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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

So now what should I do! LOTS!

 It feels so strange that I don't have a project hanging over my head!  My friends know I do not like target dates at all.  So, I've been doing some spring cleaning - finished master bedroom, master bath and my sewing room!  Feels so good to walk in the sewing room and start looking at a new or old project to work on!  Actually, I did some sewing for Bob (shortened a pair of pants) and now playing with one of my art pieces from Hilary's online class.  I've been MIA from the lessons between life, Bob & his health issues and with making Nick's T-shirt quilt for several months.  With Bob now on a treatment plan and the T-shirt quilt finished, it's time to work on what I want when I want and the same with spring cleaning.  Still need to spring clean computer room, LR and kitchen.  Downstairs family room will be on hold until Christmas!  Works for me!

Back in January, I finished knitting the Ixia lace top.  I was happy with it but the neckline drops too close to your shoulder.  My sister made this same top and it was also an issue for her, so she gave the top to her daughter and it fits really good.  Today, I took some fine elastic and wove it through the neckline to make it a tad tighter.  I'm really happy with it now!  Hard to see in this picture and I didn't take a picture with it on, but I'll be wearing it soon and will take a pic.  You can see how the neckline looked when I finished back in January here.

I'm also back to knitting the  Lattice Lace poncho I started in March.  It's coming along but I haven't worked on it much!  It's more for fall so I should have finished sometime this summer!

It's really hard to even look at this and figure out how it will be a poncho!  My sister is also making this same pattern and we both are just "following instructions" and keeping our fingers crossed!  

And this is my latest machine stitching project....I made this collage and attached to batting a few months ago.  The leaf design was a stencil and the border is part of the reverse from the stencil.  I added the photo of the little bird from a magazine. 

I started stitching the center leaf today but I'm having some issues with the stitching not looking right.  Need to change needle, tension or thread(s).  This is what was left after I ripped out the stitching!  This print is on layout paper so you know what happens when you stitch on paper, right!  Actually, it will be a good lesson for my FMQ to follow the holes exactly once I get the tension/thread stitching as it should be!  Fingers crossed!

Tonight Nick has their 2nd championship Lacrosse game!  I am heading down to Oxford for the game.  Also, check out this link...yes, I'm proud of Nick and his team for making it to the finals!  Nick is #19 and his picture is on the front of the article.  I've saved the pdf to put in his memories book for his 21st BD!

Oxford Newspaper Lacrosse article

Bob is doing great with radiation...he had his 7th treatment today and doing well.  So happy he's being so positive and no side effects.  They really don't think he'll have anything!

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Last Grandchild graduated!


Yes, it's bittersweet that our last grandchild has graduated from high school!  Now the next journey is to graduate from college.   Seems like yesterday Nick was sitting on my lap taking a nap or we were playing in the driveway with his cars.  Now he's graduated, on his way to college and has a girl friend.  Where has the time gone.  

I just love that boy...but now he's a man!
Our Wednesday outing with cousin, Ginny, Amber, me and Nick!

Another Wednesday!

And Nick playing Lacrosse!

This was a crayon artwork Nick did several years ago..another Wednesday project.  

Graduation was really nice and even being held at the DTE outside event center worked out great.  The kids were only allowed 4 tickets and once seated the four seats on either side of you were tied together so they kept the distance...except we all herded inside and outside of the even.  Some with masks and some without...but all in all it went quite well.

Proud mom and dad and a senior who wants to get the show on the road!

And yes, a proud grandma!!!

Auntie was taking pics at the house since she couldn't attend due to shortage of tickets but she and Uncle Jeff at least got to see Nick and congratulate him before the commencement.  Amber was working and grandpa was at home with Kalee and Gigi.

That's our boy...but they forgot or didn't  acknowledge he was cum laude...they actually missed reading it for several of the kids, which is too bad.  They had several different readers of the almost 400 kids so guess they wanted to get through the list.  It was a shame because the kids worked hard on their academics and sports.  

Yes, he may shoot me but this is Nick's friend, Braylon.  I haven't met her yet but hope too as the OHS Varsity Lacrosse team won the 1st championship game and are playing again this coming Wednesday.  Fingers crossed, for both..a win and I get to meet this young lady!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

TaDa! Finished!

Nick graduates on Thursday and yep, my last T-shirt quilt is finished and I'm happy with the results.  I am so excited that his class is able to have a graduation ceremony and I get to attend.  The kids only have 4 tickets and I was gifted one!  Not sure if he'll get the quilt tomorrow but I'm thinking it will be this weekend sometime when family gets together.   

