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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Project Progress

 So my last post, I was asking for advice from the designer of the lace tee I'm making.  She's on vaca now so I decided to do my own fix...which is knitting the same pattern on both sides and it's working out well! 

This is the side/underarm area.  That little hole is my arm hole!  HA  The stitches are being held on by some waste yarn...I'll pick up # of stitches to make the sleeve when I finish the body.

I need about 12 inches for the body or there abouts!  Won't know until I try it on...then border on bottom, then start on the sleeves...which should be easy since the lace knitting is already there...just need to make them the length I want.

and I did finish the background free motion quilting on my horse #3 piece.  Not my best work but to be honest I just wanted to get it done.  I have some bright fabric I may use for the binding, then I can put it away and start something new!  

Which is going to be another class with Hilary!  It's her Language of Flowers online class which starts August 29th.  This technique is how I started to follow her blog years and years ago!!!!  I remember watching her put one of these pieces together but not all the stitching/designing.  I am anxious to get back to doing some design and quilting again.  Class is at your own speed, so I can carry it on through the winter if I want to!  Works for me.


  1. That is so pretty, and the pattern is coming along nicely. I like the horse piece, too! I looked at the online class info and can imagine you are quite excited to start this! I so enjoy online learning. Summer has been pretty beastly here! Good to stay in and work on projects.

  2. I can knit but nothing like you can. I never learned to use circular needles or how to creatively fix problems. Your skills amaze me!


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