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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Etsy Vendor - Fiber Arts Bling

I've been thinking of looking for a beaded row counter chain to use in my knitting vs the little round counters that fit on your needles.  They just take up too much space or the ones with a circle on the end still get in my way.  Picky, I know!  So off I went to search for a beaded row counter. 

I found a vendor on Etsy called FiberArtsBling.  Patricia sells handmade knitting, crochet and embroidery accessories.  She had two of the chain row counters and I quickly purchased one. 

After my order I received an email asking which color I wanted since I didn't mark a particular color!  And this package arrived quickly in the mail!

I was impressed with her packaging as well as the nice note she sent!  This is class as far as I'm concerend.

The next package to open!  I know this is so much fun isn't it!

How classy is this!  Such a pretty little bag that contained my beaded row counter!!!

  How cool is this!  I know, I know....several of my friends will say "but you bead all the time!  Why not make one for yourself?"   I believe in helping small business' when possible.  I know my little beaded purchases won't make anyone a millionaire but I still want to support a small business when possible.  Besides,  that would take away from my knitting and other projects!  

And look what else Patricia added!  This lovely project bag!  Isn't it beautiful!  Perfect for my knitting project(s)!  

It looks really nice on my knitting too!  HA  I love this row counter!  Besides being very pretty! it lays out of my way and easy to move to the next bead for counting!  

I see where Patricia  (FiberArtsBling) is updating her items for sale so I'll try to keep an eye on her site and let folks know when she has new items to purchase.  Until then, stay cool my friends!  In the 90's again today!  Whew!

Monday, June 13, 2022

String Art Piece Finished!


This piece has been in the making for a year or two or three!  Bob stapled it to a wrap around canvas for me this past week!!!  

Bob working on getting the piece even on the canvas. 

We ended up using Textile Medium to glue the middle of the piece to the canvas, let dry then we could stretch the sides and bottom around for Bob to staple!   That's my beaded squirrel that Bob stapled to another canvas.  He wanted to see how he did the last one!

This was the original string art on layout paper.

I use soy wax and dyes to give it some color

Of course I had to make it brighter, so I added some Gelato crayons (by Faber-Castell).

Next the fun part picking out threads.  I used Madeira Lana and Sulky 12wt  threads, layered with batting and starting stitching!

Thread colors matched pretty good!

Slow progress since I made the original string art in 2019!

Tons of stitching!

Added border just to get it to fit a canvas.  I would have preferred to not have a border but unless I built my own canvas this had to do!

Quite a difference from the original.  HA

So now I can concentrate on my Horse #3 and knitting!  Until I get sidetracked with another project!  HA

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Horse #3 progress or not?


Still working on this bugger...Actually, it hasn't been bad...I'm just at a standstill right now.  I've finished all the stamped embroidery on the quilt.  This is the stamp I made several years's just cardboard that is part of a box.  Works for me!

The rectangles are all stitched.

After stitching, I fused small strips of the paper leftover from the horse paper.

So this is the progress so far....

Now my dilemma is to decide how to quilt the piece!  Isn't that always the way!  Quilting our quilts!  HA  This is a busy enough top, so I need to keep the quilting simple.  Fingers crossed!

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Knitting the Summer Tee


I am finally getting to do some knitting with baseball on at night!  I am usually too busy during the daytime to knit, plus I feel guilty  if I sit during the day (yes, it's because I was raised Catholic   HA)

Even though this is a summer tee, I'm making the sleeves a tad longer. The yarn is very light weight and the pattern is different.

This is the yarn I'm using and to my delight, my sister is also making the same top!  So much fun working together on a knitting project with 1000+ miles between us!  We do quite a bit of texting, calling, etc. when we run into a knitting problem!

I have to say, so far working from the chart for the lace, this has been an easy pattern for lace!  I'm so glad we both decided to go back to reading charts vs row by row instructions. 

So much easier to find where you made a mistake or extra stitch, etc. 

The lace is a pretty pattern and quite different from the last top I made.  The next picture shows the neckline...this picture the neck is at the bottom!  The tee is knitted from top to bottom.

This gives you a better idea and matches the pattern picture!  HA  Slowly progressing but I'm enjoying the process, so far!  

Monday, June 6, 2022

Another Horse - Part 4

 It's been a busy what else is new, right!  It's not easy being a retiree!  But someone has to do it!  Earlier this week, Joan (left), Donna  and I went to see the movie, Downton Abby!  Bob said this picture looked like a scary movie!  HA

  I think there were about 7 people in the theater!    The movie was good and the dresses and lifestyle is really what I love to see!

Of course, we went to the first showing at 11:15 so we could go have lunch after!

That's always the best part isn't it!  HA  And, yes, I did have a glass of wine (& a glass of water!).  

Carol and I ate at this restaurant, The Grafted Root, a week or two before and the sandwiches were delicious so I thought Donna and Joan might enjoy.  And they did!

This is quite a small cafe but good food and they serve all types of wine and cocktails.  Works for me!  They are in a small mall in Grand Blanc and worthwhile to stop for breakfast or lunch.  I think they close at 3 so get there early!  The Grafted Root Eatery.


I have been working on my 3rd horse quilt!

I sandwiched with backing and batting, which I didn't mean to do!!! The batting, yes, but not the backing!  I machine stitched around each of the rectangle stamp areas.  

I intend(ed) to do hand stitching, which I'll usually do just through the front and batting because it's hard to stitch through all three layers...but I forgot!  DUH!  

I found it easier to not go through all 3 layers, which is working so far.  I fused tiny strips of the paper on top of the areas I stitched.


So far I've hand stitched three of the rectangles!  HA  Slow going but at least I am working on it in between lunch out, movies and knitting...oh yea, cooking, cleaning, dog walking, walking with my bud, etc.  I do keep busy!  HA