This is laying on our king size bed...wider than it is longer but that's ok!

Hard to take a picture!  At Amber's open house, Darrin hung her T-shirt quilt on the wall...somehow...this bugger is really heavy so not sure how he'll hang it but hope he does!

Back of the quilt...I have a picture of Nick, his Lacrosse team for 2021 and the label.

My boy!

My label...

The team for 2021!

I did the binding in white, gray and black...turned out fine..this puppy is heavy and my right shoulder can vouch for that!  It's not easy lifting or holding a quilt to sew together with a complete rotator cuff tear!  But, hey, we did it and I hope Nick enjoys the will most likely be one of those quilts 10 years from now he'll have in his truck when moving furniture!  But he'll remember where it came from!  

Almost forgot the animation from start to finish!

And just to brag on my grandson..This is Nick's awards for sports and for continuing his athletic career at the collegiate level (Lacrosse at Lawrence Tech University) as well as graduating with cum laude honors.  Both kids have excelled with their academics all through school.  So proud of Nick and what he has accomplished and the man he is becoming.  Kudo's to you, Nick!  Love ya


Sunday, May 16, 2021

New Due Date for T-Shirt Quilt!

 What was I thinking....guess I wasn't...I thought Nick's graduation was the 27th of this month...well, it's not!  It's the 20th, which is this coming Thursday!  So guess what this old grandma has been doing!  Yep...freaking out first off, then sewing my little heart out!  It's coming along really well, but quite time consuming.  

I had to move the largest cutting mat to the dining room table.  I'm triming each of the panels in this picture.

This is the back of each panel, which is the back of the quilt.  So far, the length is 82" and I'm not sure how wide as I haven't measured each panel.  I think the outside panels are around 18" and each remaining panel is around 14" but I'm not certain...close enough, right!

This is the real struggle for me...holding the quilt while I attach the strips to join each panel. is SO heavy and awkward but thank goodness, I'm not quilting the whole quilt and instead quilted each panel, which was a piece of cake.  

Hard to tell what this is...the darker gray area on the left is actually part of the back of one panel.  The white/gray is the attic window and where that little safety pin is at is actually holding the top strip which will be sewn to the panel.  Clear now!  HA
This QAYG method is WONDERFUL, especially for heavy quilts, although I've used it even on smaller ones.  You can see tutorials by Marianne over at The Quilting Edge.  I have a post from 2013 where I used this same process, which you can see here.
And so far I have 3 panels sewn...I only took a picture when I had two sewn together....whew...It took me about two hours just to attach these panels.  

Monday, girls have their dog spa day so I'll drop them off and come home to work on the quilt.  Thursday is right around the corner!

On another note, hubby starts his radiation treatments on Monday.  He has to have 3 weeks/15 treatments but no chemo for his cancer, which is a relief.  Once his treatment is finished, he will have another PET scan 8 weeks after his last radiation treatment, to see if the cancer is gone or still there.  Other than Bob having to miss golf because he can't schedule radiation and golf!, he's handling this so well.  Better than I would have thought.  So far so good...thanks for all the good wishes and prayers.  We are so lucky!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mother's Day 2021!

 Mother's Day always makes me stop and think about my role as a mom or 'mum' (as I called my mum and what my kids call me).  I had my babies starting at age 19 3/4, which by so called  today  'standards' is quite young.  We never had a book to read, other than Dr. Spock's Baby & Child Care, on what we should do or not do or who to think about, being so young to have a baby, we only think of ourselves.  I know as a 'mom' there were events in my life that I should have done better, been there more for my kids and not thought about what I may have wanted.  But that's being immature, right. A baby raising babies is what that time was for me....I have hoped that my daughter and son have realized I did the best I could and as I matured tried to be there for them and support them in their lives as a daughter, son,  aunt and dad.  They have always had the best support system around them with other family members and I have always been and always will be so proud of the adults they have become.  I love my kids and extended family so much and I honestly feel so blessed to have them and I appreciate them so much.  Today is another example of my wonderful family and how generous they are.

Finally, a family get together with my kids!  Our first since Christmas 2019!!  Yep, the first we have all been together...yes, the girls have been up to drop off food for special occasions and we've been to the kids house to pick up food as we waited in their driveway, which was funny!  But to finally be together again all in one room!  I almost just wanted to sit back and watch everyone!!!  

