is enjoyable!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another visit to the Appleton Museum

I had another amazing afternoon today...Marcia,Peggy & I went to see the exhibit, Industrial Nature:  Work by Michelle  Stitzlein   at the Appleton museum.  Talk about amazing!!  If you are in the Ocala or surrounding area, do head out to the Appleton Museum to see this exhibit!  It's well worth the trip and $4 charge (if you're mature person!).  Yes, you can go to her web site to see her sculptures/art work but it doesn't compare to seeing this work in person.  Michelle uses old license plates (that's what is wrapped around this butterfly & other pieces!), old bowls, piano name it and you'll see it in her work.  She even had some old computer mouse pieces creating the curve shape in on of her butterfly's!
We kept looking closely at each piece trying to identify all the different objects Michelle uses in her art!  And you have to look closely!!!  I even found a toy gorilla in one piece!!   Plus, you don't realize the size of her artwork by just looking at the pictures.  Check out this exhibit picture on her web page to get a better perspective on how large some of these pieces are!

This next picture shows flashers, light bulbs, piano keys, etc.  to make up the art work!

In this piece, Michelle used old slide carrousel's , along with toy railroad tracks for the background!

I would love to see her work room!!!  And her supply room/shed!!!  I'm going to google to find out more about Michelle.

Again, if you're in the area, stop by the Appleton and take your time looking at each piece of Michelle's'll be amazed at what you'll see she used to create her art!!!   The exhibit is on until July 6.

 And yes, we did stop for lunch at Heart's Desire...fantastic chicken salad and of course we each had some cake!!  But we each, also, brought cake home.  We were so to see how long the cake lasts!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Outside events this past weekend

I had a really nice weekend being outside!  Saturday we (Carol & her friend, Angie) took off to the Spring Garden show here in Ocala.  It's always nice to walk around to see all the flowers, plants and other garden items.   Not so nice when you get home and you're plugged up!  But it was worth it!!  Zyrtec works well!

 After the garden show, we ate lunch at Panera's then stopped on the way home at another very small art/craft show on 200.  I'm so glad we did!!  Look what I bought myself!!!  I've been looking for a necklace to wear with lower neckline shirts and this is perfect!  Yes, I bought those earrings too!!!
 If you're interested in jewelry at all, you have to go to the Serez Design web site.  All their products are made with zinc.  I love, love, love my necklace!  I wore the earrings yesterday at the art festival in Tioga!  I didn't buy anything at the art fair but I did obtain several cards/web sites that you have to check out.

First up, of course, my favorite was Regina Roper , Handcrafted Beaded Art and Jewelry, who creates beaded necklaces, bracelets, masks, etc., some of which are modern, Victorian and from the Renaissance era.  Beautiful work!!!!  I couldn't find a web page but do go to her FaceBook page just to see photo's of her outstanding work!!

I chatted with Regina for a few minutes and she is a delightful woman and so very talented!  I think her work was under priced for her designs and workmanship.  She welcomes commission work and has several of her pieces for sale, so  check her out on FB.  What I wouldn't give to spend a day with someone like much talent!!

Next up was Loretta Youngman, artist/watercolorist, who had some really interesting mixed media/collage pieces.   I know some of my friends back home would definitely be interested her work.  What another really nice person as well.  Of course, we also chatted for a few minutes and I felt like she was another person I could spend time with.

You have to check out both of her galleries to see her mixed media and watercolor art work.  The art piece above doesn't show the texture Loretta created on this piece.

Last, but not least, was custom woodwork from Chris Tatum.  I've seen wood turning on TV shows but in person Chris' wood work was amazing...and beautiful!!!  
It's hard to appreciate the beauty of his work by the photo above, so head over to his web site and check out all the wood turning pieces he's created.  He also creates wood furniture...locals can visit his studio and purchase from there as well as at shows he's in.

So that was just a peak at some of what I saw this weekend.  Just wonderful much talent out there and I was lucky enough to see and meet some of that talent!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Different Perspective!

My friend, Nancy, from Quilting Potpourri, sent me this comment on my last leaf post, which I thought was a great idea.  She said "maybe put a thimble in your next progress photo to show relative size?".    So here it is!

Thanks for the suggestion, Nancy!!!  Good thing this is fall it most likely won't get finished until this fall!  Be sure to stop over to see what Nancy has been up to!!  She's one busy lady for sure!!

Well, I've been busy and running since Tues., which was a fun day having lunch with Jan and Marilyn and being consumers as well!!  Wed, and today was more running around!!  Whew...but yesterday we had a rainy day so rather than just sit and bead or stitch on my challenge piece, I decided to make a new table runner for the house here in Florida.  Jan/Larry have blues in their kitchen  and I just happened to have brought with me some blue print yesterday, I sandwiched a yard and started some FMQ'ing.  Here are a few shots of the runner...hard to see the quilting as I used 28wt navy blue Aurifil thread.

