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Monday, November 4, 2013

Busy week ahead!

Yea...something different...another busy did I ever get anything done when I was working!  At least I did get some more sewing done on my QAYG squares this weekend!

Still working on circles

Close up of one block that's finished

This block is all done...once I finish the other two I can join the strips together.  This is really a fun process...although the circle quilting does get a little tiresome after awhile!!

Next big decision is what fabric to use for joining them!  And I may attach to canvas or stretcher bars vs facing and attaching a sleeve...just not sure....more decisions.....

Busy week this week...I'm really excited about Wednesday!  A year or two ago, the kids gave me a gift certificate for a glass blowing workshop!!  And Wednesday is my workshop day!  I am really excited about this...just can't figure out how I'm going to take pictures while I'm blowing glass!!  Hmmmmmm


  1. The circular quilting has transformed the it!.... Go Packers....I have my lucky Packer sweatshirt on in preparation for tonight's game.

  2. 330 ourrumpLove the look of the spirals! This is coming along very nicely. Fun stuff.

  3. EXCUSE me... the 330 ourrump was my prove you're not a robot entry. How the heck did it wind up in the commnet???

  4. Fabulous circles you have sewn. Glass blowing...Yikes! Does Kalee know how to click the camera button? We must have photos. Very exciting and unusual gift and opportunity. Blissful Busy Week Dear...

  5. Enjoy the glass blowing Robbie! It is so much fun. It is terribly sad that I have to use glassblow at work! I have a fun job.

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