Our son-in law grilling the BEST bacon!!

Dawn always puts on a spread that can rival any restaurant brunch!

The fruit salad was's just fruit, right, but this dish was amazing!

And check out those chocolate covered strawberries!  And Amber made some 'special' soaked strawberries, which were REALLY good!

Dawn made her famous overnight french bread, quiche and Jeff's grilled bacon is to die for!

Scrambled eggs on the left and hash brown potatoes on the right!

My boys!!!!  Nick, Darrin, Bob and Jeff!  

Nick's out of school now (graduation is May 27th) and he'll be starting his summer landscape job again.  They still have about 5 more Lacrosse games left to play.  They lost to Grand Blanc this past Saturday but Nick scored 3 goals!  So proud of Nick for the young man he has become.

So excited Amber made it home from college and she brought her room mate, Kristin, with her.  What a delightful young lady!  She is also on the Lacrosse team with Amber and majoring in Biology.  Amber has two interviews for a summer job this week!  She is such a lovely, mature young lady!  And so thoughtful of everyone else.  At her age of 21,  I was pregnant with my 2nd baby!

And my girls!!!  Dawn, Amber and Kris!  Who could ask for a better daughter, grand daughter and daughter in-law!!!  
                               MY FAMILY!  FINALLY TOGETHER AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!!

My grand babies!!!  And to think at one time this young man and young lady would sit on my lap, drinking their bottle or taking a nap!  Now grandma can sit on their lap!

And possibly be feeding me at some point later in my life!!

I had to put this 2nd picture in....just love that look!  Nick and I seem to make some faces when we get our picture taken.  My kids are always telling me to open my eyes and I say "but they are open"! 

And these are some of the leftovers we brought home!!!!  Oh yum!!!

Dawn gave me flowers for my table and the bath salt body wash is from Nick and Darrin!

Kris got me this beautiful Mandevilla plant!  I had one of these years and years ago, which I would bring into the house each fall/winter and put back out in the spring...until we started to go to Florida...then all my plants hoo...but now I'll have another beautiful plant to take care of!!  It's staying in the garage for the time being because we are still having 30 degree mornings!

My daughter also gave me this beautiful hanging plant!!!  I need one for the front porch but, again, it will stay in our garage for a few more days!!!  Michigan weather you know!

And I love this card from my daughter!!!!

Inside of the card!  There's always a discussion in families about this...I do think it is a hoot!  

Thank you kids for a wonderful day together and for all the love you show this old 'mum'......

And look at the Herb Garden Bob's son and wife sent me for Mother's Day!  How adorable is this!  I did post of FB and commented about never having 'fresh' herbs for recipes.  I always feel guilty about using dried herbs! more feeling guilty for a few months, at least!  Thanks MaryJo and Ron!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

T-Shirt Progress

 Yes, this is my life right now...working on Nick's quilt but I am enjoying the process...once I got the math issue out of the way!  

I'm securing each seam by stitching in the ditch.  Once all five panels have this stitching finished, then I can start some free motion quilting on each T-Shirt.

I'm thinking I'll start with one color thread, yellow for example, then free motion each yellow block on each panel.  Then I'll get out some green thread and start quilting all the green blocks, etc., etc.

There are lots of dark blocks but also some green, red, yellow and even orange.  I'll just use dark navy for these blocks.

This was taken February 2018!  I just love this kid so much....anyway, I'm putting this picture on the back with my label.  

I'm adding some other pictures from this year's Lacrosse season on the back of three panels.  I should be able to place them in areas where the stitching will be at a minimum.  

To transfer the colored pictures on the gray or black fabric, I ordered Iron On  Dark T-shirt photo transfer paper.  I've mentioned on my blog before this particular photo transfer paper that I love but it's for use on light or white fabric.  This is the link for the light transfer paper.

It's hard to see but that picture was ironed onto the gray fabric, which you can see around the white edges.   I'm using gray and black for some of the backing on the panels.  I'm happy with how the photo transferred to the fabric.  No, I'm not using T-shirt fabric for the backing.  Just 100% cotton, but this paper works great on cotton.

It's hard to see my label on the left...I wrote:  "may you always have the courage to take a chance"  Love Grandma Robbie  

I'll be putting the 'action' picture of Nick from one of his Lacrosse games as well as his Lacrosse team for 2021 on panels.

So, this will be my weekend finish securing two more panels and then start the free motion work!  Needs to be finished the 3rd week in May!  Yikes!