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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Small progress...but it is progress!

Yes, I thought this was funny!  I shared on FB recently, even though it's been around forever!  

 I honestly don't know where my time goes in a day!  Just seems like I get to sit for about 30 minutes in the a.m. watching GMA then it's time to make breakfast, clean up dishes and prep for dinner (so I don't have to do it later!) or at least think of what we're having for dinner!  Before this, as soon as I get up it's let dogs out, feed dogs, put jelly out for the birds and give them fresh water!  Whew!  

I am happier now that I changed the pattern for the side.  We both really liked how the left side was turning out but not the right...hmmmmm  So what to do but knit the left and right sides the same!  The only difference I could see is the slant for the 'y/o' (yarn over) was different...but, as I told my sister, if someone is that close comparing, they aren't  your friend!  There're looking for a mistake!  HA

 I know it doesn't seem any longer than my last post but I have been knitting on my lace tee!  I think my sister and I are about the same place...we need about 10-12" from the underarm..then do border and sleeves. 

And I added the binding on my Horse #3.  I used some leftover painted fabric I's bright but I want this piece to be 'funky'!  

And if you look close, I am working on his tail!  I met my bud, Mary, for lunch last week and said I was thinking of using different yarns for the tail.  Mary suggested I combine beads and yarn!  What a great idea!

I still have some more to add for the tail and then I'll work on the mane!  

So, off to finish laundry and maybe knit!  Or bead? Or??  I've already made my menu for tonight...pesto oven baked chicken and spaghetti squash!  Sunday is a day of rest, right!


  1. I'm liking that tail! And the knitting is really impressive- that pattern looks so complex.

  2. Heck this looks like progress to me….and that is a very funny ditty, I’ve never seen it before….tx’s for the laugh

  3. Hi Robbie, thanks for the visit to mine. I've only just seen it and that's a great idea with the clippers to get Daisy used to the noise for when she goes to be clipped. Your knitting and your patchwork quilt is gorgeous. I fully understand your words about how quickly the time goes. I thought I might be bored when I retired, can't think how I had the time to go to work! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xxx

  4. P.S, I'm following you now so hope to be back soon x


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