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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Start of Grandma's Weekend!

My weekend with the kids started with picking up kids from school, having dinner then playing with the Wi!  Nick challenged me to a football game on Wi, which doesn't work out so well for this Wi challenged grandma!  I did get two interceptions!  WooHoo!  I sill don't know how I did but I did and that's what counts!

This was kids doing the Wi Dance Challenge!

Of course the kids had to get Grandma involved in the Wi Dance Challenge!  Yikes!  None of my kids got any rhythm from their 'mum'!!!
Today Nick has a BD Nerf party to go to so Amber and I are going shopping!!  Let's hope my energy level keeps up!!!  More coffee, more coffee please!!!!


  1. Whee.. Wii looks like great fun and plenty active, too. Enjoy your special weekend.

  2. Your grandkids will remember this weekend for the rest of their lives......cherish it.....

  3. How Fun !!
    Gosh I love grandkids AND Grandmas!

  4. You are one Rockin Grandma! Just think of all the calories you burned having healthy fun with the Grands! Love this...


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