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Saturday, November 2, 2013

What a Sweet Day!

Yep, it sure was a sweet day with my daughter today!!  I had so much fun just being with her...I can see why she has so many friends and why folks want to hang with her!!  Only problem, I didn't get any pics of her and I!!!  Selfie's...didn't even think about it!!!  Dang!!!  Next time...and there will be a next time!!
But...check out what my daughter chauffeured me around in today!!!  No, we didn't do any off road driving but by the looks of her car (and my pant legs - that's another story!), you'd think we did!
This is what my daughter is least until Monday when she gets her Jeep Journey!  It was fun to ride in...I just wish we could have gone off road and taken the doors and roof off!  NOT!  But I'm sure Nick would have liked that!!!

So back to our day...we started off with a COSTCO visit!  I think I've only been to a COSTCO once before...have gone to SAM's but.... of course, I had to navigate towards the candy...and I came home with these two sweets!!  My favorite Dark chocolate caramels with sea salt...and Bark Thins, which are delicious!!!  OMG...they are broken bark pieces of dark chocolate with almonds and are SO good!  I am in trouble now...I may hold off opening the caramels until Florida...the bark thins will give me enough calories for the next two months!
After Costco, we headed to Panera's for soup and sandwich!!  Yum!!!  Then to Ulna's (beauty products), Michael's, then to the open house for Pine Lake Glassworks.  We've gone to their open house for the past several years and always seem to come home with something!  Great gifts and really unique glass works.  The kids bought me a workshop from Pine Lake Glassworks for Mother's Day and I should be taking my workshop this coming Wed.!  Not sure what all I'll be doing but can't wait!!
 We didn't stay to watch their entire demo as we've seen it several times.  I think it was last year or the year before we took both Amber and Nick.  I think the kids enjoyed watching how they make some of their beautiful pieces.

Below are two pieces I copied from their web site.  Just beautiful work...


Anyway, it was a fun day and I so enjoyed spending time with Dawn.  She said other than the glass exhibit, it was a normal Saturday of shopping for her.  No wonder she needs to go home and take a nap!  I sure was tired on the way home...but after a few pieces of the bark candy, I'm ready to go again!!!


  1. A day with your daughter.....even if you only shopped (which I HATE) sounds like bliss to me!

  2. My kids got Mark a set of five classes at a glass place in Ypsilanti for his 50th birthday. He loved it and the teacher said he was a natural as I guess there is a knack to it. I could not convince him though that he should continue with it. We do have five wonderful pieces that he created though.

  3. What a fun day! And that bark.. yummy, yummy! I love glass and those pieces are just beautiful. Saw the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit in Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden a few years back, and it's going to be on display again when we travel there this spring. Did you see the winning quilt from Houston? It was a Chihuly image worked in the fabrics. Lovely. You'll have to come to visit our place and see Jackson this winter.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day with daughter and mother. My daughter will be coming to visit this next week. I am beyond excited. We live 500 miles apart so it will be a long 10 hour drive for her. Blessings...

  5. Nice Day! You are so very lucky to enjoy time spent with your daughter.
    South Bend is getting a Costco. Reports say the membership is $55. I'm wondering if its worth it. We have a Sam's ms through Terry's job. I hope they offer a free day so I can see if I'd like it.


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