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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New additions....

Well, first have to show who will be joining Darrin and his family this weekend!   Brody is a Great Dane and the kids are all so excited!!!    No, Brody isn't so excited that  he has to wear a party hat!  He just had his ears done.  Darrin said Brody is very sweet and passive and will make a great dog!  He is adorable...can't wait to  meet him, which will happen next week!

And I picked up my glass from my glass workshop at Pine Lakes Glassworks a few weeks ago!

This is the glass mug Mr. Hilty made!  I love it!!  Actually, I'm going to use it as my own private wine glass!!

This was my paper weight and the first glass piece I made!  

and this is the cooled finished piece!!!  Isn't it great!  Well, I think so!!!

Of course, sometimes you have a failure with your successes...and this was my ornament...actually, my 2nd one...I dropped the pipe holding my ornament and it broke!!!  This one was a challenge for Mr. Hilty to try and blow to form the ball from the heated glass...why you ask!  Because I was squeezing the end so hard it closed off the hole for him to blow into!  Hmmmm  So, I ended up with this!  And it's heavy!!!  It's glass folks!!
Actually, I rather like it!  It can be out all year long...looks like an egg for Easter, an ornament for Christmas and a beautiful piece of glass the rest of the year!!!    Gotta look at the positive!!!


  1. That is a very big puppy and very cute. Love your glass pieces. You did a great job for being your first time. Creative Glass Blowing Bliss...

  2. Oooooh that puppy. We had 3 of them.(Look at my blog for a picture) Here it is not allowed to cut their ears.

  3. Cool drooler...I mean dog ~lol~ I wonder what the purpose is for cutting their ears.

    I like your glass ornie. Quite a conversation piece, don't you think. I visited a glass blower several years ago. It's an amazing art.
    xx, Carol

  4. Great job on your glass and congrats on your new grand dog!

  5. He won't be lap-sized for long! Great fun. I like the glass you did. It's a treasure for sure.

  6. How fun....your glass is so must and should be very proud of yourself!

  7. I love glass blown items and yours are even more special since you DID IT YOURSELF !! How fun. Are you taking special orders??? I love Great Danes....very large pussy cats. An author in our hometown wrote kids books about his Great Dane....Look up Stephen Kellogg.


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