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Monday, November 18, 2013

What a weekend!!

It was a really fun weekend with the kids....I think I ate a lot but I also did a lot!!!  Or should I say moved a lot!!  Yikes!  They sure keep you busy...although, I cheated yesterday and watched the entire Lions game with Nick!  Amber was watching YouTubes and some of the game....I compromised by playing several games of Monopoly (the card game, which is wonderful!!!!  love that card game!).    Makes a great stocking stuffer!  It's a quick game with all the same real estate of the original game.

I'm reposting video's of the kids and I from the weekend.  These are the actual video's..only about 30 sec. but kinds funny!   We just have some more memories of our time together....Kalee is still sleeping, although i did take her for a 1/2 mile walk about two hours ago!  She loves those kids and cats!!

And look what Darrin and Kris dropped off at the house!!!  Yum...I also got a bottle of wine!!!  But I love my cherry pie!!!  And it came from Traverse City!  Can't get any better than that!!!  Thanks, kids!!!


  1. You certainly earned that pie and wine. Lucky grandkids and equally lucky grandma to be able to spend such fun times together. Peace and Joy...

  2. YUM! Cherry Pie. I'll have to look for that game. Quick Monopoly..I need to check that out. My youngest grandson makes us play foreeeevvver.

  3. Memories are a good thing to have.....and the cherry pie will help revive you!!


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