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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Where have I been? Right here!

 Yep, I honestly haven't been out of town or doing anything exciting!  I did start free motion quilting on my horse quilt piece but I haven't taken a picture yet!  And I'm too lazy to get up off the couch to take post.  I do like keeping track on my blog of any of my projects.  

I've been working away at knitting the cotton Tee top my sister and I are both making.  It's coming out really well and so much easier knitting via a chart vs the written instructions.  

My sister and I both want to make another lace top, Reina de Picas (I made it for Easter this past spring) but will make with longer sleeves for winter.  

I make Gigi and Kalee their own turkey/veggie mix which only lasts about 2 was the day to make a batch.  The girls always get a little spoonful in their dishes after I've filled up my containers to put in the freezer.

Bob always says this looks good enough to eat!  It really is as it's made up of 99% fat free ground turkey, frozen peas, shredded carrots, shredded zucchini, rice and spinach!  The veggies are all steamed, mixed in with cooked turkey and rice and then I put in 7 different containers to freeze.  I just take out a container when needed and defrost in the frig.  Girls also get ID Hills' kibble mixed with the turkey twice a day.  I know it's helped Kalee with her pancreatitis, she doesn't get ANY people food at all.  Even if I'm playing games or lessons with the dogs, I just give them pieces of kibble or breast of chicken!

This is the view of our deck from my sink in the kitchen.  You can just about make out the two king posts on the left and right (just about under the light over the dining room table).  

And this is what I see in the a.m. and ALL day long!  We have two jelly feeders, half an orange and a container of water for our visitors!  

I can be at the sink doing dishes, cooking or just standing there!  I love seeing all the different birds and the activity!  Just makes me happy!

We have families of's so dang cute watching the mom's or dad's feed the babies.  So that's been my life for the last few weeks!!  Lovin the summer, especially when I can stay in the air conditioning!  HA


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  1. Your knitting is looking so good! I'm with you- love the birds. We also have playful squirrels who entertain and bushes full of butterflies. Lovely. And, like you, we haven't gone anywhere much. We had thought to go to Maine this summer but cancelled plans given the airline issues. The thought of that was a deterrant. (spell check doesn't like that spelling but I'm too lazy to find out why- maybe only one 'r'?)


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