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Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday and Aussome Ladies!

Today was our Aussome fiber group meeting....we scheduled to meet at my house this month as one of our members had some fabric to we set up her fabric bins downstairs.  It was fun shopping for fabric in my own home!
We had a great show and tell, as always....and of course lots of talking!  But of course we had to finish out the day with food!!!  So we headed 1/2 mile away to John's Restaurant for lunch.  Yum!!!
Starting on the left is Carol, Chris, Karen, LoisAnn and Mary - she wanted to eat and not have a picture taken!  Who can blame her.  Check out her lunch!  It's called John's Famous Meatball sandwich!
And this was Carol's Stromboli....Chris and LA also had Stromboli....
I brought a Stromboli home for Bob to eat since it was almost 3:00 p.m.  Saves from cooking and he really enjoyed it.

I'd love to show some of the show and tell from today's meeting but I better double check with the ladies to make sure that I can show their work!  Hope the say OK!!!

Until then...I'm off to do some sewing or beading....

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  1. Blogger isn't letting me post for some reason- try again. Fabric shopping is always fun, in your own home is quite novel. Those sandwiches are gigantic! Look forward to seeing the show & tell.


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