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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Etsy Vendor - Fiber Arts Bling

I've been thinking of looking for a beaded row counter chain to use in my knitting vs the little round counters that fit on your needles.  They just take up too much space or the ones with a circle on the end still get in my way.  Picky, I know!  So off I went to search for a beaded row counter. 

I found a vendor on Etsy called FiberArtsBling.  Patricia sells handmade knitting, crochet and embroidery accessories.  She had two of the chain row counters and I quickly purchased one. 

After my order I received an email asking which color I wanted since I didn't mark a particular color!  And this package arrived quickly in the mail!

I was impressed with her packaging as well as the nice note she sent!  This is class as far as I'm concerend.

The next package to open!  I know this is so much fun isn't it!

How classy is this!  Such a pretty little bag that contained my beaded row counter!!!

  How cool is this!  I know, I know....several of my friends will say "but you bead all the time!  Why not make one for yourself?"   I believe in helping small business' when possible.  I know my little beaded purchases won't make anyone a millionaire but I still want to support a small business when possible.  Besides,  that would take away from my knitting and other projects!  

And look what else Patricia added!  This lovely project bag!  Isn't it beautiful!  Perfect for my knitting project(s)!  

It looks really nice on my knitting too!  HA  I love this row counter!  Besides being very pretty! it lays out of my way and easy to move to the next bead for counting!  

I see where Patricia  (FiberArtsBling) is updating her items for sale so I'll try to keep an eye on her site and let folks know when she has new items to purchase.  Until then, stay cool my friends!  In the 90's again today!  Whew!


  1. It's a pretty and useful item, but the packaging and extras take it up a notch. Phew- 90s. It's been beastly hot here, too.

  2. I'm blown away by your kind words. I'm so glad you're enjoying your new row counter.

  3. The row counter is lovely. The packaging makes it like opening a treasure!

  4. I always learn something new reading your posts…..since I don’t knit I didn’t even know what a counter was……and I agree, it’s nice to support small businesses!


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