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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Upcycled Purses

 My readers know I am fond of Linda/Laura Kemshall's, DesignMattersTV web site.  A year ago they had a video on 'upcycled purses', which I did purchase but I never did make any.  I saw in one of their recent posts they were showcasing it again so I watched!   And then I got out some of my older quilts to cut up!

This was my first tote!  It's leftovers from a quilt I did years and years ago from the pattern, Illusions, by Carol Fallert.  I only had pieces of this leftover from the quilt because I've made other items from it!

The inside is lined and not sure you can see but Laura has a cool way of adding little pieces of fabric to the ends of the zipper, which makes for a really neat and easy way to insert the zipper!

This was  a quilt I made a few years ago.  The sun flower was all beaded!

But I think it ended up being a cute purse.  THese are only around 7-8" x 6".  I added some embroidery to the quilted fabric because it was too plain. 

See the blue pieces at the zipper ends?  Clever and makes for a neat finish!

I made this shibori piece/quilt a long time ago!  So, since it's just sitting around, time to cut it up too!

I think it made a nice tote/purse!

This quilt was done for our yearly exhibit in 2009...exhibit was 'inspired by Aubrey Beardsley.

I'll get two totes from this quilt

I'm making these for little Christmas gifts for the girls.  Only need about 6 more!  But I'm having fun making them!

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022


Another wonderful dinner at Darrin and Kris' home!!! Both kids were home from college and Nick/Braylon actually had some turkey dinner with us before heading to Braylon's house with her family for Thanksgiving!  HA

This post is primarily pictures for my 2022 Blog Book so not in any particular order!

Yes, we had tons of dessert!!!  YUM

Kris decorates their home so beautifully each year!

Kris mom has gifted her this little guys

Every little nook is filled with decorations!

So beautiful!

And her dinner setting is always awesome!

and the best Thanksgiving dinner, as usual.  Kris makes the BEST mashed potatoes!  And her turkey is always perfect!

Caught Nick and Braylon on the steps for a pic!

Kris filled us up with appetizers before hand...YUM

It is football time you know!!!

Kris' mom is so sweet!  She had this little guy sitting in our car when we left!!!!

And this metal tag was on the bag!  How sweet!!!  Thanks, Nancy!

Friday, November 11, 2022

Language of Flowers Progress

Progress on Hilary's Language of Flowers online class.

Hard to see but I finished the quilting on the collage...At least I think you can see some of the quilting.  It needed to blend into the background as our flower stitching is to be the main focus.  

This is the back so you can see the quilting that's on the front!

I used a water soluble material I've had for ages!  I wasn't sure it would even dissolve in water but it did!  Yes, I did a practice piece first!

Using a deep green/gray Signature thread I had.  Seems to work well.

I added stitching of leaves....not the greatest piece but now I know what I need to do when using this technique in the future.  

 I'll make sure my tracing is easier to see on whatever tracing paper or soluble material I use.  The tracing kept disappearing as I was quilting.

This is the back of the piece.  

This shows the tracing I was using.  The background was changed from when I took this picture but you get the idea on how the stitching 'should' have looked!  HA  

I'm happy with results...interesting process and as they say "it looks good from a 747"!  HA

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Language of Flowers class

 I haven't been working on this online project for a few weeks...but I did get to work on this past week!  Met with some buds last week for lunch and my friend, Mary, gave me some of her vintage fabrics to look through to see if I could use any!  And, yes, I did find some fabrics to use!  THANKS, MARY!  Today, I added fusible web to the back of the strips I want to use.  

Of course, I keep changing the layout, which is fine.  I'll let it 'perk' for a day or two and start playing again.  

Here are a few of the layouts....this is just a practice piece...I'll fuse pieces to batting and start to do some FM stitching...then trace the outline of the flower, which I'll then free motion quilt with black thread - just the outline of the flower.

The next two are similar but placing of flower is different!  This is a favorite.....placement wise of flower.

I think this is one of my favorites...but who knows!  I'm sure not one to stick with one decision long!  HA  

I made this on pie...doesn't look so great but doesn't have to as long as it tastes good, right!!!!  Yep, that hole is from my spoon dipping in to make sure it tastes ok!  And it did!!!