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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I've been working on my QAYG panel and having a ball!  I guess I like patchwork and geometric work better than I think.  Funny, most of my work is pictorial and I don't like doing pictorial!  I always compalin that I can't draw so end up tracing pictures!   Hmmmmmm  So why do I end up designing most of my pieces that way.  Beats the heck out of me!!

I looked back at some of my favorite works and none of those (other than two!  My wolves & African lady) are pictorial.  My favorites have no identifying pictures in them!  Interesting...I decided I'm going to use the QAYG process for my Ugo piece (you can read about him on my post here).  The QAYG  patchwork will be perfect for creating the background I need.

Anyway, here's what I've been working on.  I finished adding the last border tonight, even though you don't see that in this picture!  I took this earlier this afternoon...

The lower border isn't quilted yet in this picture

Now that the quilting is done all  I have to do next is square it up (again!) then add facing and sleeve and hang!  Not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow.  I have some other to do items on my list but I should get it squared up at least!

Temp started out at 19 degrees this a.m. but it was 40 later this afternoon when I took Kalee for a walk.  Sun was out so it seemed warmer, except when you were walking into the wind!  Brrrrrrr


  1. This is beautiful. The colors are very serene and peaceful. I don't know how you sew such perfect circles but they really add fabulous texture to your piece. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  2. I absolutely love the quilting motif choice.....the circular stitching provides so much motion!

  3. These are lovely! You do have so much patience. I could never do anything that exact!

  4. The project is just so appealing to look at with the soft colors and combination of circular and straight-line quilting. Looks like a lot of texture. Very nice.

  5. Your circles look super and so even and neatly spaced!


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