 I'm almost finished with the quilting then I'll add the binding, using the same fabric.  I'm not sure if I'll   paint in some of the areas of the feathers or not...So maybe  I'll finish up the quilting this afternoon.  I have dinner ready to heat up when Bob gets home from golf so I have about an hour or so to 'play'!

I just got back shortly ago from running around again!  On the way home, I stopped at the new Yards N' Yarn shop!  How cool as they carry yarn and fabric and notions!  Talk about being in heaven!  Wow!  And great prices on the fabric.  I needed approximately 7 yards for Ian's quilt and was able to purchase batik fabric for $8.99 a yard!    They are getting more fabrics in but have a nice selection already.  They have a stitch night called Thread Therapy where you can bring any project (e.g. knitting, quilting, whatever) and sit, stitch and just have fun.  It's every Thursday 3-5...which I think is great.  I don't like going out at night and would prefer to attend these functions during the day!  I might have to talk Peggy into going one day!!  

More running this weekend....I'm going to the garden show on Sat., then off to the Tioga art fair on Sunday!  Monday is stay home day then Tuesday we're going to the Appleton museum and lunch at a great little cafe!
 I'm going to stop at the Yards N Yarn shop on the way, the ladies don't know it yet but they will!   I'm driving!  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beading like crazy!

OK, so not totally crazy...Monday Bob golfed outside the community so Kalee and I had the golf cart all to ourselves!  I started some laundry then she and I took off to the recycle bins here in the community.  Kalee loves the golf cart and loves to go to the dog park, where the bins are located.   We dropped off the papers then parked the golf cart and she sniffed her way around.  Then we rode throughout the community!
I came home and washed floors and some dusting then continued with laundry.  It was beautiful out so Kalee and I sat out in the lanai and I beaded!   Here is a closeup of what I accomplished yesterday!

You can see the progress in the two pics below...
I need to purchase some batting for Ian's quilt and some add'l fabric for the sashing/border.  I am going to attempt the GAYG each panel so I'll need a small sashing/border strip in between each panel to attach once I've quilted all panels.  I have some blue print but I think it's not right for I want to look for a more solid batik, which should look better.  
Today, Jan, Marilyn and I are headed off to lunch and maybe some shopping.  There are several unique shops downtown Ocala.  Weather is overcast but in the 60's so at least we won't sweat while walking around town!  
Kalee is at the hair dressers this a.m. and I go on Friday...Sat. and Sunday will be tooting around with Carol at the Master Garden show and the Tioga Art Festival.  Weather is suppose to be perfect in the mid 70's and no rain.  "Too busy for pin curls" as they used to say!  Not sure who 'they' are but my aunt would say this all the time!!  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Sunday?? Really???

I don't know where the week went!!!  Actually, I thought yesterday was Sunday and today was Saturday!!  Nevertheless, I am now on track...I know it's Sunday and I'll be leaving in an hour to head off with Peg to the new Michael's store here in town.  I'm sure there's something in the store with my name on it!
I have done some more stitching on my leaf...can't you see the progress??  NOT!  I sure can't...guess I need to look at the back pics on my posts...I know I've sewn a few more rows but at 2-3 beads at a time progress can be slow.  Yes, I've added 3 at times!  That's ok, I'm not doing anything else, right!  HA

Now to fill in the week...I can't remember...I know I/we've been running and busy...BUT I do know what I did yesterday!!  Marcia and her hubby asked me to go with them to the Retirement Home for Horses north of Ocala!  I jumped on it, since hubby was golfing and had no interest in canceling golf (can't blame him, that's why he comes to Florida in the winter).  So off we headed to the Mill Creek Farm.  What a great time I had!!!

We were greeted by the horses waiting to get their carrots!  That's your admission fee!!!  Two carrots...although, Gary brought two full, and I mean full, sacks of whole carrots!  I forgot in my purse I brought some sliced carrots, but now I'm glad I forgot to bring them out!   My little amount of carrots would not have even been enough for the donkey's (yes, they have those too on the farm!).  Anyway, the farm is open to visitors on Saturday's so you can feed the horses.
Just waiting!

108 horses currently on the property will live out their life!

Is this a hoot or what!  They sure know when visitors come what they'll bring!

It was such a great time and weather was perfect.  We walked the entire property of fence rows/paddocks for an hour and it was the best hour I've spent in a long time with animals.  Marcia and Gary were great inviting me and then to top it off we headed to the Blue Highway for lunch!  Yum!!!  I had salad and pizza...just so I could bring some home for Bob.  Actually, I still have some slices left over for another meal!  So good....thanks again Marcia and Gary for a great time!!!  Next time I'll remember my phone/camera...can you believe I left my phone at home!!  That's only the 2nd time I forgot my phone in years!!!!  Hmmmmmm  I took these pics above off the web site.  Which, you should check out and read about this wonderful retirement home Peter and Mary Gregory started back in 1983!   Thank goodness for folks like them!!